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Saturday, March 24, 2007

An Open Letter to a Converted Christian

B. Subramaniam GP. Srinivasan


This is in response to a letter from Mr.Srinath, sent to a Tamil religious monthly, Panchajanyam, being published from Srirangam.

Srinath claims, though he was born as Hindu, a Vadakalai iyengar,whose origins were, Srirangam.

He confesses, he has been under the spell of missionaries, and would like to convert to Christianity. In his long letter to the editor, running into three pages, in Tamil, he has expressed his displeasure against Hindus and Hinduism, for its caste practices. He claims that Christianity and Islam do not have these “evil practices", and hence better religions. He asks”why there are so many Gods in Hinduism"? and has borrowed all the missionary criticism of Hinduism. He himself has no knowledge of Hinduism and does not know the abc of Hinduism. Toward the end of his rambling that turns into a political assault. He asserts that Hinduism will be wiped out by Christianity and Islam.He suggests,the editor of Panchajanyam should "read Bible' and reply to him. Our purpose, is to educate Hindus first, hence this detailed writeup.We are not interested in educating Christians. Hindus themselves do not know their wealth of their heritage is the pitiable state of affairs. Hence this reply.


B.Subramaniam GP.Srinivasan


Dear Mr.Srinath,


This is with reference to your letter to PANCHAJANYAM. I feel very sorry for the state of despair shown by you in your letter. I pray the ubiquitous Almighty to remove all the problems that you are facing.

Now the following points to clear your doubts :

We all (including you) follow Sanaathana Dharma. i.e living structure which can be followed by all. Before the advent of religions generated in the west viz. Christianity and Islam, our religion was followed by all on the earth with slight variations in different sects. Our place (which you call India), was called as Bhaarath Varsha – a tribute to a sage Bharath Muni.

Monotheism and Polytheism

We also have a single God (Almighty) – Brahman. It is neither HE (as in case of Christianity or Islam) or SHE. (In Christianity & Islam,the male domination is very prevalent, but not in our religion). It is just IT. IT is shape less, size less, genderless and beyond normal human comprehension. Though IT (Almighty) has formed several dimensions, IT is in zero dimension.

Siva purana says the Almighty has formed 64 dimensions. And a jeevaatmaa has to start its journey from 64 th dimension, and on better performance will be elevated to next lower dimension. We in 3 dimension will be elevated to 2 dimension on doing good physical deeds or thrown down to 4 dimension for doing bad deeds. The 2 dimension is of Swarga (Heaven) and 4 dimension – Naraga (Hell). 1 dimension is the place of Gods and Demigods whereas 0 dimension is the place of Almighty.

In KathaUpanishad, the Almighty is referred to as Anoraniaan, Mahathomahiyaan-

Smaller than an atom but bigger than the biggest. The Almighty made this universe out of its own thoughts and is present in every place and in every living organism and hence called Sarvaantharyami (Omnipresent, Ubiquitous).

Just like an office having different departments, IT manifests itself into three functionaries viz. Brahma – God of Generation, Vishnu – God of Organizing and Shiva – God of Destruction. (Para Brahman Almighty) as GOD –Generator, Organizer and Destroyer. Hence irrespective of the religion, the maker is the same. Since we need to have staff to perform duties in every department, we have 33 Crore Devas who are there to perform individual duties, governed by Indra. Again in Katha Upanishad, Yama says that he is in the post of Yama due to performing a special type of Yagna called Nachiketha Yagna. Once the effect of the good deed is over, he will again thrown in to normal birth and death cycle. Hence Yama, Agni, Varuna, Vaayu, Indra are only posts and any one can be elevated to that level temporarily. On completion of their period they will again be put in to normal birth and death cycle.

Facts about Caste System

Around estimated 16000 thousand years ago, Swaayambu who ruled before the present Vaivaswatha Manu, created class among the mass for ease in civilization structure.

Brahmin : Brahmasya Gyaajuhu Braamanaha – The one knows or tries to know the Brahman is a Brahmin, he can engage in religious and teaching matters.

Kshaya Athra Veeryaha : Kshathriyaha – The one who has limitless body and mind power is Kshathriya – He can guard the kingdom and the people of the kingdom from enemies

Vishyasya Sooryaha : Vaishyaha – The one is bright like sun in finance matter of the society is a Vaishya;

Sha –Adhra : Shoodrha – One who can not be categorised in the first three classes belongs to this class.

