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Monday, April 13, 2009

Trans World Radio-India compelling its employees to convert

Innocent and gullible Hindus are exploited by the Christian missionaries not only in remote areas but also in metro cities like the national capital, New Delhi. The racket of converting innocent Hindus to Christianity has been flourishing in Delhi and the surrounding areas for decades. So much so that the evangelists have become so brash and impudent that a Christian institution—Trans World Radio, India (TWR, India)—started compelling its Hindu employees to Christianity. When the employees outrightly rejected the proposal of their employer they were tortured in very inhuman ways and some of them were even sacked from their jobs. Those who are still in the service are being subjected to ruthless, inhuman torture every day and are denied even the weekly off or holidays on festivals.

These employees have been served three months of ultimatum on March 23, to either embrace Christianity or quit the job. “We are working in very inhuman conditions. Though the management has five days a week office, we are denied even the weekly off on Sundays and other festivals like Holi, Deepavali, Republic Day, Independence Day or even Christmas. Everyday we are tortured through different methods. Life has become hell for us and nobody is ready to listen to our woes. We were warned on March 23 to embrace Christianity within three months or resign from the job,” alleges Lal Singh Yadav, a cleaner in TWR-India. He said the TWR-India adopted all means—allurement of money, promotion, etc. as well as threat to remove from the jobs, if the non-Christian employees do not embrace Christianity.

Now the employees are denied even their salary and they have been told to collect donations if they wish to draw salary at the end of the month. “We are told that the institution has stopped getting aid for the Hindu employees and if you wish to draw your salary as a Hindu employee collect donations. We have been given receipt books to collect donations. We are constantly being told that if we become Christian we shall get higher salary and other facilities,” alleged Lal Singh.

Meanwhile, the victims approached the Court of Metropolitan Magistrate, New Delhi, requesting to save them from the forced conversion. The court summoned the culprits and granted bail on March 28. According to the petition filed by the five employees of TWR-India (Ram Babu, Ghanshyam, Munna, Lal Singh and Hari Prasad) the officers of the TWR-India particularly Smt. Christine Swaroop Raj (Director HR), Smt Vinita Sahai (CEO), Smt. Dezy Sem, Supervisor, Shri Shakti Verma (Technical Director), have been pressuring and torturing them for the last few years to convert to Christianity.

Passing adverse comments upon Hinduism that Hinduism has many castes and the upper castes do not accept the lower caste i.e. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes is a daily routine there. In the month of June 2007, Smt. Vinita Sahai told Ram Babu, “Tum chamar chuhde aise hi kutte ki tarah rahoge aur tumeh sab kuchh jhelna parega agar tum isse bachna chahte ho to apna dharma badal kar Christian ban jao. When Ram Babu requested her not to comment like this she got furious and repeated the comment.

In the month of August 2007, Smt. Dezy Sen told Ghanshyam to convey to all the Hindu employees that hereafter they would have to take their meals only by sitting near the toilet. When Ghanshyam wanted to know the reason, she got infuriated and said, “Tum log bhangi ho aur tumeh toilet ke paas hi baith kar khana parega aur agar tum aisa nahin karoge to tumeh naukri se nikal diya jayega.” Thereafter the victims were forced to sit near the toilet in foul smell and were compelled to take their meals there only. The victims tolerated it, as they do not have any other source of income.

In October 2007, Ram Babu approached Shri Shakti Verma and apprised him of the maltreatment and harassment meted out to them and very humbly requested him to request the management not to harass them. But to the utmost shock and surprise, Shri Verma started abusing him in filthy language saying, “…tum sab chure chamaron ko jute maar kar bahar nikalenge.” The management of TWR-India levelled false allegations against Ram Babu for misbehaving with the seniors and also not performing the duties properly. A false and frivolous inquiry was ordered against him and finally he was removed from the job. All the five victims were frequently called bhangi ka kutta. Not only this, the victims were called in the office by the accused persons and were made to sit for hours and were harassed and pressurised to convert their religion against their wish.

The victims were boycotted socially and were treated discriminately as neither they are allowed to sit along with other employees specially the Christian employees of the management nor they are allowed to interact with them. They adversely commented that until and unless they change their religion they would be treated in the same fashion and even may be worse than that. The aggrieved victims also lodged complaint with the Police Station in Hauz Khas with copies to DCP South, Lt. Governor of Delhi and Human Right Commission on January 10, 2008, but in vain.

