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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Conversions: Some are above law

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Conversions contravene the law and public morality, violate public decency and the citizen's sense of security in his culture and civilizational traditions. For many Hindus, secularism in independent India is not about religious freedom, but rather translates into the state intervening to give undue weightage to proselytizing communities.

This lived experience of many decades has witnessed a sudden deterioration since the UPA government came to power and Congress party president Sonia Gandhi emerged as its supremo. In fact, the rise of Ms. Gandhi has over the past few years been accompanied by a disproportionate rise of Christian leaders in the Congress, and a steep spurt in evangelical activities in Congress-ruled states. It is not that the foreign-funded evangelists were inactive earlier - they were not, because they had to cope only with somnolent or corrupt bureaucracies and votebank hungry politicians. But their fortunes have marked a definite upward curve since the UPA came to power.

In the south today, the highly aggressive Seventh Day Adventists have been particularly active in recent years. They had a great success in getting one of their members, Samuel Rajshekhar Reddy, installed as CM of Andhra Pradesh. In neighbouring Karnataka, the Congress Chief Minister Dharam Singh ingratiated himself with Sonia Gandhi by allowing the showbiz evangelist Benny Hinn a free run of the town; and in Tamil Nadu there is a sudden and mysterious desire to be on the right side of the conversion industry.

Foreign missionaries have been excessively successful in the south, owing to a willingness among the political class to reach accommodation with them, albeit secretly. But the results are there for all to see. For some years now, one Canadian national, D.R. Watts, President, South Asian Division, Seventh Day Adventists, has been residing in India on a Business Visa. The gentleman, by his own admission, receives his monthly salary in US dollars, but has not taken Reserve Bank of India permission to exchange his dollars. His work in India is evangelism and he operates out of the Hosur office of the Seventh Day Adventists.

When Watts arrived in India in 1997, the Seventh Day Adventist Church had a membership of 2.25 lakh persons after a lifespan of 103 years. Within 5 years of his arrival, owing to his illegal and unethical methods, SDA membership shot up to 7 lakhs. In 2003, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued a deportation order on Ron and Dorothy Watts and sent the same to the Tamil Nadu State Government, where Watts operated mainly in Hosur district (formerly part of Dharmapuri district).

The State Government ordered the Dharmapuri District Collector to deport Ron Watts and his American wife, Dorothy Watts. The collector in turn directed the Superintendent of Police, Dharmapuri, to deport the two, and the SP asked the Inspector of Mathigiri Police Station to carry out the order. While this appears to be the normal sequence of action, two extraordinary events take place. First, Hosur is taken out of Dharmapuri district and attached to Krishnagiri District, and second, the Inspector of Police, Mathigiri and other concerned officials simply forget the matter.

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had enacted the anti-conversion law after 250 villagers in Madurai District were converted to Christianity by Ron Watts and his agents. After losing all 40 Lok Sabha seats, she repealed the act because she was advised that the neo-Christians had voted against her. Rather than fight back, she preferred to succumb. Hence Ron and Dorothy Watts continue to live royally in India; latest figures suggest SDA membership is over 1 million, a declaration expected to be made official during the forthcoming General Conference of the Seventh Day Adventists in USA.

According to reliable sources, Ron Watts will be attending the General Conference with a large contingent of 200 people. He is said to have managed their visas by producing letters from the Seventh Day Risk Management Company, showing them as ‘kind of delegates’ to attend a seminar, when in truth they are being taken to support Watts in his re-election on 26 June 2005. Actually, there is no scheduled meeting of the Seventh Day Risk Management Company, and this is a fraud to obtain visas, possibly with the connivance of the Bush administration. The re-election will give Watts access to larger resources for his conversion activities in India.


On 17 February, 2005, the Canadian National, D.R.Watts who is the President of the South Asia division of the Seventh Day Adventists was questioned by Shri T.S. Basheer, Executive Magistrate, Tehsildar, Tiruvilla, Kerala. He was in Kerala purportedly under the invitation of Rajan Samuel, Principal of the Seventh Day Adventist Higher Secondary School, Kuttapuzha P.O, Tiruvilla. I have a copy certified by the Additional District Magistrate, Pathanamthitta of a 9 page deposition made by D.R.Watts before the Executive Magistrate, Tehsildar, Tiruvilla. The Text is reproduced as under:

ENQUIRY AGAINST D. R. WATTS dated 17-02-05

D.R.Watts personally present before me at 6-10 P.M. today.


