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Monday, October 31, 2005

US Supreme Court Nominee Supports Conversion of Hindus in India


US Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers is an evangelical Christian who supports conversion activities in India.

According to ABC News, after a childhood attending both Roman Catholic and Protestant churches, she underwent a full-immersion baptism at Valley View in 1979, and later taught Sunday school classes. Hecht said Miers has given the church more than the 10 percent tithe asked of congregants. She also served on the missions committee and took a deep interest in its programs in central India, according to minister Barry McCarty.

McCarty said Miers's continuing concern for world missions was evident last March. McCarty serves on the board of Central India Christian Mission (CICM), which was meeting in Washington, D.C., in March. Miers knew of the meeting, and hosted McCarty and CICM missionary Ajai Lall for lunch at the White House.

According to the biography of Harriet Miers' religious leader, Barry McCarty, he is the Preaching Minister at Valley View Christian Church in Dallas, TX, and the speaker for The Christians' Hour, the longest running radio program associated with the Christian Churches, which is heard each week by five million listeners around the world. He can also be heard on, the leading provider of Christian audio content on the Internet. Nine presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention, including Charles Stanley, have turned to McCarty as their chief adviser for presiding over the convention's annual sessions.

McCarty built a mission church in central India, and sponsored a new mission work on the border of the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan. He also serves on the board of the Gospel Broadcasting Mission, is chairman of the board of Central India Christian Mission, and a member of the Evangelical Theological Society and the National Religious Broadcasters.

Backed by such powerful paymasters with deep pockets, missionary Ajai Lall's Central India Christian Mission has established 420 new churches through December 2004. CICM is reaching eight major districts of the Central Province with a team of over 200 preachers and evangelists. CICM's outreach has also extended to the northeast India/Bhutan border and to the countries of Nepal and Bangladesh. CICM’s Gospel Carriers evangelistic team travels extensively holding crusades in India and preaching that reach over 50,000 Hindus each year.

For 26 years, Harriet Miers has belonged to an evangelical North Dallas church that is steadfastly opposed to abortion and gay marriage and takes other conservative positions on controversial social issues. She ran for city council in 1989. The Dallas Police Department did not then hire gays or lesbians, and when asked about the policy, Miers replied the department should hire the best-qualified people, the classic political sidestep answer. When pressed, Miers said she did believe one should be able to legally discriminate against gays, and it is the recollection of two of the organization's officers that the response involved her religious beliefs.

Miers' church states on its website that it believes in biblical inerrancy, full immersion baptism, original sin and salvation dependent entirely upon accepting Jesus Christ. Everyone else is going to hell.

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