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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Coming to pray and demolish your temples

NT Bureau
Chennai, Jan 22:

Those happy outside Bangalore for being spared the shenanigans of Benny Hinn's so-called 'faith healing', better watch out. Another rabidly communal Christian team is touring India these days. Its mission? To visit prominent Hindu temples in India and pray for its destruction.

Sounds too radical? Well, the missionaries of Southern Baptist, who are behind this mission, are always.

The website of the International Mission Board (IMB), a branch of the infamous Southern Baptist Convention, has called for American Southern Baptist missionaries to visit Hindu temples in India and pray for its destruction.

The mission assignment entitled 'Jericho Prayerwalk' (The missionary assignment can be viewed online) has called for missionaries to visit 'one of the holiest temples' once a day (at differing times) to walk around the complex praying specifically that the walls will collapse like the walls of Jericho in Joshua.

In other words, missionaries should pray that all the local Hindus convert to Christianity and that their temple will be destroyed.

In the past, the Southern Baptist Convention distributed 30,000 copies of a handbook just before Deepavali (in 1999), stating that 'Hindus seek power and blessing through the worship of gods and goddesses and the demonic powers that lay behind them.'

The missionaries are set to arrive in India by 31 January.

The whole programme will continue till 31 December. Obviously, these people are prepared for a long-drawn mission.

So, from next week, if you find some firangi type praying in a temple, you can understand that his intention is anything but holy.


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