I am the Vice President of General Conference of SDA assigned to me of administration of schools, colleges, hospitals and churches.

I am unaware of the kinds of the Visas.

There was a case against me before the High Court of Tamil Nadu at Chennai. In that case I had sworn in an affidavit that I came to India on a Business Visa which expired last year - 2004

I applied for a new Visa, to carry on the administrator work that I am assigned in Sourhern Asia, with headquarters at Hosur, Krishnagiri District of Tamil Nadu.

My Visa does not specify any purpose. I had applied for Visa for Administration purpose.

Note: The Visa of Mr.Watts is verified by me and found that it, the Visa is exclusively B Type Visa, as against his deposition.

What Business are you doing here?

Ans. I don’t know what business I am doing.

Why did you come to Seventh Day Adventist Higher Secondary School, Kuttapuzha, Tiruvilla to inaugurate the school building in the name of President of the South Asian Division of SDA, with a Business Visa?

Ans. I was invited by them as a guest.

What connection, a foreign businessman with a business visa, with a school in Kerala

Ans. No connection

You had to attend one religious function of SDA in Kottarakkara at 5 P.M. today after SDAHSS Programme. Is it true?

Ans. Yes, I had to attend.

Under what provision of law you are involving or attending religious functions in India, especially Kerala, like the above admitted Kottarakkara functions?

Ans. Under instructions/guidelines of the Foreigner’s Act, I understand that I can’t involve in such activities as above.

Are you a salaried person?

Ans. No. I receive my funds from my employer General Conference of SDA in Silverspring, USA.

Here also you are admitting that you are doing religious service in India. Is it?
Ans. I am doing the administrator work of a religious organization.

You have admitted that you are receiving funds from the General Conference. If that be so in what currency you are receiving the fund?

Ans. I am receiving the fund in U S Dollars.

Where are you getting these dollars?

Ans. In Silverspring USA.

Have you got permission of the Reserve Bank of India for exchange of these dollars in India?

Ans. NO

What did you disclose in the Form 6, Column 8, for the purpose of Visiting India?

Ans. Administrator of the Seventh Day church.

You are well aware of the North Kerala, South Kerala and South West Indian area of the Kerala fields?

Ans. Yes

Am I not correct to say that you are attending their functions?

Ans. Occassionally.

Do you know that you can’t do any religious work in India, with a B Type Visa?

Ans. I do accept.

Do you feel that you have violated all laws genarally Foreigners Act by virtue of the above facts.

Ans. Yes

You are taking with you many foreigners with Tourist Visa. Is it?

Ans. NO

It is found in the above facts that you have admitted in your own words you are guilty of having violated all the laws governing Foreigners. Is it?

Ans. I agree.

Therefore are you ready to leave the country all by yourself within 24 hours?

Ans. YES.

Or do you know that you will be sent to jail, for any more violation of the law and you agree to promise above?

Ans. Yes I know.

Following is the undertaking given by D.R.Watts in his own handwriting:

I do apologize to the court for any violation of the law of the country which I am charged with. I do not wish in any way to violate any laws of India. If the court is pleased to accept my apology and grant lenience on humanitarian ground, I will deport from India within twenty four hours. Further I will not come to India any longer in religious purpose, nor will I involve in religious activities in the name of Visa specified for other purpose.


C/O Souther Asian Division,
Mathigiri, HCF, Hosur, TN-635 110

Local address furnished:

C/O Rajan Samuel, Principal,
SDA School, Kuttapuzha, Tiruvilla, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala.

Permanent Address in USA

David Ronald Watts
1901 Ednor Road,
Silver Spring, MD

The above D.R.Watts attended the programme held in my school, Seventh Day Adventist Higher Secondary School, Kuttapuzha, Tiruvilla, Pathanamthitta, Keral on my invitation and he inauguraed the new block of (building) of my school and he addressed the gathering extending his falicitation on the Pesident of Southern Asia Division of SDA today at 4-30 P.M. (17-2-2005, Thursday). And I did not know that he was involving religious activities in Kerala with a “B” Type Visa.