On January 15, 2008, Smt. Christine Swaroop Raj called Lal Singh in her office and straight-way started abusing on the pretext that why they lodged complaint against them. Lal Singh humbly apprised her of the harassment they were being subjected. But instead of paying any heed to the complaint of Lal Singh, she burst into anger and said, “Ya to tum sabhi bhangi-chamaron ko Christian banna parega nahin to main tumeh naukri se nikaal dungi.” The victims also approached the Labour Commissioner, SHO and National Commission for SC/ST but of no avail so far.

The victims are harassed every day. Ram Babu had been appointed as Attender in 1993 and instead of promoting to further higher rank, he was down graded to cleaner without any cause, reason or fault on his part. “One day I inadvertently touched the meals prepared for the persons attending a meeting. I was not only abused by the incharge but also was pushed away using very filthy language,” alleges Ghanshyam. When the Hindu employees went to the court, the management transferred them to Chennai, where they are allegedly being tortured not only by them but also by the local police.

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At 4/14/2009 06:31:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is nothing new. The christians and the Muslims have been pressurising the innocents in the under developed far flung areas and the cities for raising their strength so as to eventually claim concessions from the government. Such organisations and individuals have been buying the educated but gullible lot and the media, both print and electronic, to create trouble and blow such troubles out of proportion to seek sympathy and protection in the name of being minority section. Statues of christian saints are installed at all and sundry locations and mosques/churches are raised at odd residential localities creating avoidable disturbances. These people are not allowing the peace loving Hindus to live by themselves. Provocation of Hindus, particularly during festivals is common.And the present lot of politicians are falling for the christian and muslims for their vote bank politics. Who will bell the cat? GOD is ONE and it is the same for all religions, whether you like it or not. What you sow now by way of your deeds, you will reap tomorrow. Such people and their organisations will pay for their deeds one day in the not too very distant future.


At 4/17/2009 09:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reactions from Hindus have become a big zero. There needs to react to such acts on-the-spot. Those employees should be advised to be alert, vigil and courageous.

The matter must be taken up politically and a wide publicity is needed in all medias to stop such crime of inhuman nature.

At 4/18/2009 11:36:00 AM, Anonymous arish sahani,usa said...

This can happen only in india in this era . As our rich hindus are not really praticing Hindusium or have no real faith.Their children go to chritian school. Their money is given to these school rather these rich hindus who can run big business should open hindu schools.Edcuated and intellectual and breacrets have no pride in india or hinduisum and they send their children abroad and keep them outside to serve foreign land.Whats going on, common man unless and until wakes up India is doomed.We lost 1/3 land to our hindus converted to islam and next what is comming no one knows.When we have sonia as our congress leaders we have bleak future when cross is apearing on Rs coins etc.

At 4/23/2009 07:53:00 AM, OpenID victimofprejudice said...

Ditto in Reserve Bank of India, Chennai. The director of RBI Chennai Franklin Joseph has converted almost every widow there citing their helplessness and assuring 'security'. He ensures that many employees attend prayer meetings conducted with help of his henchmen at RBI. The new Central Government should give him appropriate punishment for misusing a high public office and imprison him for the crimes of conversion to the detriment of Hindus working in the RBI.

At 4/26/2009 08:45:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to rape all the christian nuns attacking their vampire convents, and all the christians should be re converted to Hinduism... sonia should be sent back to soon as possible.

At 4/28/2009 06:37:00 PM, OpenID victimofprejudice said...


Raping is not our culture. The so called 'fathers' and 'sisters' inside these churches have been raping each other and killing themselves. Recall that nun autobiography by Jesme. They are after all Indian citizens, previously Hindus, who are misguided by western handlers and following an intolerant religion with focus 'It's My god or you have to convert/die' theory. Of course on the surface it's called religion of Love. Love that kills? They actually need our help. About sonia I agree. One rotten bartender planted by Church has done irreversible damage to India than anyone else in recent history.

By the way I ask esteemed readers of this blog to participate in an interesting Contest on my web site. Thank you.

At 5/29/2009 07:19:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'anonymous' of "4/26/2009 08:45:00 PM" is obviously a crypto christian trying to insinuate his christianism ('rape') in a very sad attempt to pass it of as coming from a Hindu.

