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Saturday, January 05, 2008

150 families return to Hinduism in Uttarakhand

By Ravindra Saini

Around 150 families from several villages, who had reportedly converted to Christianity a few years ago, were welcomed home in a ceremony recently at a village, 15-km from Roorkee under Haridwar district. Dharma Jagran Samanvaya Vibhag of RSS led by Shri Shiv Prakash, Prant Pracharak of Uttarakhand, organised a purification camp at Sadhauli village for these.

Thousands of people from various villages were also present at the venue. Dalit families from villages like Sadhouli, Uddhalheri, Susada, Bhaktowali, Alipur, Sherpur, Gokulpur, Lakhanauta, Khadoula, etc. took part in the religious purification ceremony.

The back to Hindu fold people admitted that they were Hindus previously and were tempted by the Christian missionaries time to time. The temptation offered by the missionaries made them give up their ancestral way of worship. They revealed on this occasion that the missionaries promised them that they would be given good jobs and their daughters will be married with good boys but after their conversion they all proved futile. Having come to know the reality for the missionaries, they had to repent. They were emotional on the occasion and revealed that the missionaries used to come in their villages regularly and inspired them to give up Hinduism and embrace Christianity. Christianity is flourishing in this area by leaps and bounds and the missionaries have purchased the land for the construction of a vast church in this area but the efforts of swayamsevaks have brought fruits and the conspiracy of the Christian missionaries has been stopped.

People on the occasion raised slogans that they would not let the missionaries succeed in their dirty game of conversion. The missionaries would not be let play their dirty game of conversion of poor people of Hindu religion. Neither the Hindus believe in conversion not they would endure such petty crime.

Incidents of conversion by the Christian missionaries are increasing at the time when the Khanduri government is planning to introduce anti-conversion law in the state soon. “Re-conversion in Hinduism has made us sacred and has prevented us from going to hell. We are extremely grateful to RSS men who have encouraged us for this great occasion. We, the poor people were too innocent and ignorant to understand the ill-motive of the Christian missionaries but now we will be sensitive enough on conversion,” said the people.

Addressing a huge gathering Shri Shiv Prakash said Hindustan is known for the majority of the Hindus and the name Hindustan will continue till the Hindus are in majority. Hindus are the sole soul of this great country. Hinduism is great. It is a religion, which prays for the welfare of the whole communities. He said that there is an urgent need of a strict anti-conversion law soon in the state. He said that Christian missionaries are active in religious conversion in the guise of social service but they are misleading the poor people. Religious conversion is unconstitutional and inhumane which treats people as purchasable objects. Sadhavi Maitriyati and Sadhavi Dr Varunayati highlighted the greatness of Hindus dharma and said that no one has the right of religious conversion. Hundreds of people belonging to various organisations were also present on the occasion. This unforgettable re-conversion programme was a grand success because of Shri Avinash Sharma who motivated the returned people to return home. His motivation worked as a great inspiration to the people. Shri Sharma is the state convenor of the Dharam Jagran Samanvay Vibhag. Shri Kulvir Singh also played the same role. Gram Pradhan Gilouri Singh presided over the programme. Shri Ashok Arya, Rameshwar, Bhanwar Singh, Ram Prakash, Pramod Bali, Pem Chand Saini Chaudhary Kulveer Singh, Ramesh Bhateja, Shyamvir, Prakash Chand Saini, Praveen Sabarwal, Purohit Vishnudut Shashtri, Mamchand, Pt. Pramod, Tarachand Tyagi, Gram Pradhan Suryaveer were also present on the occasion.


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