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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Class Mates: Thiruvananthapuram Police Commissioner is a Christian Fundamentalist

11/25/2005 2:30:06 AM
Haindava Keralam

The Thiruvananthapuram City Police Commissioner Manoj Abraham is a Christian fundamentalist, according to his batch mates at the Police Academy in Hyderabad where the Indian Police Service officers are trained. “What made him stand out in the batch was his known hatred for the Hindus,” says one of his batch mates who does not want to be identified. “It is Christian senior officers like K J Joseph, Jacob Punnoose and Sibi Mathew who are his god fathers in the Kerala Police,” says yet another colleague.

The only achievement of Manoj Abraham in the police service seems to be the brutal attack unleashed by him against the Hindus, especially BJP and RSS workers in Kerala. “He was a total failure as a police officer in his previous postings as City Police Commissioner of Ernakulam and Rural SP in various other districts,” said the colleague. With the coming back of Lok Nath Behra, who was on deputation to the CBI, the Christian officers in the state have become more strong. Behra is a Christian from the state of Orissa.

The manner in which Manoj Abraham led the police force on Wednesday to brurally assault the innocent students of the MG College is yet another proof of his hatred for Hindus. It is reported that the students were saved only because of the timely intervention of Senkumar, the Inspector General of Police. When Senkumar left the college premises after pacifying the students, Manoj Abraham told his subordinates to ignore the orders of the IG. “Ill teach this… IG a lesson,” he reportedly told the constables.

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