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Saturday, September 09, 2006

HJS protest against Anti-Hindu Christian school

9/9/2006 10:52:25 AM

Panvel:St. Mary's School in Panvel, Maharashtra is propagating Christianity and inflicting repeated injustice on Hindu students in the name of imparting education.

During the ongoing Ganesh Festival celebrations, when all schools in the vicinity of Panvel had declared holidays, St. Mary’s School conducted exams, let alone giving holidays.

After receiving complaints from several parents troubled due to such anti-Hindu incidents, the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) stormed St. Mary's school.

HJS storms St. Mary's convent school to stop harassment of Hindu students
07 September, 2006

Learn from this real life incident and unite to save children from the menace of Christian Conversion in schools. Please read the complete story to understand how Hindus, when united, can make a difference and do go through the highlights posted at the end of the story. - Editor
Panvel, Raigad, Maharashtra: St. Mary School in Panvel, Maharashtra, in the name of imparting education, is propagating Christianity and inflicting repeated injustice on Hindu students. During the ongoing Ganesh Festival celebrations, when all schools in the vicinity of Panvel had declared holidays, St. Mary’s School conducted exams, let alone giving holidays.

After receiving complaints from several parents troubled due to such anti-Hindu incidents, the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) in association with the BJP, RSS, Bajrang Dal, Panchayat Samiti of Sukapur, Shivagiri Seva Sangh, Gayatri Parivaar, Sanatan Sanstha, locals and distressed parents acted promptly. They staged a “morcha” on the school on 5th September, 06 at 12 noon and interrogated Director of the school.

This resulted in the director of the school apologising for conducting exams during Ganeshotsava and an assurance that such an act will not recur. Also, the school declared a holiday on 6th September, 06 for Anant Chaturdashi. Protestors have strongly demanded that all irregularities be rectified within a week’s time or else, the agitation will be intensified!

Harassment of Hindu Students

More than 80 percent of the students of this school are Hindus.

1. Despite this, the school management debars Hindu girl students from wearing a ‘bindi’ on the forehead, wearing bangles and applying ‘mehendi’ on their hands.
2. When Hindu boy students apply ‘Tilak’ on their forehead on any given day, they are forced to wipe it off!
3. The school authorities cut off Rakhis adorned by Hindu boy students on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan!
4. Hindu students are forced to recite Catholic prayers against their wishes!
5. The school notebooks have the Catholic prayer printed on the first page, while India’s pledge and its National Anthem stands printed on the last page!
6. Every classroom had only Jesus’ picture.

Parents have complained about the abovesaid illegitimate actions of the school management to the HJS. Some of the complaints, in addition to that mentioned above, are as follows:

1. Class I students are being made to study the subject of Maths from four different textbooks. This is against the stipulated rules.
2. The seating arrangement for students in the school is pathetic.
3. Many people opine that the school does not have administrative approval of the Govt. The school management refuses to disclose the legal documents of the school and when questioned, gives vague answers.
4. Parents are not allowed to enter the premises of school.

In this regard, the HJS met with members of different organisations, political parties, panchayat samiti and other locals and informed them. Accordingly, it was decided that everyone should unitedly agitate against this injustice and stage the abovesaid “morcha”.

Accordingly, 60 members of different organisations, altogether including the Sarpanch and members of Sukapur Panchayat came together. As they were peacefully moving towards the Principal’s office to hand over a memorandum describing the different complaints, they were stopped and forcibly told that only one of the members could meet the Principal. This resulted in a wave of fury and some of the members angrily entered into the Principal, Smt. Bakshi’s cabin. Smt. Bakshi however refused to listen to anything and rudely asked the members to leave her cabin. The agitated members became more furious and started seeking explanations for the injustice inflicted on the Hindu students from the school management. At this time, the principal immediately called the Director of the school, Ms. Laxmi over the phone. The director, Ms. Laxmi, came immediately. She expressed that she herself was a Hindu and was seen to be wearing a ‘bindi’. When questioned, she clarified that girl students were restricted from wearing ‘bindis’ in order to abide by secular principles. However, she turned speechless when questioned as to why she was herself wearing a ‘bindi’ in that case! After judging the stance of the agitators, she publicly apologised for having conducted exams during the Ganeshotsava celebrations and assured that, henceforth, such acts would not recur. Also, the school declared a holiday for Anant Chaturdashi!

Thereafter, the speaker of the Panchayat Samiti along with the agitators inspected the school premises. There they found that every classroom had only Jesus’s picture. The classrooms had small windows; insufficient light and ventilation, due to which students were being taught in insufficient light! Post inspection, the agitators demanded that the school management resolve all the above issues. The Director requested for time to resolve all the issues. Accordingly, a week’s time was granted to the School Management with a notice that if the management failed to fulfill its commitment, the agitation would be intensified.

Finally, the school management gave in to the agitators and all the members shouted slogans related to the victory of Hindu Dharma in the school premise. The agitation was concluded by reciting the National Song ‘Vande Mataram’. The Director and other members of the school management were also made to recite the same!


1. Power of united Hindus: The Director of the school, Smt. Laxmi, had come along with a few Muslim ladies and was requesting them to come forward. However, after seeing the angry Hindu mob, they declined to come forward.

2. The school management’s policy of forcing Christian faith onto others comes to light: The agitators questioned the management that if the school abides by secular principles, why is there only the picture of Jesus and not of deities of other faith? To this, the management bluffed that pictures of other deities had got spoilt due to rains and had been given for lamination! When asked ‘How is that, only the pictures of Hindu deities got wet?’ there was no reply at all!

3. Shree Ganesh picture gifted to the School: A saatvic picture of Shree Ganesh brought out by Sanatan Sanstha was gifted to the school. This time, the agitators warned the school management that this Lord Ganesh’s picture be displayed in the school premises at all times! Also, they insisted that pictures of National persons and other deities be put up in the school within two days time!

The future course of agitation

1. Appeal to the Govt. to probe inquiry into Convent-managed schools of Raigad District: As a part of this agitation, the HJS is going to lodge a complaint with the State Administration to initiate strict action against the guilty in the above case. So also, an appeal will be made to the State Govt. authorities to probe a detailed inquiry into the improper occurrences taking place in convent-managed schools of Raigad District and details of the source of financial aid received by such schools.

2. An appeal to Hindu parents: The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti also appeals to parents of Hindu children studying in Convent schools, to report injustice, if any, being inflicted on their children. Mail at:


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