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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Notorious Indian evangelist to raise 2000 Tsunami orphans as Christians

January 30, 2005, 5:15 pm

Former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield left Cincinnati on Tuesday on Global Peace One Boeing 747 aircraft with millions of dollars in supplies for the tsunami-hit children in India and Sri Lanka.

K.A. Paul, India-born founder of the notorious Global Peace Initiative and owner of the Boeing 747 aircraft, is part of the relief team, which includes 94 medical specialists, search and rescue team members, and other volunteers.

"Our immediate goal is to rescue up to 2,000 children orphaned by the tsunami," said Paul, a philanthropist who was influenced by Mother Teresa and undertook similar measures after the Gujarat earthquake and the Orissa cyclone.

"In addition, we aim to provide fresh supplies and new emergency personnel to our operations centres every 72 hours from now until the first of March," Paul, who has also launched several conversion drives in South Asia, added.

Part of the team leaving Cincinnati, including teenagers, will work at Charity City in Hyderabad, preparing for the influx of new orphans, while the medical teams will join local doctors in scouring the coastlines of India and Sri Lanka.

They propose to treat the injured and begin the process of moving the children who have been definitively identified as orphans to the children's home, the philanthropic organisation said.

"With God as our help, we will see to it that every single orphan in all 11 countries struck by the catastrophe is adopted," Paul said. In the past, Paul has adopted thousands of children in South India with the intent of raising them as Christians.

Construction at Paul's Charity City, a children's village near Hyderabad, was completed recently and will enable the organisation to care for additional 2,000-orphaned children immediately.

The home, often called the world's largest children's home, currently houses approximately 1,000 children.

Global Peace Initiative said it needed some 2,000 sponsors to adopt the orphaned children at the cost of $20 per month to pay for food, shelter and education and medical care. In addition, the organisation is also requesting an initial donation of $100 per child for transporting the children, many injured, from the coasts to Hyderabad and to help defray the costs of new beds, desks, tables and other needs.

Plans are under way to stage operations from a number of cities across the United States including Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans, Orlando and Jacksonville.


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