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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Church in Africa

there is a huge 'mediation center' at muringoor near trichur, kerala. they have been accused of murdering lots of people and all kinds of other mischief. naturally, because the people they murder are usually hindus, the church and the kkkangress hush it all up. (actually, even if they murder christists, it's hushed up -- note the hundreds of cases of nuns being found dead, generally following sexual harassment).
of course, large-scale conversion also goes on there. in addition, a lot of mental patients are apparently 'treated' there, although i believe the recovery rate is poor. it is yet another mechanism by which christists make money.
so is the following story from africa.
they worship mammon, the god of money. and they want to wipe out hinduism. very dangerous people.

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Church in Africa: Child Witches

Dan Harris' story airing tonight on World News highlights the cruelty and violence directed at young children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tens of thousands of children are being tortured and executed because they are accused of witchcraft in the name of Jesus Christ. These victims are suffering at the hands of a new breed of pastors who profit by telling parents that the source of their money and health problems is their children.

what happens behind Church doors (in this case the Orthodox Church). This video reveals how drug addicts have allegedly been filmed being beaten.

A video of one assault, published by Vreme magazine, shows a man appearing to assault a patient by hitting him with a shovel and punching his face. One former resident said staff had offered to cure his addiction with "pleasant conversation" and beatings. A priest running the centre, near Novi Pazar, said a "heavy hand" was needed. One former resident said staff had offered to cure his addiction with "pleasant conversation" and beatings. A priest running the centre, near Novi Pazar, said a "heavy hand" was needed.


At 3/29/2012 02:19:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot read this useless blog that u maintain. Do you think you can hinder God's (JESUS CHRIST)work? If you were to die today, would this blog be of any effect? You frustrate yourself with this. Really, if you were to die, do you where you would go? Do you have a certainty? Did your parents or the people in your temple tell you that? Did your MYTHlogical books tell you that? How can you be certain that you would go to heaven? You cannot be certain until God Himself (Jesus Christ) tells you that! You may hate Jesus,but know that JESUS LOVES YOU! NO MATTER WHAT JESUS LOVES YOU, HE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. But you don't have forever, this life is short, better assured of where you're heading! Also, do understand that not all "Christians" are "believers" those who earnestly follow Jesus, trying their best to do His will.

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