During Shukla Yajuveda period i.e during Rama's period, i.e around 12000 years ago, in a single family, persons interested in spending more time in matters pertaining to Almighty will become a Brahmin, able bodied persons who were interested in physical fights became Kshathriyas; persons who liked to get involved in business became Vaishyas and who did not have any such above cited capabilities became Shoodras doing minial works in the society. Thus the classes were only on the basis of ability and profession and not on the basis of birth.

This went on for several thousand years, but boys born to a Brahmin father liked to spend their time in matters pertaining to Almighty like their fathers, boys born to Kshthriya father liked to get themselves involved in fighting and using arms like their fathers, boys born to Vaishyaas liked to get themselves involved in financial or business matters like their fathers and boys born to Shoodhra father liked themselves to be involved in doing physical works like their fathers. Thus a classification which was started on the basis of ability slowly changed in to classification on the basis of birth.

Hence the Classes were though basically formed on the basis of ability later changed in to classification on the basis of birth. This is the negative side of the classification.

The positive side is that since father and son belonged to the same working group, improvement in all the fields were visibly noted since father will teach his sons the nuances of work. Hence outcome in all walks of life was beyond compare.

Missionary Propaganda against Brahmins

Merely calling Brahmins as root cause for the deprived state of the 4th Class – is ridiculous. Brahmins themselves were only few in number and lived due to the generosity of the ruling class Kshathriyaas and business class Vaishyaas. Kshathriyaas fought wars and Protected. Traders amassed wealth due to their inherent tendency to do business.Therewere not many Brahmins who were rich and had landed property. Moreover Brahmins had the inherent tendency to help the poor.

The root cause of the deprivation of the all the classes were due to 1300 years of Invasions and Foreign rule imposed on Indians. In fact there was hardly any deprivation at all in the first place. There was a prosperous and Rich Society, that was perhaps rich even upto 1800 .The combined effects of Islamic invasions and Christian British resulted in the deprivation of entire Bharat. People were well off and productive. Food, Medicine, Water and Education were never sold in Pre British Times.You cannot offer the manager and peon of the company the same salary and other benefits. The Manager invariably gets better paid than the peon. This can not be attributed as deprivation by the Manager. Similarly the living conditions invariably differed between the 4 classes.

Compare it Vatican- all the top cardinals are Italian born Roman catholics, who run the show.It may surprisisng to many that the dalit christians feel cheated by the Church. They have conducted protest meet in New Delhi in 1999 when the Pope John Paul II came to India. The missionary of Charities of Theresa bojeaux of Calcutta, is run by Sister Nirmala, who happend to be Nepali Brahmin. The Vatican church has declared the abused varnaashrama, as recognised divisions, by council of diamper (udayamperroor). Though the Constitution of India by law has made untouchability, an offence, within the Hindu system, these divisions are still retained by the Roman Catholic order, in India.

The varnaashrama is based on human types .What is called personality traits, and suitability for occupation. Even in modern organisations these four types can be found. Even in NASA or Microsoft, the hierarchy is visible. There the board and the Chairman, followed by Top Management, next to are Management staff, and wokers. Even Biill Gates organisation employees are divided into categories, that will resemble the old hindu order. There are security guards even in Vatican and there are janitor whose job is clean the toilet of the Pope.

During the British rule, since Brahmins were picked up and sought after by the British to serve as translators in English, the British translated Sanskrit literature into European languages. Brahmins were offered jobs in British Indian Government. The combined fiscal policy, dismantling of the existing agararian system, trade,commerce, and handicrafts resulted in tremendous poverty.Longlasting famines resulted as result of these colonial policies by military adminstrators.

India was exporting upto 30 percent of its manufactured goods even in 1800.This made the Christian British jealous, and they robbed the country. Missionaries invaded the country and established bible schools. On the one hand they destroyed the existing system. "They virutually broke the back , and made the people crippled, and provided balm with the help of missionaries, who followed the invaders. Adding insult to injury they put the blame on Hinduism, Hindu Culture and blamed Brahmins for all these. This was taught adnauseum in all missionary publications, and taught by every school and college. Every school going child was taught to hate their ancestors and become ashamed of its culture and heritage. Craftily the British further augumented this divison by creating, developing, supporting,institutions like the Justice party and made people of other castes go against Brahmins, that gave rise to Dravidar Kazhagam in Tamilnadu, by the famous Kannadiga E.V.Ramasamy Naickar (Periyaar).Hence Brahmins were easily made scapegoats as root cause for the deprivation of the 4th class. The missionaries were trying to develop Brahmin hatred in India, as they had done to Jews in West, that culminated in the World War II, where millions of Jews and others were slaughtered. You must know that Hitler himself was a Roman catholic, and his name has not been removed, from the Church. The Vatican Church tacitly encouraged Hitler.

