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Monday, August 20, 2007

Sikh girl may convert for place at UK school

Monday, August 20, 2007

London, August 20: A Sikh couple in Britain is considering to convert their four-year-old daughter to Roman Catholicism so that she can attend their favoured school in September, a leading daily reported here on Monday.

Maya Kaur has been attending a nursery at St Paul's Roman Catholic School at Wolviston in northeast Britain for the past two years.

But, after her parents were recently told that there's no place available for her when she starts full-time education next month, they're "seriously" planning to change

their daughter's religion. "We think Sikhism is similar to Roman Catholicism so we put her in that school. She's been there for two years, she goes to church with them, she says a prayer before she eats her dinner.

"I'll baptise her as Roman Catholic so she can go to the school." the 'Daily Mail' quoted the girl's father Bal Singh as saying.

According to the school's admissions policy, children -- who have been baptised Roman Catholic, formally received into the Catholic Church and live in the catchment area, or who have a sibling at the school -- will get priority.

Though the proposed conversion might be frowned upon within the Sikh religion, Singh and his wife Baljit insisted that they were doing nothing wrong in trying to get the best for their daughter.

"Two years ago when they took her into the nursery why didn't they say she wouldn't get a place straight away in the primary school? I would have got her baptised then or I'd have put her in another school," Singh was quoted as saying.

However, Maya has been offered a place at William Cassidi School, a nearby Church of England school. But her parents claimed that she's upset and "wants to remain with her friends".

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