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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Protest against Christian Plagiarism

10/8/2007 11:08:35 PM GSK Menon

'Bhakti Gyan Ganga'

The above title would make it appear that this is a routine Hindu program on some TV channel. But you are in for a surprise, it is the name of an Evangelisation program being conducted by Brother Dhinakaran on SAB TV channel !

The idea is two pronged, firstly to confuse the Hindus to watch this program on the desert religion. Secondly, it is to appropriate Hindu religious terms into the desert religion, for confusing propaganda.

It is very common to see the desert gods sporting Hindu names like Amala, Vimala, Nirmala ( a hot favourite), and hold your breath, I recently came across a board in Ernakulam which proclaims Lalitha Ambika Convent ! What shamelessness ! Just imagine if any Hindu goddess was sporting names like Fathima, Mary, Philomena etc ?

Similarly they are calling their Bishops palaces as Ashrams ? Can there be a greater insult to our Rishis ? How can beef eating and alcohol consuming places be called Ashrams ?

Similarly Padres prefer to call themselves as sanyasis and nuns as sanyasinis ! Again I ask how can these non vegetarians and cow slaughtering people call themselves as sanyasis etc. The aim is to confuse the Hindus. Will they dare insult Islam in this fashion ? Will they go to any Arab or fundamentalist nation like Pakistan/Indonesia and call themselves as Mullahs ? They will get the thrashing of their lives and forcibly be converted to Islam. We Hindus are docile and tolerate all nonsense.

Take the case of this Evangelist Dhinakaran, he is unwilling to shed his Hindu name, he prefers it to the desert names like Joseph or Noah. How can he forget his Hindu moorings ? Even his program is called Bhakti, Ganga etc, how can he relinquish such beautiful Hindu terms and names ? The Hindus should aggressively launch into reconversion agendas everywhere.Relentless campaign and protests are needed against this plagiarism.


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