Casteism in Chistianity

In fact it has been openly seen in converted Christians that the class and subclass of their Hindu generation in the past is taken into consideration before finalizing marriages. A naadaar Christian will not have any nuptial relation with a mudaliaar Christian and vice versa. Similarly classifications do exist in Christianity and Islam also. Roman Catholic,Protestants, Catholic Syrians, Pentacoste, Jehovaa's Witnesses do not even see eye to eye with each other and go only in their way. A marriage between RC Christian and Protestant is next to impossible in reality. Each of them does not even consider the other sect as part of Christianity at all in the first place. We know how Martin Luther fought for forming the Protestant Lutheran church and he butchered thousands of people to form Lutheran church. Read history. Do not waste your time in reading the foolish, useless bible. There are many variants of bible and each say that it was the first to be released. No word in the bible belongs to Jesus Christ. The Bible and Christianity itself came into existence only after 300 years of Christ's crucifixion. In places like Bangalore there is the language problems between nativa kannadigas, who want the mass only to be conducted in Kannada, and Tamilians should their mass seperately.

Christmas- A Festival based on Lie

The birth date of Jesus as 25th December does not exist in any form of bible. Read real history. In fact there was Mithra civilization (sun worshippers and hence a sect of Sanaathana Dharma) which existed in the middle east at the time of Jesus's existence. They had the practice of starting their year from Winter solstice which falls on 25thDecember. Christians took the cue from them and arranged the birth date of Christ as 25th December and then started their new year from 6 days later. This was improved by Pope Gregory and hence we call English calendar as Gregorian calendar.

Whereas we people of Sanaathana Dharma start our new year from Vernal Equinox i.e from the day when sun is parallel to the equator and rising upwards which falls on 14th April. Read real history.

Divisions in Islam

Similarly Muslim Sunnis and Shiaas do not see eye to eye with each other and the battle is going on for several hundred years after the demise of Mohammed (Prophet?). A marriage between a Sunni boy and Shiaa girl in next to impossible. The Iran – Iraq war is a classic example of Shiaa – Sunni fight. It is unending. Mohammed only prophesied hatred among his own people and he ordered that all non muslims (kafirs) should be slaughtered, and they do not have the right to live. Read real history. Do not read Koran. It only preaches hatred.

Beauty of Sanathana Dharma

There is full fledged philosophy in Sanaathana Dharma which is absolutely lacking in Islam & Christianity. We call it Thathvam : Thath and Thvam – You. i.e. you are IT, and IT is invariably you.

Only Sanaathana Dharma equates the maker Paramaathmaa (Almighty) with the made Jeevaathmaa. That is that essence of Sanaathana Dharma. The maker itself is running as a deer and is hunting as a tiger. The hunter and hunted and the process of hunting are the same Almighty.

This is called Adhvaitham.

In Naaraayana Suktham it says

'thasyaahaa shikhaayaa madhye paramaathmaa vyavasthithaha;

sa-bhrmma, sa-shiva, sa-hari, sa-indra, sa-akshara, paramaswaraat'

At the peak of the real heart (at the solar plexus) of each person, exists the paramaathmaa, IT is Brahma, IT is Shiva, IT is Hari, IT is Indra, IT is undivisible Supreme Almighty.

Maandukya Upanishad says

'Sarvam Hyethath Brahma, Ayamaathmaa Brahma' -

All we perceive are Brahman,My Athman (Soul) is also Brahman.

Bharath’s Contributions

We were the forebears in many fields of science and other departments. We had great mathematicians and we donated the concept of zero to the world.

