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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Resentment against evangelist programme

From: sadhu
January 18, 2005

There seems to be growing resentment about the State Government patronage for the California-based evangelist, Benny Hinn's religious programme, called the "Festival of Blessings" slated here this week. Today, heads of 17 Hindu Mutts, including Sri Vishwesha Thirtha Swamiji of Pejawar Mutt, met to discuss the portents of such events for the country.

The meeting unanimously resolved to demand that the Chief Minister, N. Dharam Singh, cancel the permission given for the event at the Jakkur airfield from January 21 to 23. The Government had no business patronising a person "who has been castigated and disowned by the clergy in his own country," the Swamijis said.

Sri Vishvesha Thirtha said that although Hinduism was the most tolerant religion, its leaders could not watch people with an ulterior agenda take advantage and entice gullible people to Christianity. "Such an assault on Hinduism has been going on for decades and there are elements amidst us who encourage such persons for their own gains. If it is indeed true that Benny Hinn can cure disease and wipe out misery with a mere touch, let the Government prove this, and we will accept it," the Swamiji said.

Swami Harshananda of Ramakrishna Mutt stressed the tolerant nature of Hinduism and urged all Hindu leaders to shed their differences and fight the Government for having given its approval to a programme that was demeaning to Hindu values.

Sadhu Rangarajan of Bharat Matha Gurukula Ashrama in Krishnarajapuram alleged that the CIA apart from affluent Christians in the U.S. had pledged $1.4 billion for experiments in mass conversions in Asia and elsewhere.

The other heads of Mutts who attended the meeting on Monday are: Sri Rangapriya Mahadeshika Swami of Ashtangayoga Vijnana Mandira; Swami Nirbhayananda Saraswathi of Ramakrishna Vivekananda Ashrama, Bijapur; and Swami Veereshananda Saraswathi of the same ashram from Tumkur; Swami Yogeshananda of Ramakrishna Yogashrama; Sri Shivapuri Swami of Omkar Ashrama; Sri Vivekananda Sharanaswami, Kaveri Ashrama, Kodagu; Sri Shantaveerananda Swami, Sri Koladamutt; Sri Vidyabhinava Vidyaranya Bharati, Koodli Sringeri Mutt; Swami Keshavadasa, Swami Narayana Pantha; Sri Kumara Chandreshekaranath Swami of Vishwa Okkaliga Samsthana; Sri Chidatmananda Swami, Akshara Vidyadevashrama; Sri Chidhwana Swami, Ganjam Mutt; Sri Raghunatha Guruji, Temple of Success; and Sri Mahantalinga Shivacharya Swami, Vibhutipura Mutt.

[Remarks by G.C. Asnani ( : The Hindus are rising up; the Hindu Sadhus are waking-up. It is a signal that we are on the threshold of a new Era for Hindu Dharma. We have suffered enough; now the Hindu patience is coming close to an end. The Hindus will rise and kick out the mischievous people, including the Hindu treacherous people in our midst, and bring a new Era of greatness for the Hindu Dharma. God has His own ways of doing things; we mortals tend to lose courage; but let us remember that God’s Mill grinds slowly but surely.

At one time, we small kids, were being told, “The roots of British Empire are very deep; what can you small kids do to uproot the British Rule from India?” We small kids said, “We shall do it.”

In recollection of the past, I see how God brought World War II and removed the British Rule from whole of India. After that, one after another, British colonies started becoming independent of Britain. We brought a New Era almost in the whole world ! Did we kids have that power and strength? NO. God has His own ways of doing things which we cannot even imagine. World War III is already on; it will bring about vast changes, though through large-scale deaths throughout the World; we should not get frightened. The World needs a hard knock, a hard blow; deaths of thousands and millions in this process should not come as a surprise. The World needs to be cleaned up to make place for cleaner human beings. We, the present ones, have made a mess of things. The Supreme Lord knows how to do the cleaning up.]


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