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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hindu leaders foil conversion plans of missionaries

September 7, 2007

Saswad (Maharashtra): A program was organized by Christian missionaries near Maruti Mandir to mislead Hindus and convert them to Christianity. Shri. Machhindra Kadam, deputy taluka-chief of Shiv Sena and Shri. Wamantatya Jagatap, a municipal councilor from Congress who helped Shri. Kadam and Shri. Girishappa Jagatap, city-president of BJP who were present in the program foiled the plan of missionaries. Christian missionaries had gone to Saswad in two buses from Mumbai and Pune. They distributed handbills giving information on ‘Who is Jesus?’ and appealed to the locals to attend the program. (Hindus must see how Christian missionaries are trying to spread Christianity. – Editor) In this program, devotional songs were sung praising Jesus and the participants were advised to pray to Jesus for solving their problems like getting a job. They were promised by the missionaries that they would get money. Their incurable diseases would be cured by praying to Jesus. (How Christian missionaries are luring Hindus. – Editor) The missionaries also criticized Hindu Dharma, saints and deities. (If such things go on, all States in India will become Christian dominated like North-Eastern States. – Editor)

Shri. Machhindra Kadam could not tolerate criticism on deities and saints and objected to the speeches. He told them, “You talk only about your religion. You have no right to criticize our Dharma.” Two persons started arguing with Shri. Kadam when he informed Shri Wamantatya Jagatap of Congress and Shri. Girishappa Jagatap of BJP about the program. Both of them went to the police station and lodged a complaint and demanded to stop the program. As a result, the police had to stop the program and advised all missionaries to leave Saswad foiling their plan. Shri. Macchindra Kadam was on their heels till they left Saswad.

Source: ' Daily Sanatan Prabhat '



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