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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Christian Rock Bands to Hold Conversion Drive in Bangalore

Bangalore, 22 June 2005
Bellevision India

News agency Bellevion Global reported on June 22, 2005 that Christ College in Bangalore will be hosting a large scale event featuring Christian rock bands and a video conference with the Pope in hopes of converting members of the college student population. The news release reads as follows:

"Catholics youngsters group namely "Jesus Youth" is hosting one of the biggest events from 9 to 12 of October this month at Christ College Bangalore. One in Heart One in Mind One in Jesus is the theme of this mega conference. Mark Nemo a world renowned preacher will be present to given earth shaking talks in the retreat. Rex Band along with other famous Christian Bands will give concerts every evening.

Around 3000 Jesus Youth leaders from all over India will attend this unique retreat. More than ten Bishops Arch Bishop of Bangalore are expected to grace the event. Many IAS and IPS officers, business men and CEOs too will witness this event. Video Conferencing with the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has been arranged and our Holy Father will speak to the crowd. Satellite uplinking will be done so that the Jesus Youth members from all over the world could view the event live on websites. State of the art technology will be used for both lighting and sound.

Exhibition giving the happenings in the Christian world from all over the globe and very specially in our missionary areas will be arranged. A representative of the Asian Bishops council to open our minds to the happenings in Asia. Sound technology will be used to cater to the speeches in English, Hindi, Malyalam at the same time. This will be a place where the young and not so young meet. All who started the movement from the last 25 years along with all who have been a active part of it will be present."

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