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Friday, June 24, 2005

'Religious intolerance at US Air Force Academy'

Washington, June 23. (PTI): Amid allegations that officers at the US Air Force (USAF) Academy were insensitive to non-Christian cadets, a study has found several examples of religious intolerance at the school.

However, a report issued at the Pentagon on Wednesday said the school was not overtly discriminatory and has made improvements in recent months.

Air Force Lt. Gen. Roger A Brady announced that his 16-member review team, which conducted the study of the religious climate at the Academy, found a "perception of religious bias" in more than 300 interviews with cadets representing all faiths and with faculty members and administrators of the school in Colorado Springs.

Brady also found that there was a failure at the academy to "fully accommodate all members' needs and a lack of awareness over where the line is drawn between permissible and impermissible expression of beliefs."

The Brady study found glaring examples of insensitivity and recommended that seven specific incidents be investigated further.

The concern about religious intolerance arose during earlier investigations of complaints that sexual harassment was common on the campus but were ignored by school administrators.

The study came after allegations that officers at the Academy promoted evangelical Christian beliefs and were insensitive to cadets of different regions or those who chose not to practise any faith.

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At 6/26/2005 12:55:00 PM, Anonymous Sameer said...

I just read your quote on Orphanages and Conversion.
I feel it is true.
Some years back, there was an adoption racket unearthed in AP under Chandra Babu Naidu government, where in a christian orphanage was involved in shady dealings, and a lady (The wife of a senior IPS officer) was the main culprit.
Somehow the issue got diluted and forgotten, till the IPS officer became the DGP of AP. (Yes, Swaranjit Sen, the hand picked boy of Y Samuel Raj sekhar Reddy the CM of AP, who also is Christian)
Now, a few days back, YSR has made it easy and has undone the barricades which the pervious govt. had imposed in adopting kids from orphanages.
So, I feel, the hidden christian agenda in getting Indian, esp. Hindu children adopted by EU/US christians is not a small game.
Well, and many cnt Hindu things are happening in AP, apart from selling of Temple lands and free hand given to Naxals and idiotic policy of muslim reservation, but also witch hunting of Hindu activists and many things not good....
Many chritsians have risen to power under Sonia and in AP under YSR.... got to watch out...
And the idiotic media... One feels like kicking them on their behinds when we read the biased and dirty reporting....


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