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Monday, November 24, 2008

Subsidy for Christian pilgrims in Andhra

Uma Sudhir

Thursday, February 14, 2008, (Hyderabad)
Christians have reason to rejoice in Andhra Pradesh. The state government has announced subsidy for Christians going on pilgrimage to Israel.

"Our dream to go to the holy land to visit Jesus graveyard. That's the last intention and hope of the Christians and Catholics but the ticket is very expensive, so we have been asking to put us on the lines of Haj scheme,'' said Martin Michael, President, Catholic Association of Hyderabad.

The government has not yet clarified on the quantum of subsidy nor how and from when it will come into effect only that it will be similar to the Haj scheme for Muslims.

Political analysts say the scheme aims to woo Christians, who comprise 1.5 per cent of the state's population, ahead of assembly and general elections.

"Elections are numbers, so in a number game, you need to have more and more votes. My question is if tomorrow fundamentalist Hindu groups demand subsidy for poor Hindus to go to Kashi or Varanasi, what will their answer be? Will they be able to take the financial burden?'' asked K Nageswar, Political Analyst.

It's perhaps only incidental that YS Rajasekhara Reddy is a practicing Christian.

Political observers say since the state is a secular entity, priority for subsidies should rather be for more basic essentials like food, water and housing.


At 2/05/2009 12:39:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

The truth about a lie

This tells you why and how the Romans created the "jesus" story. In a nutshell, they did it to subdue messianic jews who were rebelling against Rome. Worked very well. Christianity is a power-grab cult.

....more on the borrowing, stealing, looting, retrofitting done to make "Christianity" a "religion"

...and more on how this 'religion" was spread

At 2/08/2009 11:50:00 PM, Blogger surinder attri said...

By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. If you put this top-flight question to a Phoney-Liberal Hindu politician in India, he would most likely recant with a saucy, sarcastic, high-spirited query in the opposite way, such as:
“ What would happen if earth stopped rotating ? “
But wouldn’t you worry if, the warlords of Islam take over your land, your people, and everything else ? Therefore, you need not be emotionally-crippled about this possibility. There is no need to be hesitant about examining, how Islam will boss this world.

To express the answer in a few words: It would be like being taken over by the Fourth-Reich ( of Islam ), and all Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) of the world, shall domicile in the:
“ Biggest Dog-House of the world. “

2. There is prolific evidence from 1000 years of Islamic rule in India, to divulge to us what would be the fate of Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) subjects under Islamic-Domination of the world. Islam claims to be the most gracious, and the most merciful faith on earth. This excessively kind religion of “ all-merciful Allah “ shall bless the Kafirs of the world with, slaughter & destruction of hateful-Kafirs, on a scale without parallel in human history. These acts of moral outrage are completely justified in Islam, as long as these are conducted against Kafirs, in fact these acts are reckoned as acts of piety by Allah, who rewards his followers, with luxuries of Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise ), especially choicest sex with 72 houries for each Moslem. Make no mistake. Islam is fully committed to robbing & murdering Kafirs, under the dress of Jehad ( Holy-War ), which is the most sacred duty of a Moslem. Jehad is a mighty pillar of Islam, without which Islam would lose, a major part of its grandeur, greatness, and raison d’ etre. This holy-war is for the conquest of all Kafir ( Non-Moslem ) lands. Moslems are taught that, they have no recourse other than to overthrow, all governments that do not rest on pure Islamic principles, and are corrupt & corrupting. Islamic government is the government of divine rights, and its laws cannot be changed, modified, or contested.

3. Acts of murder, loot, pillage, rape, and destruction, are considered shameful acts, by civilized societies of the world. But Hazrat Mohammad told his followers that, since he was the last prophet, for all time to come, such raids were now sanctioned by Allah. Moslems must follow Hazrat Mohammad, as the Divine Model Of Practice. This is what Islam expects of Moslems. If they don’t, then they are sure to enter Hell, because then the Prophet will not intercede on their behalf.

