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Friday, May 09, 2003

We Christians are most intolerant people on the earth

By Genevieve Bhat, USA
May 09, 2003

I am a Christian from Mangalore, India. This is my comment on the article Hinduism of my childhood made no fearful threats by Rebecca Kurien that was written in response to The Source of Bias against Hindus by George Thundiparambil.

I am truly surprised that we forget that the teachings that we received in Christianity in our childhood. Yes, I fully agree that in my childhood I saw that the Hindus were most tolerant toward us Christians in Mangalore whereas it was just the opposite with the Christians. And I am also surprised that we still demand tolerance from only the Hindus whereas we Christians are most intolerant people on earth.


I was taught that only Christianity is the way for salvation – Most intolerant statement which was taught to me.

Only baptized people will go to heaven and the rest would burn in hell – Another intolerant statement which was taught to me.

Hindu gods were false gods – Do you think this is very tolerant on the part of the Christians to teach me this? So as a child I would not look at Hindu God’s pictures and would spit at a temple when passing by. And all my friends did the same.

We were told not to read any Hindu holy texts and till date my brothers and sisters just refuse to read them. Is this some great tolerance by the Christians towards the Hindus?

When one of my brothers visited me, I had calendars hanging on the wall with Hindu god’s pictures. My brother took them down and tore them. Is this the tolerance the Christians showing towards the Hindus?

As this lady claims that Christians are so tolerant, then why on earth they want to convert the Hindus to Christianity? I strongly feel it is not only intolerance on the part of the Christians, but it is a human rights violation.

I have heard and read many a time that the Christian priests ask their new converts to spit at the Hindu God's pictures and statues and stamp them with their feet. Do you think this is tolerance?

I can write volumes on the intolerance on the part of the Christians towards the Hindus, but I feel I would be taking too much of space.

When Americans Christians like Pat Robertson can make such statements, why can’t Hindus counter them? So we Indian Christians should reform ourselves rather than asking the Hindus to reform. Yes, I agree with this lady Rebecca when she says that fault lies with the Hindus, and what is that fault? For being tolerant for nearly 2,000 years. And if the Christians still do not see the goodness in Hindus, God forbid …………….!

Again I say that I blame the Hindus for allowing all the conversions of the Hindus to Christianity for 2,000 years and so now the Christians ( whose forefathers were forcibly converted to Christianity) have the audacity to blame the Hindus.


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