Rajan Samuel

Present Address

Rajan Samuel
SDA Higher Secondary School, Kuttapuzha P.O
Tiruvilla-3, Kerala

Permanent Address

Rajan Samuel
TC 21/1246
Joy Cottage
Karamana P.O., Trivandrum -2


Rajan Samuel, Kochiyil,
Bethel Junction,
Kuttapuzha P.O.
Tiruvilla -3, Kerala.

The Visa of the above D.R.Watts verified by the Additional District Magistrate, Sri B.Mohanan in my presence. I have personally verified the above Visa. The entire excercise of having been taken evidence in the case, depositions of D.R.Watts recorded and examination done in my presence from the beginning to the end. And D.R.Watts put his signature above with the details of his address and C/O Mr.Rajan Samuel, Principal, SDA School, above in my presence. Mr.Rajan Samuel also recorded his above statement in my presence.

Executive Magistrate, Tehsildar, Tiruvilla.

Note II (in Malayalam) - confirming the above -

Anthony John,
Additional Sub Inspector of Police

Now, having given this written undertaking to the Executive Magistrate, Tiruvilla, D.R.Watts continues to stay in India.

And in the 106 days since then, has been instrumental in converting more than 31,800 (estimate 2003 rate of conversion as per SDA’s own admission) people to Christianity.

Does this surprise anybody?

Here is the text of the written undertaking given by Rajan Samuel, the Principal of the SDAHSS, Kuttapuzha, Tiruvilla on 17/02/2003


I, Rajan Samuel, Principal, S.D.A.H.S.S., Kuttapuzha, Tiruvilla, residing at Kochiyal, Bethel Junction, Kuttapuzha, Tiruvilla, hereby undertake the following:

As has been directed, I will personally ensure that D.R.Watts, President, Southern Asia Division of S.D.A. will leave India within 24 hours on his illegal involvement in religious activities in India.
I will inform the A.D.M.Pathanamthitta, Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate, Tiruvilla and Additional Sub Inspector of Police, Tiruvilla Sri Antony John in person and also in writing the date and time of leaving of D.R.Watts and other details as the place of departure, flight of departure and Airport of his departure within 24 hours of D.R.Watts leaving the country.

This undertaking will be part of my statement recorded by myself in the connected papers of enquiry today.

On any violation, I agree that the undertaking both civil and criminal proceedings can be initiated against me. I will be personally held responsible for any act of ommission or commission in this regard.

Rajan Samuel
Kuttapuzha P.O.

Signed in my presence
Signature of
Executive Magistrate, Tehsildar, Tiruvilla

Signed in my presence
Antony John,
Additional S.I. Of Police, Tiruvilla P.S.

Attested by
Sri Mohanan
Additional District Magistrate, Collectorate, Pathanamthitta.


Ron Watts makes a deposition. Makes a handwritten apology in which he undertakes to leave the country in 24 hours, in presence of honourable witnesses. More importantly the deposition is made in the presence of the Additional District Magistrate, Pathanamthitta to the Executive Magistrate, Tahsildar, Thiruvilla and in the presence of the Sub Inspector of Police, Thiruvilla. The Principal of the SDA HSS takes the criminal and civil responsibility of ensuring the departure of Ron Watts.

And what does Ron Watts do once he is out of Kerala?

He goes back to Hosur and shoots a fax, the very next day of his deposition, to the Additional District Magistrate, Pathanamthitta, The Secretary, Home Department, Kerala, The Director General of Police, Kerala and Additional District Magistrate, Pathanamthitta that he was coerced and forced to make the deposition.

Let us get back to the chain of events:

Following the deposition by Ron Watts on 17th Feb, 2005, the District Collector of Pathanamthitta, Kerala wrote to the Personal Secretary, Chief Minister of Kerala as follows:

No 14036/2005 dated 26/02/2005 - Collectorate, Pathanamthitta.


The District Collector,


The Private Secretary to the Hon’ble Chief Minister,
Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram.


