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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Minorities sabotage railwaylines to Hindu pilgrim centres

8/3/2006 10:29:14 AM HK

Guruvayur: Guruvayoorapan devotees fears their fate also will be same as Ayappa devotees in case of proposed Tanur-Guruvayur Railway line.

If Sabarimala and Erumeli Railway lines were sabotaged by Kottayam Christain belt, now it is the turn of Muslims in Malappuram to oppose the Tanur-Guruvayur railway line. It's only a 52 km railwayline, but due to pressure from Muslims in the area, this railway line also will remain as a dream.

The proposed Railway lines where sanctioned at the time of NDA government, at that time Congress, Marxist and IUML MP’s were eager to claim that these Railway lines where sanctioned because of their continuous efforts!.

But no one knows what happened to all these Pseudo secular leaders when the time came to implement it. Railway had allocated enough money and requested State government to transfer the land for these railway lines. But Christian and Muslim friends are not ready to spare their land for these Railway lines which will help Hindu devotees.

Now there is no one to highlight this issue, because they don’t want to hurt the sentiments of our beloved Minorities. In the name of Secularism, a railway station was built for the christian pilgrims who attends Muringoor Divine Centre. In the name of Secularism we have Haj houses and will make sure all comfort is being met for the Hajis starting from India and till they are back. Our ministry officials will take care of everything from their bed coffee to Mosquito net.

Media, Pseudosecular leaders, Cultural spokesmen, Human Right activists.. all are up in the front if any controversy engulfs Hindu Pilgrim centres but none of them are there to highlight the genuine troubles and issues of a Hindu devotee.


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