We have developed Vaanashaasthra – Astronomy which was unequalled in the world at that time, and had many well known astronomers like Bhaskara, Aryabhatta. We were the first to educate the world that we have seven planets viz. Mercury – Bhudan, Venus – Sukran, Earth – Bhoomi, Mars - Ankaarakan, Jupitor – Guru and Saturn – Sani which are rotating around the sun in the same plane in the above cited order. (Uranus, Neptune & Pluto were known only after the invention of telescope). We were also the first to come out with two imaginary planets – Chaayaa Graham – Rahu and Ketu which were formed out of the difference in the orbital plane of moon with respect to earth, and they we responsible for solar and lunar eclipses. We were the first to develop astronomy as well as astrology thus trying to find out the future.

We had very highly developed Yuddha Shaasthra – The rules pertaining to wars and battles. It says a war has to be done on a one man to one man to basis only, and should be fought on a barren land outside the civilization, only by males, from sunrise to sunset. In the wars one should not be attacked by many or one should not get hit on the back. The womenfolk and children were never involved in the wars. The warring groups will fight it out on a pre decided open barren land outside the civilization and the winner of the war will take over the kingdom of the loser in a very smooth manner. Only in the invasions of Muslims and then Christians we found warring on civilizations killing womenfolk and children and muslims were the first to use weapons of mass destruction like guns and mortars from far away place killing hundreds of people. The war by people of Bharath was fought only from sunrise to sunset and on sunset both the warring groups will eat and go to sleep and resume war only the next morning only both the sides are ready. We had a sense of responsibility and reliability in all walks of life which was missing in the muslim and Christian invaders.

We were the first to develop high banking and lending system. In the west banks – banca: bench started very lately. We were of high caliber in business and financial systems.

Jewels like gold and silver and diamonds were discovered by us only and were then taken from us to the west. The importance of jewels were fist discovered by us. We were the first in the world to have a mine at Panna for Diamonds and Kimberly at South Africa came much later.

Gory History of Christianity and Islam

On formation of religions Christianity 2000 years ago,and Islam about 1300 years ago in the Palestine, (both Christianity & Islam have a very bloody history. (Crusades and Jihads)

Christians raised a thousand year war (crusade) and killed lakhs of people and set fire to the famous library of Alexandria so as to destroy the history of west before Jesus Christ. Muslims also had to wage several wars – Prophet Mohammed himself has a very bad history – he was working as a house hold worker in one house, surreptitiously made the mistress of the house Khatija Begum to fall in love with him and was thrown out of the place itself and ran to Madina, where he is said to have heard the message of allah? God, and then gathered an army and invaded Mecca and killed several thousands in the battle.He waged 52 invasions in his life time. Muslims have the shariyat law by which a male can marry 4 females and beget children from them itself clearly Proves that there was a need of men folk for fighting and women were considered only (animals unequal to men) for bearing children. Since there were many battles going on, they had to beget more males. Even today in many muslim families women have to wear bhurka and can not freely talk to men not belonging to their family. Muslim Kings viz. Ghori and Gazni invaded India from West. Then came the Christians in 1600 AD. And since our country is on the other side of Sindu (Indus) river, the westerners started calling us as Hindu and this place as Hindusthan. Muslims may be as you said be the largest number of humans on the earth as a male can cohabit with 4 women and procreate any number of children. Similarly if he wants he can simply say Talak Talak Talak and divorce his wife permanently and get rid of her. Wait and see what happens to Islam and Christianity in the future.

'The wonder that was India'

The history of our Bharath (which you now call as India) was a wonder. Please read 'The wonder that was India' written by Mr.A.L.Basham, an Indologist working in Canberra University. He only calls this wonder existed before the invasion of Muslims and Christians to Bharath.

Foreign Invasion

In those days Bharath which comprised of 56 independent nations was supposed to be the richest place in the earth, and every one thronged to come here. Even Alexander who was the king of Macedonia (now part of Greece) came to this place only in an ambition to plunder but was forced to return as he was totally defeated by Pururavas in a war which was fought at the base of Himalayas. He went back to Macedonia in his late twenties and died there. Mohammad of Gazni, Mohammed of Ghori, Timur Lang (Forefather of Akbar) came only to plunder Bhaarath. Though they could do a little harm, they were forced to return back as they lost in wars with valiant Bhaarath kings. Babar could invade Bhaarath and permanently settle and spread islam here. In early 16 th century, Europians wanted to come to Bhaarath only with an ambition to do business and slowly plunder.