In order to get away with this typically-christian dissembling, he tried to insert some statements in there (which he's written sarcastically of course) that Hindus *on the surface* may mistake as coming from another Hindu. Such as 'Sonia go back'. But one can always recognise a crypto christian a mile off. They're such obvious terrorists, their HIGHLY CONTRIVED and downright pathetic pretenses give them away.

Everyone already knows that not a single case of the various much-publicised nun rape cases - from the "Jhabua nuns" down to the recent nun famous for her "I was gang-raped by Hindus, No, I take it back, I wasn't after all" - had any truth in them. (See where the Jhabua nuns interviewed by Francois Gautier admit they were not raped by Hindus at all, and it turns out they were raped by - guess who - christians, of course. See also mentioning the same topic. And is about the recent nun non-case).

Only christians (and their ideological brethren of the *other* terrorist religion) think of and wallow in rape and terrorism. See
- where women of traditional African communities have been raped by christian terrorists of "Norwegian Church Aid" come to give spread christian charity, and
- where traditional women of a community in Thailand are raped by christians.

Just like how the Jhabua nuns were raped by their own christian kind.

And just like how Kerala nuns are repeatedly raped by their own kind. Recent examples include the nun Jesme who was sexually-molested by a priest and nuns and has written her book Amen on it, sister Abhaya who was raped-and-murdered and whose case has finally been exposed in court. More such instances can be found documented in C.I. Issac's "The Dreadful Dracula Houses of Kerala: The Catholic Christian Convents of Central Kerala" at

At 5/29/2009 07:20:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still on the 'anonymous' poster of "4/26/2009 08:45:00 PM":

And how can one forget, the WORLD-WIDE REPORT on the Vatican and its catholic church around the globe:
"Vatican 'knew of widespread abuse'
A day after the emergence of a report on the rape of nuns by priests, the Roman Catholic Aid Agency, Cafod, has confirmed that it showed the Vatican the report seven years ago.

- Sexual abuse is a very christian thing and has always been so. Since Roman times, see
- And christian paedophilia is very christian, both global and historical. E.g. the book "Sex, Priests, and Secret Codes: The Catholic Church's 2,000-Year Paper Trail of Sexual Abuse" by Thomas P. Doyle, A. W. Sipe, Patrick J. Wall.
And at, the BBC has covered a little of the global christian sex/paedophilia scandal that's a constant from churches in Philipines and Hong Kong to Poland, from UK to US and South America).
- And of course the Popes were into rape and paedophilia too: see the books "Sex lives of the Popes" by Nigel Cawthorne and "Lives Of The Pope" by Richard McBrien and and

Not content with attacking the women and children they've appropriated into christianism, the christian terrorists moreover attack women and children of the indigenous traditions all over the world. E.g.
- Akha children kidnapped from their traditional communities and sexually abused by christians:
- Traditional African children kidnapped into christian schools and raped:
- Hindu children in christian centres raped by christians:

So. When an unnamed christian terrorist wants to create the impression (s)he's a Hindu - as many crypto christians regularly do - while mouthing such obvious christianisms as yelling "let's rape (deus volt)", people should recognise the stench and expose the terrorist. Like typical criminals, the terrorist sheep always try to accuse others in order to escape from their crimes. (Though they only convince their own that it is some non-christian who is bringing up christian behaviour.)
It's their *christianism* that makes them do it. It's proven to be a disgusting ideology by all accounts (traditional Greek and Roman, see, Frankish, Native American, Japanese, and others).

At 12/04/2009 11:51:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smt. Christine Raj, Smt Vinita Shaw are better known for their bad tactics and back stabing the past managements and directors. Just enquire their educational background and you will be astonished to know that they nither have relavent biblical or educational background for the position they are holding today. Not only that they are also instrumental in better collapsing the organisation by spliting the staff, creating commotion among the staff, they are also involved in illegally exploiting the Christian Permanent staff and some of the staff are illegally transfered and if they ask for mercy for their ill health or inability to take the transfer they are foreced to resign. if in case they take and join the new location they are harrased by the staff of their goodwill and are foreced to go back. This is not happening to non hindus but to CHRISTIAN EMPLOYEES. PLEASE HELP US LORD from these devils.