4. If Islam ever gets control of the whole world, the mindless, empty-headed Sulla barbarians shall impose at least the following 20 shameful disabilities on the Kafirs of the world :
( 1 ). Kafirs shall not build any new place of worship
( 2 ). Kafirs are not to repair any old place of worship, which has been destroyed by the Moslems
( 3 ). Kafirs are not to prevent Moslem travelers from staying in their place of worship
( 4 ) Kafirs are to entertain for 3 days, any Moslem who wants to, stay in their homes, and for a longer period if the Moslem falls ill
( 5 ). Kafirs are not to harbor any hostility or to, give aid & comfort to hostile elements

( 6 ). Kafirs are not to prevent any one of them, from getting converted to Islam
( 7 ). Kafirs have to show respect to every Moslem
( 8 ). Kafirs have to allow Moslems to participate in their private meetings
( 9 ). Kafirs are not to dress like Moslems
( 10 ). Kafirs are not to name themselves with Moslem names

( 11 ). Kafirs are not to ride on horses, with saddle and bridle
( 12 ). Kafirs are not to possess arms
( 13 ). Kafirs are not wear signet or seals on their fingers
( 14 ). Kafirs are not to sell or drink liquor openly
( 15 ). Kafirs are to wear a distinctive dress, which shows their inferior status, and separates them from Moslems

( 16 ). Kafirs are not to propagate their customs and usages among the Moslems
( 17 ). Kafirs are not to build their houses in the neighborhood of Moslems
( 18 ). Kafirs are not to bring their dead, near the graveyards of Moslems
( 19 ). Kafirs are not to observe their religious practices publicly, or mourn their dead loudly.
( 20 ). Kafirs are not to buy Moslem slaves

This is not a complete list of disabilities, imposed upon Zimmies ( that is, those Kafirs who have not been murdered, and are allowed to live in the Islamic lands ( Dar-Ul-Islam, or the land of peace ), upon payment of Jiziya or Poll-Tax.

5. Hindu Dharam Shastras recognize six types of gangsters:
a. He who sets fire to other peoples properties
b. He who poisons other people
c. He who wields weapons for committing murder
d. He who robs other peoples wealth
e. He who forcibly occupies other peoples land
f. He who forcibly carries away other peoples women

Hindu Shastras & tradition prescribe that, the gangster should be killed as soon as he is sighted.
But in Islam, above mentioned acts of gangsterism, are sanctioned by Allah. Any Moslem who performs these acts ( on Kafirs ) stands hallowed as apostle, prophet, sufis etc etc. Worse yet, Islam lays down that, those who object ( that is, the Kafirs ) to advocacy of gangsterism or resist gangsterism, should be put to death.

6. American & Western-European leaders, as well as the Phoney-Liberal politicians of India, have a penchant for saying that:
" Radical Islam is a problem, but Islam is not a problem. "

This is pure un-adulterated Non-Sense. The problem is Islam itself.
What brutal tyranny, ruthless slaughter, savage-suppression, did the Moslems not inflict on Kafirs, in the name of Islam ? This excessively kind religion of Islam, mercilessly cut down hundreds of millions of innocent Kafirs, under the Islamic sword of bigotry. What was all that for ?
For the glory of Allah, and for the establishment of a global Islamic empire. Are these the actions of a peaceful religion ( Islam ) ?

7. The civilized societies of the world, practice the concept of democracy & human rights, in which everyone ( man or woman ) is entitled to all rights & freedoms. But the Islamic Clergy does not consider democratice system suitable, either for the Moslems or for the practice & expansion of Islam. Kafirs can Never be considered equal to Moslems in Islam. Ideas of individualism, liberalism, constitutionalism, human rights, equality, liberty, rule of law, democracy, free markets, separation of church & state, have no resonance in Islam.

8. What about nationalism & secularism ?
Nationalism & Secularism, are totally incompatible with Islam, because Islam's goal is global-empire ( Islamic empire ). In nationalism, all citizens are brothers & equal. But in Islam, a Non-Moslem is a Hateful-Kafir, who is an alien & needs to be eliminated. Islam totally rejects the idea that, citizenship depends on birthplace, Islam asserts that citizenship depends on belief, and Non-Moslem beliefs are totally un-acceptable to Islam. That is why, when Islam expands, nationalism is destroyed.

9. We are face to face with the fanaticism & blind-terror of Islam. In civilized societies, politics & religion are separated, but in Islam politics is religion & religion is politics. Moslems feel that ideologies of liberalism & nationalism, led by Kafirs, have caused Moslems to forsake the God-given law ( Allah's law ) of Quran, and the religious life vouschafed to them. They consider their Jehad as a war between good Moslem world & evil Kafir-world.

10. Let the Kafirs of the world be warned that:
Democracy, Nationalism, Secularism, Individualism, Liberalism, Separation Of Church & State, Human Rights, Human Freedom, Free Markets
Are ideas of universal validity.

Islam is something evil. It is a cold-blooded killer & is plunged in darkness. If Islam ever takes over the world, then these ideas of universal validity, shall go to hell. They shall all be in the direct line of Islamic fire, and shall be demolished “ Brick By Brick. “

Surinder Paul Attri


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