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Thursday, January 09, 2003

The Sinister Designs of the Christian Missionaries in India

by Vikram Chobe

Recently, RSS called for nationalization of the Christian Church in India which not only indulges in forcible conversion of Hindus, but also promotes anti-nationalism in the country. The leaders of the Christian community vehemently protested against the RSS' suggestion without providing any logical reason for doing so.

It is clear that the Christian Church in India does not want to sever ties with its foreign masters. In order to survive and consistently prey upon the heathen pagans the church establishment in the country must continue to receive a steady flow of cash and bigoted missionaries into India. And their foreign masters have no shortage in this regard.

The Christian missionaries in India know very well that they cannot persuade the Hindus and other pagans to convert by using logic alone. Therefore, they have set up an outfit in the country which cons the unsuspecting "heathens" and then robs them of their religion and way of life. In order to reap the "harvest of faith", these con artists practice forcible conversion and finance separatists movement in the country. It is no secret that the Church establishment in India is hand-in-glove with the naxalites and the communists who are anti-nationalists to the core. The Christian Church establishment in India is no less than a criminal outfit similar to Pakistan's ISI (Inter services Intelligence) or India's SIMI(Student Islamic Movement of India). Its members are trained for the sole purpose of converting the heathen pagans, i.e., Hindus, Buddhists, etc. via any means possible.

These Christian missionaries have perfected their con game over centuries. They came to India and setup hospitals, schools and universities in order to try to fool the people into believing that they are there for social welfare. After setting up their traps and firmly entrenching themselves these followers of the "true faith" act upon their real motives. They attempt to convert the uncivilized pagans in many ways: promise of jobs and money in return for conversion to the 'true faith', financing of the separatist movements in the country which will further divide the Hindus and make them more vulnerable, threatening and harming school children to force them to believe in Christ, calling public gatherings where Hindu Gods are demeaned and Christ is praised, promoting myths and superstitions in order to scare people into believing in Christ, and so on.

In Kothapara, Kerala, in the Idukki wildlife sanctuary, the forest department recently discovered a series of 14 crosses put up by the Christhuraj Church. The wildlife sanctuary was being used as a pilgrimage center by the Church. When the church trustees were confronted and told that they were breaking the law by trespassing and creating an imbalance in the eco-system they told the authorities that the Church has been using the forest as a pilgrimage center for over 50 years. This was a complete lie as the forest department authorities had proof that the crosses had only started to come up last year. In fact, in 1996 the forest department built walls around the sanctuary and there were no crosses present at that time. Furthermore, the Church never objected to the construction of the boundary walls. If the forest land was the Church's property then the trustees from the Church should have complained to the proper authorities about the construction. Father Mathew Pandyamakkal, a former parish priest of Christhuraj Church justifies the putting up of the crosses by saying that stretch were the crosses had been setup was rocky and therefore people visiting this area can in no way harm the forest and the wild life!

It is clear that the Church setup this pilgrimage center in a remote location, so that they may quietly conduct ceremonies to rob the heathen pagans of their religion and way of life. Preservation of the wildlife sanctuary is the least of their concerns.

A similar situation occurred in Nilackal when a Church attempted to construct a shrine after unearthing a stone cross from the forests close to the Sabarimala Hindu pilgrimage center. The Church claimed that the cross was installed by Apostle St. Thomas, but when the Kerala government wanted to send it for archaeological study the cross mysteriously vanished. It was later revealed that the cross had been planted to perpetuate the myth of the greatness of St. Thomas, so that the Hindus in the area could be converted with ease.

Other incidents which occurred earlier this year expose the disgustingly cruel behavior of the Christian missionaries towards Hindu and Buddhist children in India. In Assam, at the English medium Ashapalli High School it is mandatory for all students to attend church every day before classes begin. Even after following the bigoted ways of this missionary school, the Hindu and Buddhist children are ill-treated and physically abused by the Christian staff of the school.

Kalindi Rani Chakma was a class VIII Buddhist student of the school, therefore she was abused mentally and physically on a daily basis by her Christian teachers. One such revolting incident has put her future academic career in jeopardy.

One evening Kalindi Rani was called to the Principal, H. Lamare's residence due to alleged non-compliance of her daily routines. Once there Kalindi Rani was incessantly caned by Lamare. She begged for him to stop, but he continued to beat her because of his blind hatred for all Hindus and Buddhists. While he beat her he asked her, "Why don't you believe in Christ? What is the use of worshipping Buddha and Kali?"

As a result Kalidi Rani went into shock and suffered several painful bruises throughout her whole body. She did not attend school until the day after the incident. When she went back to school, once again, Lamare abused her-both verbally and physically. She is now terrified of attending school.

Lamare did not punish Kalindi Rani because she did not complete her daily tasks. He beat her like a mad man because she was a heathen pagan who did not worship Christ. He has been given the divine sanction to do so by the Church establishment in India. Like all Christians, he too was brainwashed to believe that followers of Christ are superior to the heathen pagans!

In another display of Christian barbarism, a nun belonging to the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, scalded four little Hindu girls with a hot knife.

Sister Francesca is the nun in charge of Missionaries of Charity's Mahatma Gandhi Welfare Center. A young girl named Kavery was playing inside the center with three other girls when the nun approached them and accused them of stealing money. The nun then heated a knife on an electric heater and pressed in on the hands of the four children.

When Kavery's father Kabiram heard about the incident he went to the Bowbazar police station to file a complaint, but the police refused to register a case until the local residents forced them to do so. The head of Missionaries of Charity, Sister Nirmala, said that as a disciplinary action she has asked the guilty nun to discontinue her duties and take rest for the time being! Is this a punishment or a reward for following the directions of their foreign masters?

India's much neglected north-eastern region is the hotbed of atrocities committed by Christians against the heathen pagans. Early this year the Indian Church of Christ in Assam was caught red-handed for forcibly converting at least 14 Hindus. Over a period of six months the missionaries belonging to this Church offered money, jobs and other economic benefits to these extremely poor Hindus if they adopted Christianity. These Hindus were threatened with dire consequences if they revealed to anyone the circumstances under which they had been converted. However, two brave individuals who had been forcibly converted came to the police and told them the details of how Christian priests had lured them to their residence with the promise of jobs and money. In return for this favor, the priests then asked these individuals to convert to Christianity.

The police have identified Father Jojy Vomen as the mastermind behind these forcible conversions. He had come to Assam from Bangalore in 1995.

The Christian Church establishment in India is also involved in anti-nationalist activities as it supports various separatist movements throughout the country. Over the past few years the news has trickled out that from Kerala to Tripura the Christian Church financially supports the naxals and other like-minded terrorist outfits in the country. Especially, in Tripura, the Church authorities threaten innocent Hindus with reprisals from the naxalites if they do not convert to Christianity.

Similar atrocities are repeated by these Christian missionaries on a daily basis throughout the country, hence the RSS hit the bulls eye when it proclaimed that the Christian Church should be nationalized and freed from the strongholds of its foreign masters. In its blind fit to proselytize the Church establishment in India has essentially become a criminal organization which enjoys financial support from sympathetic Christian nations around the globe. This establishment poses a great threat to the unity of India and it must be steered in the right direction or crushed if necessary before it gains too much power. Hindus have already let out of hand the monster of Islamic fundamentalism. They must not repeat the same mistake with the demon of Christian fundamentalism.


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