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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Missioneries Corrupting The Young And Innocent Minds

Posted on 22 July, 2006

Its well known the tricks that the missioneries play across the globe and why they are after only two issues when ever they operate in a non christian country as a part of thier evengelisation agenda.One is a health care and the other education. Both are not without reason and the reaons are obvious and an open secret.

After creating infrastructures and logistics in some states like Andhra Pradesh the wicked eyes of these missioneries are now active in the state of karnataka.It's already appeared in this forum a few months back how some missioneries tried to distribute relegious books denigrating hindu gods to the students from the poor sections of the socity and that too during the recess time in one of the schools in Shimogga.But due to some bold and sensible students this was exposed and the culprits were handled properly before handing them over to the Police.The recent news coming from a small town known as Belthangady in the south kanara district with Mangalore as its Main city.The missioneries distributed a book to all the students for a price of 20/Rs.each while the same was sold to the christian students at R.10.This is sheer discrimination.It was given during the Moral Lessons class and the children were strictly ordered not to take that book home.The reason for that is in the n!

ame of Moral Lessons it contained the teachings of Jesus and the Hindus were shown as orthodox and have million gods,Gods from ape to elephant and the gods kill too.This came to light as one girl student informed about this to her parents and the whole town agitated.The worst thing that the book said was Hindus enjoyed eating the cow meat.Thats the limit for any sensible person to react.Is this the way the Lord Jesus preached his followers to 'love thy neighbour'.The local people are saying at least Muslim fanatics are better as they confront from the front while these missioneries are people who wear a mask of a cow while they are a fully grown predator inside.Well our spineless politicians will not open thier ugly mouth nor our money hungry media as all thier hands are tied by that secular thread.The said Missionery institute is also infamous for its discrimination earlier when it allowed the christians to wear the holy cross while banning the hindu students from wearing anything leave alone wearing bindhis,bangles,flowers,worst thing being not allowed even to bind thier excercise books with the pictures of the gods while the school walls are painted boldly with relegious sermons calling it as Moral lesson.Are the so called elite christians listening .Are they not interested to stop these missioneries from spoiling the name of the entire christian community.


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