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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Iranian Muslims may be "spiritually targeted"

LONDON, October 24 2005

An Iranian daily warned against missionary activities of the evangelical fundamentalist sects throughout the Islamic world urging Muslims to be aware of being "spiritual targeted."

The 'Tehran Times' said that from the very moment of its becoming a world religion, Islam was targeted by Christian missionaries who "were out for the souls of the Muslims.

Although, it never was a great concern for the Ummah, said the paper, the missionary business has taken on a new dimension" in the past few decades, it added.

"Evangelical fundamentalist sects have unofficially declared a spiritual war against Islam, which they regard as a false religion," explained the editorial.

It added that the sects believed that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was a liar inspired by the devil, so they see it their "divine duty to convert Muslims from monotheism to Trinitarianism," said the article.

Arguing that Fundamentalist evangelists are backed in the USA by many politicians and millions of dollars which they gain from donations," the paper said "a great part of this money is invested in establishing relief organizations to help the poor and needy in crises and disaster-stricken areas of the globe, including the Muslim world."

The main reason of providing help for the needy people in Muslim areas by the missionaries "is not to give humanitarian assistance but to gain sympathy and trust, which are needed for missionary activities," argued the daily.

Referring to the presence of such missionaries in Africa, Iraq and many other parts of the Islamic world, the paper asked "What would a hungry child think when he hears that his rice and bread ration is distributed from people who say to him that this food is from the Lord Jesus?

"Surely he will ask himself where his own Muslim brothers and sisters are and will wonder if they have forgotten about him," answered the paper.

Warning that such acts could be a strategy, the article added Muslims are very sensitive when they find out that Christians are trying to convert their brethren in the faith.

Regretting that in many Muslim countries, there are no specific laws that prohibit Christians from conducting missionary activities, the paper said such activities were forbidden by the shariah (Islamic law).

According to the Islamic Shariah believers of other faiths are allowed to practice their religion freely, "but it is forbidden for them to knock on the doors of Muslims to preach," added the paper.

Noting that only Muslims who are weak in faith or have no knowledge about Islam or both, were targeted by the spiritual attacks of the evangelists, Tehran Times stressed that "attempts at converting Muslims are fruitless when the Muslims practice Islam correctly and have knowledge about their faith."

Noting urgently the Muslims should pass on their knowledge about Islam to the younger generation and encourage them to perform all Islamic duties, the article warned Muslims to be aware of the spiritual attacks of the missionaries.

"Muslims throughout the world must be aware that they and their families are being spiritually targeted," said the paper stressing that Muslims could defend themselves by their "knowledge, coherence, education, care and, of course, the Quran and the Sunnah."

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