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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cross mandatory on school uniform, Villagers furious!

February 18, 2007

Kudal, Maharashtra: Villagers of Tendoli are enraged because wearing a badge with a cross was made mandatory for the students of the Parshuram Naik Master High School here. The parents of the students and the villagers together have submitted a memorandum to the School Headmaster, District Collector and Education department officials that their religious sentiments have been hurt. The Headmaster of the school, Mr.Kharat apologised to the villagers for committing this mistake.

However the memorandum submitted clearly states that if no action is taken by the authorities based on the memorandum then they will be compelled to revolt using peaceful means. A young student from that school Master Shailesh Potkar is responsible for creating awareness in this respect. For taking further decisions on this matter a meeting of villagers, related educational organisations and educationists has been convened in the school on 27th February 2007.

Despite our country and education system being secular making it mandatory for students to wear a badge with a cross on it certainly means hurting the religious sentiment of other religions and despite all the students in the school being Hindus imposing this rule on them is also an insult to the constitution of India, is what has been mentioned in the memorandum. This incident was brought to the notice of the youth organisations and HJS workers in the village.

When asked about this a student replied that they were told in school that wearing this Christian cross badge would give them peace. Thereafter the above organisations explained to the parents of the students and the villagers how this cross badge was brainwashing the students. The son of Mr. Achyut Potkar, Master Shailesh overheard his father speaking on this issue and on his own gathering students from the school in the local temple explained the issue to them. Later the ex-students of the school were also invited to a meeting.

It was only after this sequence of events that the memorandum was submitted to various officials.The villagers are enraged with this incident and have demanded an enquiry into the school’s administration for making an attempt to hurt the religious sentiment of the Hindus and have also demanded that the concerned official be punished severely.

(Master Shailesh and the parents of the students of the school who immediately took cognisance of this incident are worthy of praise ! These very people are the pillars of strength of the Hindu religion ! - Editor)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat



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