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Friday, January 21, 2005

Dr. Bhyrappa Sees Sonia's Role Behind Benny Hinn Concert

Publication: Star Of Mysore
Date: January 17, 2005

After a long gap, a man who claims to have the power to heal the sick and dying has surfaced on the Indian shores. The man is none other than a controversial Pastor Benny Hinn. This 51-year-old Arab-Israely who became a Canadian and then an American and the Founder of World Outreach Centre, Florida in the United States of America.

But this self-styled Godman's claims, though never proved, have always kicked up a row and this time he is in a centre of controversy because his new stop in the name of evangelism is India. He is organising a massive programme 'Pray for India' in Bangalore on Jan. 21 to 23.

Even the Chief Minister N. Dharam Singh has ruled out any ban on Hinn's meet in Bangalore on Jan. 15 saying the Government has no right to intervene in religious affairs.

Religion and politics

Whatever it is, now it is certain that, afterall, religion cannot be separated from politics. This can be further confirmed as the Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi, has allowed six Chief Ministers from Congress-ruled States to attend Benny Hinn's programme.

Noted litterateur Dr. S.L. Bhyrappa came down heavily on the proposed "Pray for India" meet of Benny Hinn while supporting the stand taken by Bhajrang Dal in opposing such a controversial meet.

He was speaking at the function held here yesterday in a workshop of his works.

When the reporters asked him about the Government being soft on Benny Hinn, Dr. Bhyrappa said, "When the Chief Ministers of six Congress-ruled States are attending at the behest of their 'madam,' it is confirmed that Sonia Gandhi is behind this move."

"Christian missionaries have billions of dollars, donated by rich Christian nations, to be used for the conversion of the gullible into Christianity. They believe that conversion is their religion and whenever they open a school or even a hospital, their only intention is conversion. I have experienced this when I wrote the novel Dharmashree about how Christians use their religion to convert saying Jesus Christ is responsible for everything," Dr. Bhyrappa regretted.

Wholesale curer!

Continuing his assault on the alleged conversion programmes of Christians, Dr. Bhyrappa said 'Missionaries go house-to-house in the beginning, then bring gullible and poor housewives to show miracles. They may treat one in a million, which is nothing but pure luck. May be those missionaries did miracles on few individuals but this Benny Hinn is a 'wholesale curer'!"

When asked why the people's representatives should recognise themselves with these controversial religious figures, Dr. Bhyrappa shot back, "When the 'madam' herself is supporting this idea, how can her confidantes stay behind? That is the very reason how Benny Hinn is given such a high standing and has the audacity to pray for India.


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