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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mysore: 2 Missionaries Held for Forcibly Converting Impoverished

Mysore, June 7 2005
Star of Mysore Online

Alleging that they made attempts to convert the gullible people by luring them with attractions, two Christian lady missionaries were caught by Bhajrang Dal activists yesterday in Ganesh Nagar here and handed them over to Police.

Belonging to Yohana Association near Kurimandi in Kesare, Sunitha, hailing from Kerala and Kavitha of Vani Vilas Mohalla, were taken into custody by the Udayagiri Police.

It is alleged that the two women went door-to-door in Ganesh Nagar First Block yesterday morning promoting Christianity. Bhajrang Dal City Convenor Yashwanth, Taluk Convenor Mariappa and activists Gajendra, Mahadeva, Ramesh, Ravindra, Mayanna, Mukesh and others arrived on the scene and confiscated the Christian literature in their possession.

The Dal activists alleged that the ladies were convincing the householders in Ganesh Nagar that Christ was the only God and there was none else. They also gave them Christian literature and asked them to study the same, it is said.

The two women told them that they would revisit the place after a week and would look forward to get their opinions on the books on Christianity.

The residents of Ganesh Nagar told reporters that four more preachers of Christianity were busy with door-to-door promotion of their religion and that they fled on seeing the Bhajrang Dal activists.

The preaching of Christianity and attempts to convert the residents to Christian religion were going on systematically by visiting houses while the menfolk were not in the houses. Bhajrang Dal would not tolerate this, said Yashwant and Mariappa of the Bhajrang Dal.

As a large number of residents of the locality, including women, gathered at the spot, tension prevailed in the area for some time.

However, Bhajrang Dal activists themselves gave protection to the two women and later handed them over to the Assistant Sub-Inspector of Udayagiri, Veerabhadraiah.

"We are not converting anyone to Christianity. We are only doing religious propaganda. We presented books on Christianity to only those who sought them. We did not even force them to read the books," the two women told the Police.

Inspector H.L. Nagaraj warned the women and released them later.

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