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"Freedom to convert" is counterproductive as a generalized doctrine. It fails to come to terms with the complex interrelationships between self and society that make the concept of individual choice meaningful. Hence, religious conversion undermines, and in extremes would dissolve, that individual autonomy and human freedom.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 begins fraudulent propaganda to retain people within Christianity

02 July, 2006 by pravakta has published a comic defaming Hindu gods for spreading Christianity at Read the answer to this fraudulent propaganda - Editor

The Christian Missionary Organisations in desperation are resorting to fraudulent propaganda to retain the decreasing number of Christians within them. They have now taken resort to white lies to brainwash into the reader's minds, their fraud monopolistic, anti-spiritual and imperialistic faith.

Refer to :
This link shows Goddess Kali, the Deity of Sorcerers and Aghoris as a bloodthirsty demonic Goddess ! It also shows Jesus Christ as being more powerful than the Goddess.We present below the Hindu Perspective from the Science of Spirituality viewpoint, so that people are not carried away by the fraudulent contents of the web page.

The Hindu Perspective :

As per the Hindu Science of Spirituality, the whole world is classified into three main qualities, Satva(Purity), Raja(Movement) and Tama(Darkness, heaviness and gross). The Vedas clearly mention that God has manifested this Self-permeated Universe out of his own self. Thus whether Satva, Raja or Tama it is all ultimately a part of Divinity and controlled by God himself. Accordingly, Primal Energy too has three forms, MahaSaraswati( Raja ) , Mahalakshmi (Sattva) and Mahakali (Tama). These three forms are the controlling forces for the three qualities. When these three forces combine together we have Goddess Durga.

Thus it is seen that Primal Energy also called as Adishakti has many forms. As per the Hindu Science of Spirituality, women are considered as aspects of primal energy as they contain the energy principle more than men. What needs to be understood is that Goddess Kali is not a woman really but she is depicted in a feminine form merely to represent her form so that common man can worship her. In reality Goddess Kali is the primal energy present all around us. As per the Hindu Spiritual texts on the Goddess, the DeviBhagawat and DurgaSaptashati, Goddess Durga and not Goddess Kali is the most potent form of the Primal Energy.

Goddess Kali is a predominantly Tamasic aspect of Durga, and the energy of the Other form of Shiva worshipped by Sorcerers and Aghori Sect. She appears Black as Black Colour is the representative of the Tama Principle, the principle of darkness, which is beheld by the Goddess. As the entire universe was created by God, it is obvious that negative energies too have been created by God. God cannot be impartial to anyone and hence he took the form of Aghori Shiva and his consort Parvati took the form of Kali to reside in the Nether world for benefit of negative energies.

Just as the good have the right to undertake Spiritual Practice, so do the negative energies. However, Goddess Kali although predominantly Tamasi, may also be worshipped by the good and pious sattvik devotees and to them she is the benevolent and compassionate mother. To the Satvic Devotees she reduces the impact of Tama while she provides black energy to the negative energies.
The Shiv tattva (Divine Consciousness as Shiva) is inactive, while the Shakti tattava (Divine Energy as Kali) is active. Shiva, or Mahadeva represents Brahman, the Absolute pure consciousness which is beyond all names, forms and activities. Kali, on the other hand, represents the potential (and manifested) energy responsible for all names, forms and activities. She is his Shakti, or creative power, and is seen as the substance behind the entire content of all consciousness. She can never exist apart from Shiva or act independently of him, or vice versa, i.e., Shakti, all the matter/energy of the universe, is not distinct from Shiva, or Brahman, but is rather the dynamic power of Brahman.To properly understand this complex, Tantric symbolism it is important to remember that the meaning behind Shiva and Kali does not stray from the non-dualistic parlance of Shankara or the Upanisads. According to both the Mahanirvana and Kularnava Tantras, there are two disticnt ways of percieving the same Absolute reality. The first is a transcendental plane which is often described as static, yet infinite. It is here that there is no matter, there is no universe and only consciousness exists. This form of reality is known as Shiva, the Absolute Sat-Chit-Ananda -- existence, knowledge and bliss. The second is an active plane, an immanent plane, the plane of matter, of Maya, i.e., where the illusion of space-time and the appearance of an actual universe does exist. This form of reality is known as Kali or Shakti, and (in its entirety) is still specified as the same Absolute Sat-Chit-Ananda. It is here in this second plane that the universe (as we commonly know it) is experienced and is described by the Tantric seer as the play of Shakti, or God as Mother Kali.

The difference between good and negative energies is that Negative Energies use their Spiritual Practice to trouble the good and thus their Spiritual Energy is wasted. In the end when the effect of their energy vanishes, they are destroyed by God himself. On the other hand the good use their Spiritual Energy to benefit the society and hence attain the lotus feet of the Lord.

Inferences :
1. Goddess Kali is not "evil" as presented in the web page but an aspect of the Goddess Durga.
2. She is worshipped by both evil sorcerers or negative energies and pious devotees. To both, she blesses as per their path of Spiritual Practice.
3. Goddess Kali represents the impartiality of God to every aspect of his creation including negative energies.
4. Practices such as animal of human sacrifice are performed by negative energies and evil sorcerers to achieve black energy and find no place in Vedic literature. They are more a part of Tantric Rituals. Tantra Ritual Texts are less than 10% of Spiritual Texts in Hindu Dharma. Thus it would be foolish to conclude that Hindu Dharma consists of "demon Gods" and evil rituals as presented.
5. Adi Shankaracharya worshipped Goddess Kali as Tripurasundari and so did Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa, the Guru of Swami Vivekananda, the world famous monk who shook the intelletuals of Chicago with this eloquence !
6. As per Smartism presented by Adi Shankaracharya, all Gods lead us to the same Supreme Brahman. So the fact that Kali is stronger than Hanuman and Ganesha is false ! They all are aspects of Supreme Brahman with different missions.

The article is an attempt to mispresent the whole of Hinduism as a Religion of Evil Rituals and Demon Gods while at the same time trying to present the irony of the "weak" God of Christianity, Jesus Christ who was massacred on the Cross as being all powerful.

Comparison between Jesus Christ and Goddess Kali.
Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth and life. No one cometh unto the father but by me". Thus Jesus signifies the monopolistic Christian Fraud and his words appear to be egoistical and like those of a tyrant. No wonder that this tyranny was used upon the selfless scientists ! If there was ever a Jesus Christ who shed blood, the Roman Catholic Church has shed much more blood of innocent scientists in his name.

1-2. The Himâlayâs said:--"O on this earth that are prominent, sacred, and worth visiting and which Thou likest best. O Mother! Also sanctify us by describing the vows and utsabs that are pleasing to Thee, and by performing which, men become blessed and get themselves satisfied.

3-10. The Devî spoke:--"O Himavan! All the places that are on this earth are all Mine and all should be visited. And every moment is fit for taking vows and utsabs. For I am of the nature pervading every moment; so whatever actions are performed at any moment are all equal to taking My vows and utsabs."

The Hindu version of God appears to be compassionate and liberal allowing Devotee to choose the form he likes and the path he deserves as per his temperament.


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