First Christopher Columbus from Spain left Europe with a ship full of warriors. Fortunately for us, he instead of turning left, turned right and reached islands (which we now call carribeans) and saw reddish people there. He thought that he has reached India, and called those people Red Indians and called those islands as Isles of the West Indies. But there was nothing to plunder as they were nomadic aborigin tribe and very uncivilized. Hence he understood his mistake and returned to his home land in dejected state. Within some years one by name Amerigo Carlucci from Spain invaded that place and landed in the mainland. He saw the same red Indian tribe there and butchered them in millions. The spaniards started occupying the place and named the main land in honor of him as America (AMErigo CArlucci). Then the Britishers followed suit and drove the settled Spaniards down south, who went to the continent of South America and butchered and eliminated from the face of earth, three great civilizations the Mayan, the Inca and the Aztec civilizations all of who were sun worshippers and hence were variant sects of Sanaathana Dharma..

The countries in South America viz. Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru etc.have people speaking languages of Spanish origin. The original people who belonged to that place the so called Red Indians have become minorities and third rated citizens in their own land. Hence your so called Christians did not win the world by love and amity as you think but butchered people and usurped their land and belongings.

In late 16th century Vasco Da Gama from Portugal left for Bharath in ambition to do business and slowly plunder since Bhaarath was said then seen to be the domain of wealth. He came and landed near Kozhikode and slowly occupied that place by butchering the local inhabitants and occupied the costal place up to Goa. His tribe was very famous for butchering the locals, and they also engaged in converting people forcefully. One of them by name Francis Xavier who was a pirate, has a record of Inquistions; organised killing of Brahmins and molesting their wives. For is such good deeds he was deified as Saint Francis Xavier. Then came the British and formed East India Company and started slowly usurping land in the name of business. As a custom the local kings gave them all help to do business in their kingdoms without knowing their bad intentions. The Britishers slowly usurped land and started infighting among local kings. They would tell a king to invade the territory of a nearby kingdom and support him with their arms. On the loss of the other king, they will kill the losing king and also kill the king whom they originally supported and annex both the kingdoms. This was their practice. Slowly they usurped the whole of Indian subcontinent and became outright rulers of Bhaarath. They also engaged themselves in converting local Hindus by offering a job in British Sarkar. This was their game play. They had Bhaarath in their control for bloody full 350 years and called Bhaarath as the Jewel in the Crown of British kingdom. They plundered Bhaarath right and left and took several hundreds of ship loads of jewels from Bhaarath and only because of their plunder Bhaarath became one of the poor nations in the world.

Perverts or Pastors?

You said about sexual exigencies found in Shankaracharya. Though Nakkeeran (of Dravidar Kazhagam which is anti Brahmin) released such lousy stories, SHankaraachaaryas follow total celibacy and it impossible to even dream of sexual malpractices. Even many of your popes and bishops were said to have illicit sexual experiences in Vatican with the nuns. We do not bother to question them because we are not interested in others' perversions.

Chritianity’s hatred to Jews

The Vatican is said to be the wealthiest place in the world. History says that since judas was the chief cause of jesus's crucifixion, Christians considered Jews (Judas and even jesus was jew) as eliminable. There was unending fight going on between jews and Christians which was Crusade. History says the Hitler (a devout Roman Catholic Christian) started killing jews only at the behest of Vatican and since Jews were thriving in Europe, he killed millions of Jews in gas chambers and usurped their properties and donated to Vatican. The Jews had a religious habit of circumcision, which Muslims copied, and by this only Hitler could pinpoint Jews and butcher them. Thus Vatican became the richest place in the world. Many jews (the famous Albert Einstein was one of them) had to flee to America surreptitiously leaving all their properties in Europe, which were easily annexed by Hitler. This mass destruction of jews became the cause of II World War, and forced the Jews to form their own home land of Israel (Isara El – Abode of god). The then President of U.S.A – Harry Truman (a jew) wanted to drop the atom bomb on Germany, but he was stopped by Britain and France who were America's allies in II World War, since they feared nuclear rainfall on their countries will destroy many people & properties. Hence the 2 atom bombs (little boy and fat man) were dropped in Japan at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. This is the real bloody history of Christianity. Read real history.

Why no to Conversions

Though conversions are rampant in Christianity and Islam, it does not prevail in Sanaathana Dharma. This is because just the way we don't choose our parents, or our children, we can not choose our religion also. We are born the way we are, and the way is given to us by the Almighty. We have no say in that. I may call some one other than my father as father and someone other than my mother as mother. But my body which is made out the blood of my father & mother and the span of 9 months and 9 days I stayed in the womb of my mother can not be altered by me. I genetically resemble my real parents. Similarly I have no right to change my religion.

