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Friday, October 10, 2008

Christians of Orissa

By S.P. Attri

1. At this point in time, the Christians of Orissa are putting up, a great-big (but un-dignified) show of Christian-victims of Hindu Intolerance. Touting peacefulness of Christianity (what a joke?), the non-violent Christian is now giving lessons of tolerance to the violent & intolerant Hindu. Look who is talking? Would this peaceful Christian share a piece of Christian history with us? Would this peaceful Christian dare to look at the murder of two-thirds of Pagan-Europe, during the Christianization of Europe, or at the slaughter of 40 million native Americans of North & South America, by the soldiers of Jesus Christ?

2. Christianity is hardly a sterling example of tolerance or of peace with Non-Christian religions, and the strategy of the Christians of Orissa to conceal their crusading (largely fraudulent) activities, is going to backfire. No matter how hard they try to camouflage their treachery, they are not going to be terribly good at it, Christianity's connections with hatred of Non-Christian religions are too strong, to be hidden behind a camouflage of peaceful Christian intents. In the climate of today, the Hindus are waking up. They are more alert to the threat that they are facing, from an Intolerant & Crusading Christianity..

2. Christians of Orissa have another problem. They cannot let go of their aggressiveness & intolerance of Non-Christian religions, this hatred is part & parcel of their Christian belief system. There are lots of un-ethical & imbecilic crusaders amongst the Christians of Orissa. These shady characters have flocked together for a serious campaign of proselytism in Orissa. They will not stop pushing the proselytism agenda of Christianity. They will not go against the letter of the Bible. For them, proselytism is the center-piece of Christianity.

3. Because of the built-in Christian-Compulsions & domineering posture of Christianity, Christians try to impose Jesus on every one they come across (Hindus do no such thing to Non-Hindus), pretending that their Holy Book is better than every one else's, which is phoney-baloney. They put labels like " animistic, " "animal worship, "idol worship " on the Hindu tribals, and they claim that they are better than any one else, which is certainly not the case, and their claim is as bogus as can be. Does this leave any doubt or room for skepticism that Christianity Is A Gospel Of Hate (Hatred Of Non-Christian Religions) ?

4. Christians have just written a book in the Kuduk language (one of the main tribal languages in Jharkhand). The book has been brought out by the Bible Society of India (BSI).

What this book says is:

"Destroy the trees and Sarna (tribals' worship places)."

Add to that the "Gloom & Doom" scenario & future for the tribals (Hindu-Tribals), which the Christians are predicting for the Hindu-Tribals, if they don't embrace Christianity.

You will never get the Christians to admit their aggressiveness, but aggressive they certainly are, and their intention is nothing short, of the total destruction of the tribal society, culture, and the tribal Hindu religion. Yet these same Christians claim to be following the region of peace, love, and Brotherhood. The hypocrisy of the Christians is legendary.

5. One characteristic of Christianity is that, its treachery & aggressiveness is always cloaked in message/camouflage of peace, love, and brotherhood. This is a great fraud, it is not all that sophisticated either, but it does work, it fools a lot of simple folks, who are trusting by nature, and do not or cannot detect the trickery of Christianity. As a consequence, the fraud of Christianity, works like gang-busters., and lots of simple folks are trapped inside the prison-house of Christianity.

The simple truth is that Christianity has nothing but deep-seated contempt for " all" Non-Christian religions, it wants to replace all of them. Christianity can neither deny nor conceal this Christian design.

6. The situation in Orissa is bad, and it is getting worse. The aggressive proselytism campaigns of the Christians of Orissa are liable to lead, to more Hindu counteraction, and the crusading campaigns of Christianity, are liable to turn into pain & payback for Christian treachery, trickery, lies & fraud. Unfortunately, resentful-swipes of the Hindu counteraction, do not last very long, and conversion activities of the Christians, by fraudulent means resumes soon after.

6. To sum up: The kind of concealed-hypocrisy, that is conducted by Christians of Orissa & of elsewhere, not only creates hate & animosity, but is more likely to augment Hindu Anger, who might beat the crap out of the Christian goons of Orissa & elsewhere. The way things are going, the large-scale harvesting of Hindu souls (souls of Hindu tribals) as envisaged by Pope & his lieutenants, shall have to wait a long time.

Surinder Paul Attri


At 10/28/2008 03:05:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

very very false statements are reveiled such truth is quated have got some false information from anywhere.

At 12/18/2008 05:11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah some these statemenst i have read in newspaper..TOI,shame on these dogma missionaris


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