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"Freedom to convert" is counterproductive as a generalized doctrine. It fails to come to terms with the complex interrelationships between self and society that make the concept of individual choice meaningful. Hence, religious conversion undermines, and in extremes would dissolve, that individual autonomy and human freedom.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Missionaries exposed

For decades, VHP and other Hindu organisations have been complaining about the activities of Christian missionaries to convert people to their faith by offering monetary and material inducements. While the missionaries have been denying these activities, the so-called secular parties have been rejecting these complaints and dubbing the complainants fundamentalists. However, a recent report in a Mumbai-based English weekly that the government of J&K has taken actions against Christian missionaries on the basis of the confirmed official reports that they were offering incentives to the victims of the earthquake there to convert them to Christianity not only rebuts the lies of the missionaries but also shows that they do not even hesitate to exploit the miseries of the poor people in trouble. The report further vindicates the stand of the Hindu organisations since the action was taken by a Congress government. It is hoped that now onwards the ‘secular´ parties will see the activities of the Christian missionaries in the proper perspective instead of blaming the Hindu organisations.

-Vas Dev, C-11, Luis Apartments, College Lane,
Dadar (W), Mumba


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