Sub: Complaints against Pastor D.R.Watts-a Canadian citizen in India with Business Visa engaged in religious activities-presented in Pathanamthitta District-Verification of his travel documents including VISA-final report - submitted - regarding


1. Petition dated 10-02-2005 of Dr. K.J.Moses, Secretary-Southern Asia Division of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Post Box 2- HCF, Hosur-635110, Tamil Nadu.
2. Petition dated 16-02-2005 of Vellayani Sundara Raju, Advocate, High Court of Kerala, II Floor, Edasseri Building, Cochin-31
3. Deposition of Pastor D.R.Watts dated 17-02-2005 before the Additional District Magistrate, Pathanamthitta
4. Passport and Visa Particulars of Pastor D.R.Watts verified on 17-02-2005 by Additional District Magistrate, Pathanamthitta and attested by Tahsildar and Executive Magistrate, Thiruvilla
5. Undertaking given by Sri S.Rajan Samuel, Principal SDA HSS, Kuttapuzha dated 18-02-2005
6. Fax Message of Pastor D.R.Watts, President, Southern Asia Division of Seventh Day Adventist, HCF, Hosur addressed to Additional Magistrate also dated 18-02-2005
7. Reply of Additional District Magistrate, Pathanamthitta by Fax to Pastor D.R.Watts dated 18-02-2005
8. Interim Report dated 22-02-2005 of the Additional District Magistrate, Pathanamthitta to the Government

As per written complaints referred to 1st and 2nd due notice was issued to D.R.Watts, a Canadian citizen on 17-02-2005 at the Seventh Day Adventist Higher Secondary School, Kuttupuzha, Thiruvilla of this district where he came for inaugurating the new school building. He appeared before me at my camp place at Taluk Office, Thiruvilla at 6-10 P.M. that day. I conducted detailed enquiry including verification of his Passport and other travel documents in the presence of the Tahsildar and Executive Magistrate, Thiruvilla and the Additional Sub Inspector of Police, Thiruvilla Police Station.

In his deposition D.R.Watts conceded that he has been violating the laws relating to VISA by functioning as President of a religious denomination named the Southern Asia Division of Seventh Day Adventist which has been engaging in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and thereby converting people to its fold after giving them baptisms. Evidence was taken from D.R.Watts in short notice as there was every chance for his leaving the district. And he has admitted while taking evidence that as per his schedule he had to attend a religious meeting of the SDA at Kottarakkara that day after his programme at SDA HSS, Kuttapuzha, Thiruvilla.

D.R.Watts stated that he has been the President of the Southern Asia Division of the SDA with its Headquarters at Hosur, Tamil Nadu and the duty assigned to him has been the administration of SDA Schools, Collages, Hospitals and Churches under his jurisdiction and he was unaware of what type of VISA he holds. Then, his visa was verified and found that his visa is “B” type. He is a Canadian citizen and his Passpost number is B.C.175802. There are endorsements and limitations mentioned in his passport as follows:

“This passport is valid for all countries unless otherwise endorsed (subject to any visa or other entry regulations of countries to be visited)”.

The above endorsements and limitations are to be strictly complied with, by the holder of the passport as and when he visits any country other than his.

He has admitted that he involved in religious activities in India as he was unaware of the guidelines and instructions of the Foreigners Act 1946 of which admission the first half is true and the other half is untrue and totally wonder striking and beyond all logic. Further he stated that he has been receiving funds from Silverspring USA in US Dollars and he did not get any permissioin of the Reserve Bank of India for exchange of the Dollars.

To my following questions he answered the affirmative:

(Q) Do you know that you cannot do any religious work in India with a “B” type Visa?
(A) I do accept

(Q) Do you know that you have violated Foreigners Act and Rules by virtue of the above facts?

(A) Yes

He further admitted that violations of the laws governing foreigners and break of his above promise of leaving the country would lead him behind the bars. Therefore, he apologized in writing before me and other witnesses like the Tahsildar and Executive Magistrate, Thiruvilla and the Additional Sub Inspector of Police, Thiruvilla that he has been involving in religious activities in India with a “B” Type Business Visa and requsted to give him lenience on humanitarian grounds by stating that he would himself deport from India within 24 hours and he would not come back to India any longer for religious purposes. Nor he would involve in any religious activities in the name of Visas specified for other purposes.

