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Thursday, September 06, 2007

I was born Catholic, Now a follower of Hinduism

By: David Cardozo aka Vivek Bharat
8/28/2007 10:14:08 AM

I was born Catholic, but out of my own initiative and lots of hardship I became a follower of my ancient forefathers who were Hindus, so it took me seventeen long years to study Hinduism and to understand the meaning of Vedanta.

Once I approached a Hindu and told him I want to become a Hindu, he asked me what my religion was and I told him I was Catholic, he told me, just go and become a good Catholic! This is the mind set of existing Hindus. They have no pride in their faith and belief and the world’s best philosophy or the greatest philosophy!

Its so easy to become or convert to Christianity or Islam, even the books and literature is cheap; to become a Hindu or to convert to Hinduism is a uphill task, literally nobody is there to help you or to console you! Even the commentaries of Hindu Swamis are so expansive to purchase, as high as $500.00 some times.

Now coming to the main point - How to unite a divided Hindu society? Only a united Hindu society can save India and the Hinduism itself.

So, its time for the upper caste and so called pundits, some are totally uneducated, still they want to be called learned Brahmins, they eat meat, drink, don’t know the scriptures and have done nothing to promote Hinduism, but they want to be leaders!

And these same ignorant buffoons constantly parrot that, "all religions are the same". Hinduism is the only religion based on examination of the inner self and finding divinity within oneself. Where as other religions are based on revelations and blind faith, even a mad man can get revelations!

Its time Dalits should be allowed to be priests and pundits and perform Pujas, learn Sanskrit, and Hindu samaj/society should be accepting of them with open heart and mind and with love and pride.
Just imagine if all these so called dalits and lower caste leave Hindu society and convert to other faiths that are waiting for them with open arms, specially the Islam and the Christianity.

According to Vedanta all are divine, all and everything is part of Brahman, the all encompassing and all can be Brahmin through the study of scripture, the Vedas and Upanishads.

Brahmin and upper caste by birth is a fallacy, and distortion of Vedas. Anyone who desires to be a Brahmin or Shatriya or Vaishya can become so, by employing the proper methods of study and practice.

So, I plead to my Hindu brothers and sisters, lets unite. In unity there is collective strength. And through this reform Hinduism we can build a new India that is Bharat and liberate the whole world too.

Think about it, spare a moment. Before saying the whole world is a family be nice to your fellow Hindus, your poor Hindu brothers and sisters, help them, donate your time, your money. Thus charity begins at home. Openly proclaim to be a Hindu, even wear a tilak, if Jews and Muslims can wear skull cap and Christians, a cross, why not we. Let’s be proud of being Hindu. OM (AUM) Vedanta, the greatest and most pure knowledge.

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At 9/10/2007 06:34:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too rejoice in this revelation of truth, and I am truly grateful and proud of being Hindu. Conversion to Hinduism was only as difficult as my resistance was to the truth, but never, ever has it been regrettable.
OM Shanti.
I proudly wear an OM pendant and can not understand why most Hindus don't!.

At 9/26/2007 11:09:00 AM, Anonymous AM I A HINDU? Best Seller said...

Namsthe David: WELCOME ABOARD.

just go and become a good Catholic!

Your are right, this is the mind set of Hindus, since Hinduism is a CULTURE and not an organized religion like Islam or Christianity.

WELCOME ABOARD. People like you make Hinduism great.

Hinduism is relentless search after truth and as such anyone who searches truth will automatically can be called a Hindu.

HINDUISM TODAY MAGAZINE and all ARYA SAMAJS all over the world convert people to Hinduism now adays.

Thousands sometimes millions want to become Hindus, since Hinduism allows FREE FLOW OF THOUGHTS AND IDEAS.

Even an atheist can put down Hinduism and proudly claim he or she is a Hindu. That is the beauty of Hinduism.

At 11/01/2007 12:31:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

conversion by faith to hinduism is
easy and no rituals but only repose
a can have both hindu name as well as christian name but
name to your children hindu names for their future.visit website-

reg caste discrimination in hinduism,please educate our dalit
brothers following facts-
lord ram is kshatrika
lord krishna is yadav,
bagawath valmiki and viyasar are
dalits,out of 12 azhwars,6 azhwars
are from different castes- out of two are dalits. in hinduism,lord
krishna told based on gunas of people,their professions are fixed
and brahmins as priests due to their sativak guna,warriors and
rulers of kingdom are kshatrikas
due to their rajo guna,vishyas are
traders,art sculpures due to their
mixed gunas of all three gunas and
sudras are mainly in service due to their thamo guna each representing different colours like
white,red,green,black and represent
planets jupitor/venus,sun/mars,
moon/mercury,saturn respectively for each above castes and colours.
rahu/ketu will give results of planets aspected by them or combined with them. so if brahmin
do not follow its code of life,he will be reduced to fourth varna and vice versa.manu had 7 sons who were kshatrikas and brahmins.sage
vishvamitra was kshatrika but due to his penance and got powers, he was elevated to brahmin.
due to christian missionaries and
british rulers,they created wrong
history about bharath and divided
hindus on castelines.dr.d.a.joesph
who was born christian is a scholar
of hinduism and have written many books but was asked to retain his
name living in pondicherry
will throw more information about your doubts. so let dalit christian
brothers come back to your old roots of sanatana dharma.clinton
sister embrassed hinduism and his
daughter also wanted but was silenced due to his mother likely to contest in U S presidency.


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