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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is History Going To Repeat - I Hope Not

The time has come for India to wake up and stop this aggression from Abrahamic religions: Bharat Gajjar

by Bharat Gajjar

About a week ago I was watching the historical channel, it was about Christians in Germany. At that time 90% of Germany was Catholic then the Pope sent a message to the people of Germany that they should convert the remaining 10% of the people to Catholicism then people went about forcing the 10% to convert and those who did not were killed and they burned their books. After that, 100% were Christian. Then at one point Hitler came and he didn’t like Jews and he wanted to clean out Germany again.

In Islamic countries they like to have 100% Islamic people.

When Pakistan was separated, they had 20% of a Hindu population; they kicked them out or killed them, now they have 1% of a Hindu population.

In KashmirHindus have already been converted to Islam and those remaining were killed or kicked out recently.

In North East of India, Christians have taken over as they are 90% of the majority, and they are kicking out Hindus.

They want 100% pure Christians.

Pope Paul declared in Delhi by putting a cross into the ground with a statement, that in the 21st Century all Indian’s will be converted.

At this time 10,000 missionaries are working in India with 1000’s of dollars in their hands. They want India to be a pure Christian nation.

The way it is going within a short period India could become a pure Christian nation.

It looks like history may repeat itself as India is divided.

As one Saint says a garden is beautiful when there are a lot of different kinds of flowers with different colors. If a garden has only one type of flower of the same color it will not be beautiful.

Hinduism is the oldest civilization at this time. It has a lot of inner strength with a great philosophy while other Abrahamic philsophies don’t match the Hindu Philosophy.

Anyway the time has come for India to wake up and stop this aggression from the Muslims and Christians in India.

Bharat J. Gajjar

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At 1/10/2009 02:29:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. History is going to repeat.India will not be divided but will become Islamic.Hindu's reliance on Gods to protect their religion has failed in the past, many times over and with same same results.Remember the Shiv Ling from Somnath was broken into pieces by Muslim invaders and the buried in the steps of a Mosque,where it is being stepped upon every day for so many years,even today.Ganapati is Shiva's son, is equally ineffective
It is said God helps those who help themselves.Even our Gods have given up on us.Why?We as a Hindu society, have become so calus,divided,without any charactar and currupt.As long as we follow the phylosophy that god will save us,JANE DO,HOEGA,KARENGE and HAME KYA,we are doomed.Remember few thousand well ORGANISED people came from outside and ruled on hundreds of millions of Hindus.We forgot Chanakya,Shivaji,Savarkar,Vallhab Patel,Bhagat Singh,Guru Govind Sing and others.OUR BIGGEST MISTAKE AS A HINDU SOCIETY, IS WE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO BELEIVE IN ABSOLUTE AHINSA TAUGHT TO US BY BUDDHA,SO CALLED MAHATMA GANDHI AND NEHRU DYNESTY.HINSA UNDERSTANDS AND RESPECTS ONLY ONE WORD,HINSA


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