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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Dutch Christians Target Hindus for Conversion
HOLLAND, November 19, 2005
Hindu Press International (HPI)

A new foundation called Gospel and Hindus (Evangelie en Hindoes) is starting up in Rotterdam on December 2nd, 2005. It aims at serving the Christian churches in the Netherlands and Flanders (Dutch-speaking part of Belgium) to "witness to Hindus and to love them as their neighbours." It will provide information about Hindus in Netherlands and Suriname and courses on how to witness to them with the aim of converting them to Christianity. Source above is website in Dutch and English.

Here's an excerpt of their program:

"For most of the Christians in the Netherlands and Flanders the way of life of the Hindu is almost unknown. To fill this gap we offer a course Talking to Hindus. Included is information on the historical background of Hinduism in India, Surinam and the Netherlands, basic Hindu-belief as karma and reincarnation, main currents in Dutch Hinduism (Arya Samaj and Sanathan Dharma) and on the statement: all religions are the same. During the course we will visit a Hindu-temple.

Dates in 2006:

Wednesday March 15th Hindus in the Netherlands, where do they come from?
Wednesday March 22nd Arya Samaj and Sanathan Dharma
Wednesday March 29th Karma and Reincarnation
Wednesday April 5th Yoga
Wednesday April 12th Bollywood: Lagaan
Wednesday (?) Visit to Hindu Temple (appointment to be made)
Wednesday April 26th All religions the same?

A follow-up for all who did the first course is the series on the Bhagavad Gita. Rev. Simon van der Lugt will guide the partakers through some chapters of this famous holy Hindu-book. We take time to understand, discuss and evaluate it from a Christian perspective.

Dates in 2006:

Wednesday January 11th Chapter 1
Wednesday Janury 18th Chapter 2
Wednesday January 25th Chapter 2 and 3
Wednesday February 1st Chapter 11" (end excerpt)

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