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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Christians 'should stop evangelising in India'

By: Ed Beavan.

A LEADING Hindu has called for the Christian community to ‘clip back its evangelising activities’ in India or risk straining interfaith relations in the UK.

Jay Lakhani (pictured), Director of the Hindu Council UK (HCUK), accused Christians of committing a ‘crass atrocity’ when they converted members of the Dalit community in India, saying that they were stealing ‘the most precious thing these poor people possess, their souls’.

Speaking during an interview on Christian radio station Premier, Mr Lakhani said Hindus were ‘fed up’ with missionary activity in India.

He said: “Christians should go out and convert their own in this country, making people better Christians, so that instead of crowding the shopping malls on Sundays they go to Church.

“Why do they have to go to the third world and target some destitute, desperate people to spread their good news?

“Mainstream Hindus in the UK are getting fed up with the continued evangelising activities of the church in India and I would like to send on behalf of the HCUK a clear message to the church to clip back its evangelising activities in India or risk straining Hindu-Christian relationships here in the UK.

“It would be wonderful if Christians wanted to give a helping hand to the destitute in any developing country.

“But if they give a piece of bread with one hand and on the other hand steal the most precious thing these poor people possess, their souls, then this is a crass atrocity committed in the name of Christianity.

“We have to ask, is the reason there are two billion Christians in the world because they discovered Christ or because Christianity was quite literally shoved down their throats?”

The HCUK is vehemently opposed to evangelistic attempts by any religion which it feels sows the seeds of division in today’s multi-faith world.

Mr Lakhani also challenged the idea that the hereditary hierarchical caste system that exists in India is part of Hinduism, but explained it is ‘a socio-economic, culturally-based atrocity committed in the name of Hinduism’ which he condemned.

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