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Friday, January 21, 2005

Shocking facts about Benny Hinn...

Benny Hinn is a Roman Catholic mystic, who is taking the Pentecostal and Charismatic Church down the ecumenical road towards Rome. This has been known for some time. For example the Italian Assemblies of God refused to endorse his crusade in Rome (1996), sponsored by the independent Pentecostals, who themselves were shocked when Mr Hinn failed to once open his Bible on the first night of the Crusade. On the second night the interpreter refused to interpret Hinn's favourable comments about the Pope and the Catholic Church and the music group refused to sing. The up-shot was that the organisers signed a document of "non-association" with Benny Hinn, and promised never to invite him to Italy again. Despite this he was invited as guest speaker to the Australian Assemblies of God Conference in May 1997, where once more he spoke favourably of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. At that Conference he told how he had met with Cardinal Sin of the Philippines, with whom he formed an agreement to encourage people who attended his crusade not to leave the Roman Catholic Church. The Cardinal in turn promised to encourage Roman Catholics to attend the Hinn Crusade. (Things have become worse since then! We have documented evidence that Hinn is into necromancy - please see below.)

The most disturbing feature was that no one at the Australian Assemblies of God Conference raised public objection to Hinn's comments. Now Benny Hinn has been invited to conduct a Healing Crusade in Auckland on June 13, 1998. Those endorsing the Crusade include Wayne Hughes, Senior Pastor of the Takapuna Assembly of God, Ian Bilby, Senior Pastor of the Auckland City Elim Church, Paul de Jong, Senior Pastor of the Christian Life Centre, Auckland, Hamish Divett, Senior Minister of the Christian City Church, Auckland and Peter Mortlock, Senior Pastor of the Bays Christian Fellowship, New Life Churches of New Zealand. (Letter dated 4th March, 1998 issued by the New Zealand branch of the Benny Hinn Ministries (PO Box 24377, Royal Oak, Auckland - phone 09 521 0133; fax 09 528 7185; mobile 025 285 1311 - coordinator Averil E Quertier).)

Wayne Hughes is the General Superintendent of Assemblies of God in New Zealand and was one of the Church leaders who, together with Ian Bilby, former President of the New Zealand Elim denomination, endorsed the visit of Rodney Howard-Browne whose "laughing revival" has caused so much division among Churches and Christian families in New Zealand and Australia. The New Zealand Apostolic Superintendent also endorsed Rodney Howard-Browne, BUT is not listed as endorsing Benny Hinn.

CWM alerted Wayne Hughes to the fact of Benny Hinn's documented necromancy in late January or early February '98. Despite this he has continued to endorse Hinn and his ministry, although it is rumoured that he is concerned that he might be doing the wrong thing. For the record we have published a copy of the relevant email. Our strong recommendation to all Christians is that you do not participate in any supportive way - by means of donations or otherwise - in the Benny Hinn Crusade or to the Benny Hinn Ministries.

John the apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ wrote: - "Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house nor greet him (bid him God speed - AV) for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds (biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds - AV)" - 2 John 9-11. This is THE WORD OF THE LORD.

Evidence that Benny Hinn practices necromancy...

Further documented proof is supplied in the book - "THE CONFUSING WORLD OF BENNY HINN" obtainable from your nearest CWM Office at $25 each including post. (This book has been enlarged to include a chapter on Hinn's necromancy. Authors include a USA, AOG pastor. Increased price mainly due to the need to get more books from USA by air mail. We also recommend the two videos"THE SIGNS & WONDERS MOVEMENT EXPOSED" - Part 1 - MIRACLES and Part 2 - MONEY - at $30 each including post.)

The following was supplied by Michael Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, HAWAII on Philip Powell's request following a report that Benny Hinn had caused a great deal of trouble in the islands following his Honolulu Crusade in March, 1998.

Taken from a Benny Hinn programme - "THIS IS YOUR DAY" - June 11, 1997 - also repeated at a recent Benny Hinn PARTNER CONFERENCE in Atlanta.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to tell you something right now. The Lord showed me a vision about - goodness it's almost been a year now. And - (I) can tell you I sense now the time has come when this vision is gonna be fulfilled. I had a vision of the night. What I saw, myself walk into a room. I've shared this before but just in case you - you've not heard it I want you to hear it. I saw myself walk into a room and there stood Kathryn Khulman.