The above written assurance and promise of D.R.Watts was endorsed by responsible officials as the Tahsildar and Executive Magistrate, Thiruvilla and the Principal of the SDA HSS, Kuttapuzha, Thiruvilla as per reference 5th cited that he would see that D.R.Watts would deport from India as has been undertaken by both. The above undertaking was not fulfilled by the Principal of SDA HSS, Kuttapuzha on the advice of D.R.Watts and his associates in Kerala, as has reliably been understood. Therefore I served a notice to the Principal for him to appear before me on 23-02-2005 to explain in person for not complying with his undertaking. As he requested to give him a day’s time to appear before me, I granted time for him to be present for the hearing on 24-02-2005 and he was present and he was heard. He stated tht D.R.Watts left Kerala and he was promised by D.R.Watts that he would be leaving the country within 24 hours and the Principal would collect D.R.Watts’ whereabout in India, if not he has not alreay been left and the matter would be reported within three days.

As the issue involved in is a very serious issue pertaining to the Security of the Nation I faxed a preliminary report on 22-02-2005 to the Government together with some documents to the Private Secretary to Hon’ble Chief Minister.

On 18-02-2005 I received a faxed complaint from D.R.Watts levelling several false allegations against me to make believe others that he gave evidence admitting his guilt and wrote and gave assurance to me on 17-02-2005, were all on the basis of force and coersion applied on him. This allegation is totally false and incorrect which establishes that D.R.Watts as a cunning villian goes to any extent to say and do false things in wrongful ways. The said fax message referred to 6th was addressed to the Secretary Home Department, Director General of Police and Additional District Magistrate, Pathanamthitta. After perusing the above message I faxed my reply to that in the very same day itself to D.R.Watts as per reference 7th cited.

Subsequently I issued due notices to the petitioners to appear before me for taking evidence including documents if any to prove their case. In response to the notice the 2nd petitioner appeared before me on 23-02-2005. He was heard-His statements were recorded. He produced six documents.

According to the 2nd petitioner, D.R.Watts is in fact a danger to the Nation and a cancerous cell embedded in the spiritual body of the SDA denomination in India. The 2nd petitioner has established through recordical and oral evidence that D.R.Watts has been indulging in the business of conversion of comman man to christianity by offering petty cash concessions and also through allurements to give employment to educated persons in the denominational schools and hospitals functioning in India, sending youth for education at the Spicer Memorial College, Pune and also for arranging marriages between young men and women belonging to SDA. He further stated that when D.R.Watts came to India and assumed charge of the office of the President of the Southern Asia Division of the SDA in 1997, it had a membership of 2,25,000 persons only for its 103 years of existence. But within a span of 5 years due to the illegal and unethical methods adopted by D.R.Watts and his agents the SDA membership has shot up to 7 lakhs. Within a span of 5 years, 5 lakhs baptisms he made and thereby 5 lakh conversions. Document no.5 produced by the 2nd petitioner establishes the above facts.

The 2nd petitioner invited my attention to document numbers 7 to 9 and stated that even in 1997 the activities of D.R.Watts were strongly condemned by VHP leaders like Sri Giriraj Kishore and Sri Ashok Singhal. Naming D.R.Watts, Sri Giriraj Kishore went to that extent of stating that D.R.Watts was named as a CIA agent, bringing huge amount of foreign funds through ISI Pasistan and the amount so brought, a portion that had been given for terrorist activities in the North-East. Sri Singhal alleged on 15th December, 1997 (India Today) that D.R.Watts brought 700 Crores of Rupees for effecting conversions in India.

The 2nd petitioner further stated that in June 2002, 250 villagers of Madurai district of Tamilnadu were got baptised and got converted to christianity by D.R.Watts and his agents which prompted the Tamilnadu Government to enact the Anti-conversion Law in Tamilnadu.

It is further pointed out by the 2nd petitioner on the basis of document no:10 that batch and batch of foreigners were brought to India by D.R.Watts and his wife on tourist visa and engaged them in evangelism in various cities in different states and converted huge numbr of persons to Christianity and thereby caused severe communal tensions among various sections of Hindu society. According to 2nd petitioner the SDA in India is the only Christian denomination making budgetory provision and fixing targets for baptisms and thereby conversion.

