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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"Christian" Aid Organizations

Brian Banker

As a citizen of the United States, it shocks and amazes me that many relief groups and NGOs from my area of the world are involved on the wrong side of Ceylonese politics. In particular, although they aren't the only ones, I am singling out for vitriol several so-called "evangelical" organizations. While it is bad enough that some within or representing these groups try to bribe indigenous Lankans, it is utterly reprehensible that some of them take a racist, anti-Sinhala attitude as well.

No true Christian will attempt to influence anyone on the basis of false promises or fictitious miracles. Furthermore, anyone who would attempt to assist a party or faction that is responsible for and promotes mass murder clearly does not serve the God that I know. A full investigation needs to be undertaken immediately into the exact ideologies and moduses operandi of all suspect groups.

Many of these organizations are doing the exact same thing in India--attempting to convince all of the churches out here that patriotic Hindus in Vajpayee's government are evil and oppressive, while furthering the agenda of militant anti-government and terrorist groups (i.e. the Student Islamic Organization). The reality, of course, is that Indian Hindus (I'm not counting militant Dravidians) are some of the most pacifist and progressive people anywhere in the world toward all religions, including Christianity, while the insurrectionary groups in India favor a totalitarian religious state where all who refuse to convert would receive the death penalty. (If anyone doubts this, look at how many Christians are murdered in Pakistan by pro-government forces. Try telling those martyrs-of-the-faith that Hindus and Buddhists are the greatest threat to their lives.) Obviously, the same generality is true in Sri Lanka when one compares the Sinhala Buddhist majority with the Tiger sympathizers.

In particular, watch out for a magazine known as "Christianity Today", the organization World Vision, and the Anglican/Episcopalian churches. These groups are hard at work trying to sell Western evangelical believers a hardcore anti-Buddhist, anti-Hindu, anti-Jewish, anti-Sinhala, anti-Serb ideology. In particular, their anti-Yugoslav platform puzzles me, because Serbs are Christians (Eastern Orthodox) who for many years have warred against both the Nazis and Islamic marauders in Europe.

Consider the case of Israel. For many, many years, most so-called Christians simply took the anti-Semitic viewpoint that Jews in general were responsible for killing Jesus and that the Jewish faith is in defiance of God. However, within recent years, many Christian denominations, organizations, and ministries have begun to change. Many believers in the west now support Israel and are opposed to terrorist organizations there. Is it too much to ask that Christians would evaluate their Sri Lanka and India views in light of this newfound tolerance? After all, it's obvious that the LTTE (and, for that matter, the Kashmiri terrorists, Pakistan's ISI, and the Balkan KLA) is in league with the PLO, and that all of the above organizations are in alliance and jointly seek the destruction of Israel, India, Sri Lanka, and Serbia.

If Christian parties in Sri Lanka are sincere, they will not only offer their services to the indigent with no strings or expectations attached, but will also take a strong moral stance in support of Sri Lanka's peaceful and tolerant Sinhala indigenous majority. Anything else is Satan's work.

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At 11/01/2005 08:51:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only reason they are supporting Israel is because of their vision of a returning Jesus and Christian Israel.


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