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Friday, July 14, 2006

Catholic conspiracy to lure Hindu Kids

7/14/2006 5:34:42 PM HK

A well planned conspiracy to lure crores of Rupees by exploiting majority of Hindu students studying in Missionary schools has been launched by Catholic Christians in Kerala.

A subsidiary organisation of Catholics, KCSL is behind this covert operation to collect money from students by the sales of Stamps with pictures of Christain Missionaries and Holy Men.

The marketing strategy goes like this, A card with 25 stamps will be issued to each student,they have to collect 5 rupees each for the Stamps from their friends and Relatives.Once they finished one card they will get the commission of 20 Rupees!

There are exciting offers too for those who collect maximum amount like A Flight journey to Chennai,Entrance to Amusement parks,Computer,Home theatre, DVD, Bicycle etc.

There are about 25000 thousand students studying under Pala Diocese itself, which means if one student collect 100 rupees, without any investment, the Missionaries can Pocket a huge amount from the gullible students.

Most of the schools under Pala Diocese are aided ones and so the expenses including salary to staff is met by tax payers money of the state. This looting scam exploiting the Students of all faith thus become highly unconstitutional for not sticking on to the norms and guidelines of education department. Furthermore, it is very unethical to coerce children from various faith to collect funds for a Christian organisation.

Though not in agreement with the scam, many children have no choice left since it is promoted by school authorities and teachers. The parents are also helpless and forced to be a part of this looting to avoid the anguish their children may have to face otherwise. There have been efforts by some parents to inform this to the government authorities in confidence, but all in vain due to the indifference from their part.


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