It is satanic behaviour that they do to the staff. They are demanding the staff to raise local funds while they are enjoying the money from FCRA account.
for example Christine Raj wanted a neckless worth about Rs.60,000/- She has cooly sent a very good staff in Hyderabad who was getting Rs.800 PM working from 7AM to 7PM to support her poor family and was serving this organisation for past many years - Her tactic was send her out of the organisation so Christine Raj got Rs.1000 X 12 (Months) X 5 (Years) [5years contract money already received from TWR international] = Rs. 60,000 /-

She had also sent few other contract employees who were about to be permanent as per rules [taking the advantage of no unity / union among employees] she changed the rules and drove them out of the organisation - the result Vinita shaw, Christine Raj, Shakti Verma, Anu Immanuel got enough funds in their pockets.

Some of the Staff are harrased and kept out of the office for 8 months now - each staff were paid Rs.10,000 salary - so what happened to Rs.80,000 from each staff - they gifed Cell Phones, Cash awards, Hero Honda Bike to Officer instrumental (Mr.Babji and others) in helping them to do so. WHO WILL HELP US.

At 2/24/2010 09:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is so much blame on conversion. Its a free world and no one is forced to change ones beliefs, what is logic and bring change must be accepted. There good people and there are bad people. There are good christians and there are bad ones. You cant take one bad example and blame all. After all each one will have to face GOD face to face and give account for his short term life on this earth and that is destiny. God bless.

At 11/25/2010 03:27:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just returned from India, and seen the huge benefit Christianity has brought to previous Hindus in the interior. People have given up alcohol, returned to work, have found greater prosperity, and their lives and their faces show the benefits. In every country Christianity has its pretenders, its genuine converts, its friends and its enemies. It was not Christianity that put so many millions of Hindus into the desperate social bondage they are now in. India, as every place, needs Christ.

At 2/09/2011 11:02:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Babji of Hyderabad TWR office and George Phillip of TWR-India Delhi Office are hardcore Criminals.They have acquired properties more worth than their income.Mr.Babji have crores of properties.Where do they get all this money ,simply exploiting the gullible employees and their income.The CBI and ACB has to make a inspection on these peoples bankbalances and houses.They live very luxurious life in the 5 star hotels.They bribe the courts.They are criminals in the christianity.

At 2/17/2011 04:18:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Bajrangdal,VHP & RSS can take any action against the above christian criminal vultures for exploiting the innocent employees of the TWR-India Employees?.Please do that as early as possible so that some more innocent people are not victimized.

At 3/26/2012 01:24:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is so very sad to read people reacting without applying their minds or checking deep into the facts. Hatred if one is accusing TWR spreading, what is that you all people doing here on this portal? This is the misery of India, we get excited and jump to conclusion without first letting the truth come to the fore. The saddest part is the comments of taking revenge by raping nuns and by accusing Christian community of such behavior. Putting accusation has no end. We can always find fault in each other and this blame game will never stop. SPEAKING HATRED AND FILTH EXPOSES NOTHING BUT OUR VERY OWN CHARACTER. I am ashamed that one Indian is writing such thing about another Indian. What a pity and downfall of our morals!!
None can deny the facts that Christians brought in the social revolution in the field of Women equality by starting and fueling the movements of social upliftment. From widow re-marriage to abolishing Sati pratha and helping and rehablitating prostituting Dev daasis Christians like William Kerry and a scholar and high cast Bharhmin convert Pandita Ramabai worked tirelessly. Who touched the lepers and embraced the low castes? Its Christians. Their contribution in the field of reform and education, women and low caste up-liftment is unmatchable. Christianity does not have caste system so for them it does not matter what cast this employee comes from? To me it seems nothing but case of mutual differences which has been given the colour of religion. Shame on us that we jump the guns so soon and so blindly.
At the END if you are a hindu, the way I come from Hindu background, then passing such comments full of violence and of sexual nature show the regression of your own mind and is bringing shame upon the community. We Are Indians And Let Us Be That Only!

At 3/29/2012 02:06:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know there is a reason why so many convert to christianity - after worshiping the dead and lifeless and man made things of the world, man finally returns to his creator - the one true and LIVING God - JESUS CHRIST. The reason you have a problem is because you're scared, you know, if you give a small chance to the God of unconditional love, you might discover the truth instead of living a life, serving many humanized gods, made up by man himslef..mythical stories..
JESUS is the only one living God, the only way to heaven and He is available to anyone, He is ALIVE, when spoken to,He SPEAKS BACK!
Stop looking and minding the lives of other people, stop criticizing them, look at yourself first, at what you lack!


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