Document No:1 established that as many as 40 foreigners came and conducted evangelism in various centres of Indian States including Kerala (Pathanamthitta District) and 8 other places in Kerala and effected large number of conversion. According to the 2nd Petitioner, under the leadership and guidance of D.R.Watts as many as 8 lakhs of persons were converted to Christianity mainly from Tenaly, Ongole, Nalgonda etc., of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. In document no: 3, a paper presented by the Secretary of the Southern Asia Division in the Pastors Conference of SDA held a Kottarakkara from 25th to 28th January, 2005, is mentioned that more than 500,000 baptisms were effected by D.R.Watts from 1997 to 30th September, 2004.

It has been stated by the 2nd Petitioner that on the basis of various and serious violations committed by D.R.Watts, several complaints were preferred as documents numbers 5 and 7 by outsiders (general public) requesting to deport D.R.Watts and his wife from India and not to reniew the Visa of D.R.Watts on its expiry on 01-11-2003. It is stated that the 2nd petitioner along with 6 others preferred a joint representation to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu requesting to deport D.R.Watts and not to renew his visa for the period thereafter. But due to the money power of D.R.Watts nothing has materialized, he stated. He also stated that Dr.K.J.Moses, the Secretary of the Southern Asia Division of the SDA said that D.R.Watts has spent Rs.1 Crore and 30 Lakhs as bribe to many people including bureaucrats for his safe retention in India.

It is therefore the 2nd petitioner filed WP (C) No: 33054/2003 before the Hon’ble High Court of Madras. The Court but asked the 2nd petitioner to withdraw the case by order dated 5-04-2004 copy of which is marked as document no:4. The court gave liberty to the 2nd petitioner to move before the appropriate forum by appropriate petition. It was stated by the 2nd petitioner that though he filed representations to the concerned authorites of the Central Government, with necessary documents, D.R.Watts men influenced all such authorities offering money and all the attempts of the 2nd petitioner went in futile. It was under that circumstance on knowing the arrrival of D.R.Watts in Pathanamthitta District on 17-02-2005, the 2nd petitioner preferred a detailed representation against D.R.Watts with documents.

It is reported that the first petitioner in this case is none other than the Secretary of the Southern Asia Division of the SDA who categorically asserted that D.R.Watts committed fraud on the Constitution. It is the authentic account of D.R.Watts’ activities in India which is duly established by the voluntary admission made by D.R.Watts.

According to the 2nd petitioner who is a lawyer, practising in the Hon’ble Highest Judicial Forum in the State that forcible conversions made by D.R.Watts are against the provisions of Article 25(1) and (2) of the Constitution of India and D.R.Watts has functioned against his Visa norms which acts are highly illegal and punishable. He has also requested to take action against 5 pastors named Shri J.Titto, Shri Pothen Kurien, Shri Babu Judson, Shri S.Stanley and Shri K.J.Varghese under Sections 13 and 14 of the Foreigners Act. As pastors and functionaries of Kerala they all supported the illegal activities of D.R.Watts.

In the light of the various facts and circumstances of the case as above it is reported that D.R.Watts is a Security concern for the Nation that the Government may take necessary actions according to law against D.R.Watts and to deport him from India as he has intentionally and deliberately violaged all the Visa norms as also already admitted by him that he has involved in religious activities including religious conversions in India.

It is also requested to take up the matter with the Government of India in view of the National Security that no foreigner endangers the country by such acts of traitory.

Yours faithfully,
Additional District Magistrate,

How is it that he is allowed a free stay in India, despite the above deposition and:

A deportation order against him dated 05/09/2003 Letter No: 3608/A1/2003-1 given by Tmt R.Vasantha, B.A., Under Secratary to Government, Public (Foreigners) Department, Secretariat, Chennai-600 009 addressed to the Collector of Dharmapuri and received by the collector on 12 Sept, 2003.

The Deportation Order is as follows:

Sub: Foreigners - Leave India Notice- David Rolad Watts and his wife Mrs. Dorathy Mary Watts

Ref: From the Government of India, MHA, New Delhi, Letter No: 17016/3/98/ F.VII dated 2/7/2003.

