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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Christians bomb Krishna temple in Manipur

Aug 19 2006 9:52AM

It appalls me that there has been no mention of a tragic incident that happened recently. A Krishna temple belonging to the ISKCON society was bombed in Manipur on Wednesday. Atleast 5 people have been killed. The bomb is the handiwork of the Christian terrorist outfits led by the Kukis.

Where is the anger? Where is the feeling of empathy with fellow hindus in Imphal? Why is there no press coverage for this incident?

This incident happened during Sri Krishna Jayanthi or Janmasthami. This was a peak time when all devotees assemble for worship of Lord Krishna. The christian terrorists knew intended this for maximum damage.

Contrast the attitude of the press and the political parties on this incident and the Graham Staines death. There tonnes of paper were devoted to that incident and hindus were painted as demons. Graham Staines was illegally indulging in conversion practices in Orissa and the State was turning a blind eye to his illegal activities. Still Graham Staines was painted as a hero. His wife who routinely abuses hindus and hinduism in foreign media was given a Padma Bhushan by the Christian Congress Govt. She now has a free slate to go and convert people in Orissa. The deaths of five hindus have been slightly hushed by the indian media, the christian congress party and the evangelicals that control them.

What is the BJP doing to highlight the above incident. Advani and his band of american bootlickers are soo in awe of the christian west that a few hindu deaths dont matter. Why is there no anger in delhi or chennai or hyderabad? It is because we hindus are divided by caste and language. If this was a christian church bombed by hindus then there would be non stop coverage by BBC, CNN and bizillion christian web sites and the American Evangelicals organisations, the christian US State Department would be expressing concern.

Most Indian Christians abroad are traitors and abuse India and hinduism given half a chance. If you go and google the web you will find a bizillion sites that promote the idea that the evil hindu is killing the good christian. The message is for the christians of the world to unite against the pagan hindus!!

Fact is that more hindus are killed because of christian terrorism in nagaland, manipur, tripura to mention a few places. Christianity is as abusive and murderous a religion as Islam, except that it is packaged well. Usually christian atrocities start off with a "victim phase" where christians are supposedly being victimised by the pagan idolators. Then the faithful come and defend the believers while cleansing the pagans of all their evil native culture by converting them to the path of christ. The "cleaning" usually involves a lot of pagan blood.

People will do well to remember the South American example. Millions were slaughtered because of Jesus. They were killed in the most brutal fashion - burned at the stake, limbs chopped off all because they were pagans that were evil and somehow against God. In a heart wrenching incident the Inca King - Athualpa - was sentenced to death by burning by his Spanish conquerers. When the King pleaded with his captors he was given the option of converting to christianity and facing an easier death. So Athualpa converted to christianity, was baptised by a priest and then strangled to death. This is just an example of christian atrocities. Just read up on the Goan inquisition to see how hindus were tortured and burnt to death.

Today hundreds of millions of dollars are being pumped in India to convert hindus to christianity. The first phase in this war is a psychology operation where hindus are painted as evil and christians as good people. The people leading this movement are racist red necks from the bible belt in the southern part of america. These very people practised racial segregation till the 70s .

We might shrug off this christian aggression and say so what. If this goes on then a good constituency of christians ~15% would be established as a base. These christians will then do to us what the Kuki christian converts are doing to their hindu neighbors in manipur or what the naga and tripura converts do to hindus in their respective states.

When St.Thomas tried to spread his evil across the land of india, a brave hindu in Tamil Nadu stepped upto him and drove a spear through his heart. That stopped the spread of a satanic ideology and saved india from the brutal murder and gore of christianity. Where have the brave hindus gone?


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