And I've not seen Kathryn in a dream or a vision [in] years. Uh, when she died, the day she died, the morning she died, I had a dream what I - what I saw in a - in a - in a - in a casket with a white dress. And when I woke up in - in the morning, I knew she had died and it was on the news that same morning. And so it's been many years.

And there she was standing in this room and she said to me-of course this was a dream, but really more of a vision. A lot of times! dreams are really visions of the night, and the Bible calls them that. When - when God gives to you in the fashion it really came with me.

When I was a little boy, I saw the Lord in this dream. It was really so real, it was really a vision because when - when He appeared to me my body became electric just like electricity went through me and when I awoke that electricity was still on my body." (Benny Hinn, This Is Your Day, June 11, 1997)

"Well, anyway, in this one, in this vision that-that I saw-saw Miss Khulman. And she said, 'Follow me.' That's all she said. And I followed her to a second room. In that second room stood the Lord. When the Lord, uh-when-when I saw the lord, Kathryn disappeared. She was just gone [Hinn snaps fingers]. And now the Lord looked at me and said, 'Follow me.' And I followed him to a third room. In the third room sat a gentleman - I still remember his face. I can tell you, I still remember the man's face. And the man sat in this wheelchair in that third room. There was a big hole in his neck. A tube down his throat. He was crippled on that wheelchair. And he had tubes down his body. Totally crippled, totally para-totally, of course, paralyzed. The Lord laid His hands on this man and as He did the tubes disappeared, the hole closed, he was completely healed and got up off the wheelchair. It was a creative miracle. Now I'm standing watching the Lord in this vision heal this man. And now as the man wasealed, the Lord looked at me with piercing eyes - I'll not forget that one I'll tell you. (He) looked at me with piercing eyes and said, 'DO IT!' And the [Hinn snaps fingers] - and the dream and the vision came to an end." (Benny Hinn, This Is Your Day, June 11, 1997)

Interpretation of the "vision":

"When I woke, when I got up, when I came out of the vision, I was trembling and perspiring from head to toes. I know exactly what that vision means. It was Kathryn Khulman who took me, who introduced me to the Holy Spirit. That is the meaning of that first room when she said, 'Follow me.' But when Kathryn was gone, Jesus was there. Kathryn did her job and was gone and the Lord said, 'Follow me' into a third room. And there was this man. I believe I'm about to enter that third room. [Audience applause.] I'm telling you I feel it. I sense it. I believe that room speaks of a dimension, a new dimension in the Spirit. I believe I've been in that second room now for the last seven years. What is amazing to me, what's amazing to me is God works or has worked in my life in seven year cycles. I'm now in the seventh year - beginning the eighth of the ministry of these crusades. 1990 we started - March. This is what? '97. And just now I feel another platform, another dimension, another level is really coming. ell, saints you're going to be a part of it. God- God has sent you as partners to be a part of it. So how many are ready to see greater things for the glory of God?" (Benny Hinn, This Is Your Day, June 11, 1997)

"Can I tell you something? I've never shared this. Never! I was in prayer one day and a man appeared in front of me. Happened for two days in a row, twice one day and the next day. The same man appeared. I've never told this, never. ... This is recently. I'm not talking about a long time ago. He was about six feet two. Old man. Had a beard. ... Glistening white beard. His face was somewhat thin, but very bold! Eyes - crystal blue. He had on a white garment, whiter than my shirt could ever get. On his head was a shawl, like a - like a covering. He looked like a priest. Every part of him glistened like crystal. And I spoke out and I said, 'Lord, who is this man I see?'