I am directed to invite attention to the references cited and to state that the Government of India have considered the case of the above foreigner and found not possible to grant further extension of stay in India. They have also instructed that they may be asked to leave India within 15 days (fifteen days) on receipt of this letter.

I am also to state the above foreigners are still living in Dharmapuri and getting extension of resident every year.

I am therefore directed to request you to take action accordingly and to intimate the date of departure of the above foreigners immediately to the Government for onward transmission to the Government of India.

This may be treated as “Most Urgent”

Copy to: The Under Secretary to Government of India, MHA, Foreiners FVII Section, Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market, New Delhi

The Superintendent of Police, Dharmapuri



Under Secretary to Government

Based on the above orders, the District Collector of Dharmapuri, Sri M.A.Siddique wrote to the Superintendent of Police, Dharmapuri District - Letter No: 59073/03 (C5) dated 24/09/03. This order is issued in Tamil and the gist of it is that the District Collector brings to reference the Government order and directs the SP, Dharmapuri to deport the two foreign nationals within the time stipulated by the order and send an action taken report to him.

The Superintendent of Police, Dharmapuri District wrote on 20/10/2003 - B1/1066/BCAP/2003 to the Inspector of Police, Mathigiri (Hosur) instructing him to act as per the copy of the Collector’s order attached. The Inspector of police was directed to ensure deportation of the two foreign nationals, D.R.Watts and Dorothy Watts within 7 days from the date of receipt of the order.

It is a matter of irony that all these orders carry the note: MOST URGENT.

Watts continues to stay. Converting at the rate of 300 people per day to christianity (conversion figures of 2003, currently it is approximately 500 people per day)

If anybody has serious doubts if the business of Watts is other than conversions, take a look of the text of the letter written by the General Secretary of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Southern Asia Division. This letter is addressed to the District Collector and The District Magistrate, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala State and is dated February, 10, 2005. His letter will reveal why D.R.Watts was grilled in Tiruvilla. The text is reproduced below:

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you the arrival of Pastor D.R.Watts, the President of the Southern Asia Division of Seventh Day Adventist, to the SDA Higher Secondary School at Kuttapuzha, Tiruvalla, Pathanamthitta District on 17 February, 2005 for inaugurating our new School Building there. Pastor D.R.Watts is a Canadian citizen and is a Business Visa holder. Pastor Watts has been engaged in Evangelism mainly converting people to Christianity from Andhra Pradesh. For evangelical work Pastor Watts used to bring batch and batch of Foreign Missionaries to India on Tourist Visas. Our Division has no business and Pastor Watts also not doing any business here. He is the President of our division looking after the missionary works against his Visa norms. Pastor Watts’ target of making the membership of the division to 1 million in 2005 is almost attained. Though quantity of the membership in the division has enormously increased but the quality of it we lost due to the reason of adopting unethical methods for achieving the goal. Many complaints were made by individuals and organisations against Pastor Watts hushed of all those complaints. Our division needs an Indian leadership to function the SDA Mission in India like that of all the other Christian Denominations. Pastor Watts’ presence in India is a great hindrance for the Division to meet its privilege.

It is therefore requested to enquire into the travel documents of Pastor Watts when he arrives at Kuttapuzha on 17th Feb, 2005 and deal with him for the best interest of our country.

Dr. K.J.Moses,

Yet, D.R.Watts flouts all laws with impunity, getting patronage from Antonia Maino and Jayaa. Y.Samuel Rajasekhara Reddy has gone one up, asking him to construct a church on his farm for 350 neo-converts. A.P. has witnessed maximum conversions. Ongole, Tanuku and Nellore are just becoming Christian Towns; the villages are already lost.

The links for verifying the documents are as follows:

Take a look at the number of foreign proselytizers and the details of their itenerary:

(these may go off the web as the christists run away when exposed. I have a copy of the material from the following links stored)'02%20&%20'03/India-4_Sep_9-27_2003.htm'02%20&%20'03/India-1_Jan_10-25.htm'02%20&%20'03/India-2_Mar_28-Apr_12_2003.htm'02%20&%20'03/India-3_May_9-24_2003.htm

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