This is because we people of Sanaathana Dharma believe that the Almighty is the same for everybody, only the way you perceive IT and call IT differs.You can call IT as Eashwara, or God or etc. Kena Upanishad says

Ekam Sath;Viprah Bahudhaa Vadhanthi -Truth is only one; various people call it differently

Hence we do not believe in converting people of other religions to ours and similarly do not believe or like conversion of people of our religion to other religions. We are the only to believe in poorva (past) janma (existence) and next Janma. The birth and death sequence is absent in desert religions. Also they have only heaven and hell where one enjoys or suffers. Only we talk of Moksha – Remerging with the Almighty and ending the birth and death cycle.

Our Dhasaavathaara is the best example. It shows the path of evolution from Mathsya - Aquatic, Koorma – Amphibian, Varaha – small earth dwelling animal (pig), Narasimha – Lion – Man combination, Vaamana, Raama & Krishna – evolution in humans, and final Kalki – The begetter of pralaya and restarter of new evolution cycle. This reflects the biological findings also.

Your problems in your life are not because of religion. They should be because of your deeds in the previous birth or this birth itself.Please read Tirumoolar's Thirumandiram. It says

Thaane thanakku pagaivanum nattaanum

Thaane thanakku marumaiyum maiyum

Thaane thaan seidha munvinai thuppaanum

Thaane thanakku thalaivanumaame

You are your own enemy and friend, you are your own past and present, you are bearing the fruits of your past deeds, and you are your own master.

For the problems you are facing, sit down and think in a very detached way to get a solution and you will definitely get a solution. Converting to Christianity for money or for permanent solution of the problem is foolish. You may get temporary benefits but not permanent solutions. If that is so all the Christians in the world will be the happiest people on this earth. This is what we can say. Ultimately it is you who should decide. Definitely our religion Sanaathana Dharma will never die and will emerge as the only religion on this earth someday, because the Semitic religions are born out of falsehood and hatred, and hence will soon come to an end. Only our Sanaathana Dharma which teaches about perennial love will exist ad infinitum.


At 3/27/2007 10:25:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautifully said. Why a person of sanatana dharma would want to "convert" to such a limited system as Christianity is baffling.

At 4/12/2007 07:50:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice article. One correction, however. Article says in parenthesis that Harry Truman (US President) was Jew. That is not true. He was Baptist Christian. He did help a lot to create Israel. For bio info see

At 4/27/2014 02:09:00 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Indeed, those who have divided their religion and become sects - you, [O Muhammad], are not [associated] with them in anything. Their affair is only [left] to Allah ; then He will inform them about what they used to do.

Al-Quran : Chapter (6) sūrat l-anʿām (The Cattle)

At 4/27/2014 02:34:00 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

And do not consume one another's wealth unjustly or send it [in bribery] to the rulers in order that [they might aid] you [to] consume a portion of the wealth of the people in sin, while you know [it is unlawful].

They ask you, [O Muhammad], about the new moons. Say, "They are measurements of time for the people and for Hajj." And it is not righteousness to enter houses from the back, but righteousness is [in] one who fears Allah. And enter houses from their doors. And fear Allah that you may succeed.

Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed. Allah does not like transgressors.

And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.

And if they cease, then indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

Fight them until there is no [more] fitnah and [until] worship is [acknowledged to be] for Allah . But if they cease, then there is to be no aggression except against the oppressors.

[Fighting in] the sacred month is for [aggression committed in] the sacred month, and for [all] violations is legal retribution. So whoever has assaulted you, then assault him in the same way that he has assaulted you. And fear Allah and know that Allah is with those who fear Him.

Surat Al-Baqarah (The Cow) Verses : 188-194

Mohammed never ordered to slaughter non muslims (kafirs)

Bhagwath Gita and Maharabharat what teaches it teaches only war

At 4/27/2014 02:55:00 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

So set thy purpose (O Muhammad) for religion as a man by nature upright - the nature (framed) of Allah, in which He hath created man. There is no altering (the laws of) Allah's creation. That is the right religion, but most men know not -

AL-Quran Surah 30: Verse 30


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