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Sunday, February 02, 2003

US Missionary derogates Hindu Gods

Author: S. Chandrasekhar
Publication: Organiser
Date: February 2, 2003

Introduction: Hindu outrage in Kerala

Following Pope John Paul II’s call for harvesting souls in Asia, thousands of Evangelist and gospel churches with armies of pastors have sprung up all over Kerala promising to deliver the Hindus from the evil grip of Satan to the heavenly kingdom of Jesus Christ. Armed with crores of dollars from their overseas donors, these professional cross vendors are marketing Jesus as an elixir for all the ills of society. Gospel meetings, miracle-cure conventions, meditation centres, etc., in thousands are being held periodically all over the State to achieve their objectives. Bible colleges have sprung up all over the State to churn out dedicated pastors for evangelisation of Bharat. Finance, jobs, non-vegetarian food, liquor, women, etc., are offered as allurements for converting the backward Hindus to Christianity.

Since the evangelists are concentrating on Hindus settled in hilly/forest areas, where there is already a strong Christian presence, there is strong resentment leading to social tension between neo- converts and Hindus.

Moreover, mystery shrouds the activities of many divine cure and gospel centres. Innumerable are the instances of molestation of nuns, women and children in these churches. Anyone who protests simply disappears. In fact, Kerala has been witness to the exploitation and murder of the nuns by priests, even among the established churches, the recent being the case of nun Abhaya who was found raped, murdered and thrown into a well in her convent.

The methodology adopted by the gospel churches is barbaric and crude. They are constantly attacking Hindus gods and deriding Hindu culture and heritage. They picturise Durga as a violent witch with human skull garlands, whereas Mother Mary is a soft and gentle being.

They describe Lord Krishna as a womaniser and warmonger, Lord Rama as an irresponsible husband who forsaken his wife and Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala (where crores flock from all over the world) as sitting in shitting pose. These derogation of Hindu gods have hurt Hindu feelings and they have periodically warned and in some cases reacted against the evangelist pastors.

On 14 January 2003, the day of Makar Sankranti, pastor Joseph Cooper from U.S., Benson Sam and pastor Jayakumar held a Gospel convention at Koppan Harijan colony in Kilimanur Taluk Thiruvananthapuram district. This convention had been going on for the past ten days and all these days they had been deriding Hindu gods, customs and traditions. Since Harijan has a mixed Hindus and neo-converts, this was creating friction between them. The Hindus met the evangelist team and requested them to desist from deriding Hindu gods. Unmindful, they continued with their tirade. Forced against the wall, the hundreds of Hindus residing the area naturally reacted—they attacked the pastors. The event was unfortunate, but how long can Hindus suffer insults to their gods and beliefs?

Forced with pressure from ‘secular’ brigade from Congress, leftists, human rights, media and Christian groups, the police arrested RSS functionaries of Kilimanur, Raju, Deepu, Kumar and Shaji and charged them with attack on evangelists. The Sangh strongly protested against this move to falsely implicate them. The Thiruvananthapuram RSS Vibhag Karyavah have charged the pastors of using communally inflammatory language against

Hindus and have described the attack as a spontaneous reaction of the locals. Shri Kummanam Rajasekharan, State Organising Secretary of the VHP called for the arrest of the U.S. protestant missionary for illegally conducting missionary activities. He said that as per Foreigners Registration Act, 1956, foreigners are permitted only to visit relatives and tour places and are forbidden from carrying missionary activities. He said that Joseph Cooper has been visiting Kerala for past 11 years on tourist visa and all these years, he has been carrying out evangelist activities. He said Cooper had been consistently deriding Hindu culture and heritage in his speeches and forcing Hindus to convert, leading to social disharmony. He continued that pastor Benson Sam was an accused in a case of molestation of Hindu girl, Laly, working in his Bible College near Sreekariyam. Following public protests he was shifted to Kilimanur.

The Bharateeya Vichara Kendram Director, P. Parameshwaran has called for a State/Central probe into the activities of overseas missionaries who come on tourist visa. He condemned the unfair practises employed by them to destabilise the demography of Bharat. Meanwhile, the Left and ‘secular’ brigade, as usual, shed crocodile tears for the pastors but not for the hapless Hindu girl—Laly.


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