I know you may - you may think I lost my mind, but the lord said, 'ELIJAH the prophet" ...Seven and half years ago, just before the ministry started, before these crusades began, suddenly in front of me I saw a group of people. I couldn't even tell you who they were. I recognized only one of them. It was Miss Khulman. And every one of them seemed to be urging me to pray. Now I know this sounds crazy, but it's all right. I don't mind if you call me crazy, because I liked what I saw. And this - this group was saying, now I couldn't hear them. I'd been in prayer at least, uh, hours. And suddenly, just - just this flash came in front of me. I can not describe it to you except to tell you it was more real than you sitting right in front of me right here. It was not a mental thing. It was so alive, pastor. It's so alive. It was like a flash of lightening hit me and all I saw was these people's faces. I will tell you, when I get to heaven. I will recognize them (at least fifty to seventy of them were sittingn a group), and they were saying to me, "Pray! Ask God to give you a healing ministry that will touch the world!" And suddenly, I heard Kathryn's voice, [Hinn snaps fingers] and out of the blue, suddenly there - there she was, it's crystal clear. And she in her beautiful smile, the way she said, "Ask! We're waiting for you to ask! We're praying with you to ask " And the vision disappeared. And suddenly I said, "Lord!" and I asked. A week later the anointing hit my life. I believe the saints in heaven urge us to pray. Urge us to do it! Do you know why I believe it?

'Cause it's in the Bible! You say, "Show it to me." Jesus saw Moses and Elijah who came to talk to Him about His passion on the cross! Ladies and gentlemen, there's way more than you know about God! And the reason I'm telling you all this? The Lord said to me only a few days ago, He said, "You're - you're about to come into a new level. Get ready!" And I'm already feeling the rumblings in the heavenlies. Somebody is about to talk to me again. Something is about to happen again. I don't know what it is. But I - I'm so excited, I feel butterflies in my tummy. I feel something. I've had three prophets lately, absolute people that know the voice of God, that have said to me, "You're about to walk into a new inheritance in the Spirit." I don't know what it is, when it is, but it's coming. And tonight, the Lord is putting upon my heart to pray for you, that you should walk into a new inheritance in the Holy Ghost. Stand up, I want to pray for you. Come on. Hallelujah! ...

You're about to have experiences that people may call you crazy if you tell them. But lift your hands and ask that God give you revelations. Come on. Blessed Jesus, I give you praise. I give you praise. And I ask you to bring those people into a new inheritance in the Spirit. We've lived so long on this side of the fence. We're so accustomed to this world of ours and we're so tired of it and its pain. Oh, Lord, take us beyond the veil. Take us into a new inheritance. Trust us to keep it sacred. Trust us to be faithful in the blessed name. Ask Him to give that to you. Ask Him to give that to you. (Recording and original transcript by: Michael Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, Honolulu Crusade, February 28, 1997

"One of the strangest experiences I had a few years ago [was] visiting Aimee's tomb in California. This Thursday I'm on TBN. Friday I am gonna go and visit Kathryn Khulman's tomb. It's close by Aimee's in Forest Lawn Cemetery. I've been there once already and every so often I like to go and pay my respects 'cause this great woman of God has touched my life. And that grave, uh, where she's buried is closed, they built walls around it. You can't get in without a key and I'm one of the very few people who can get in. But I'll never forget when I saw Aimee's tomb. It's incredibly dramatic. She was such a lady that her tomb has seven-foot angels bowing on each side of her tomb with a gold chain around it. As-as incredible as it is that someone would die with angels bowing on each side of her grave, I felt a terrific anointing when I was there. I actually, I - I, hear this,' I trembled when I visited Aimee's tomb. I was shaking all over. God's power came all over me. ... I believe the anointing has linged over Aimee's body. I know this may be shocking to you.

... And I'm going to take David (Psalmquist) and Kent (Mattox and Sheryl Psalmquist) this week. They're gonna come with me. You-you-you gonna feel the anointing at Aimee's tomb. It's incredible. And Kathryn's. It's amazing. I've heard of people healed when they visited that tomb. They were totally healed by God's power. You say, 'What a crazy thing.' Brother, there's things we'll never understand. Are you all hearing me?"

(Benny Hinn sermon, Double Portion Anointing, Part #3, Orlando Christian Center, Orlando, Fla April 7, 1991. From the series, Holy Ghost Invasion. TV# 309,)


At 1/22/2005 07:45:00 AM, Blogger Be said...

I found this in the news:

"Hinn's meet getting undue publicity: Catholics"

"The Catholic Church in Karnataka has disassociated itself from the controversial prayer and healing session organised by American evangelist Benny Hinn in Bangalore on Friday."

At 1/22/2005 07:30:00 PM, Blogger Maha Vishnu said...

Thanks Vincent... I have posted the link.


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