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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Holy City of Tirumala Desecrated by Clandestine Cross Installations

Raama Srinivasan

A covert cross has been discovered by an earnest devotee of the Lord Venkateswara who found it cemented between Nara and Narayana mural on the temple wall during Sahasra Deepa Pooja, on his recent visit. He has sent a letter to the editor of the Tamil magazine 'Panchajanyam' which has been rendered into English and presented below. For a long time we know that the Thirumala hills has been targeted by the Christian missionaries.

'There is medicine for disease but is there any medicine for religious fanaticism', inquires an ancient Tamil proverb. God stays long but strikes at last. Those who offend the Lord are forgiven by the Lord according Bhagavatha Dharma, but those who offend the devotees are not taken lightly by the Lord. Here is a letter of the devotee of Lord Venkateswara received at the office of 'Sri Vaishnava Sri' with reference to an article that was published in 'Panchajanyam', a Tamil monthly magazine, November 2005 issue, page 88, from a shocked reader, Shri Raama Srinivasan, Bangalore-16, who finds beyond his comprehension how a cross has found its place between Nara and Narayana the holy Thirumala Hills?

He writes: “After reading your article in the November 2005 issue, page 88, of Panchajanyam (we all know that the famous Thirumala hills have been targeted by Christian missionaries for some time), it has become my bounden duty to report of a shocking interlude to the regular worship that I was used to witness during the 'Sahasra Deepam' (lighting of 1008 lamps). Every day when the Deepa Alankaram (decoration) is celebrated by 5.00 PM in evenings, the Utsava Murthi along with consorts is placed on a decorated swing with great devotion and swung to the accompaniment of scared hymns. On the wall behind is adorned with the mural depicting Nara and Narayana on the Badrinath, who had descended on the earth as a Guru and his Shishya, where he explains the meaning of Tirumandhiram.”

The writer says he was shocked this time when he visited the same spot. He records his minute observations. It is good that among thousands of Devotees who regularly frequent the Thirumala Temple that at least one has not only observed minutely but also bothered to record it in a letter to the editor. Thanks to the previous article that has appeared in the magazine that has acted as a catalyst for the reader. It will be shocking to know the extent of infiltration by the missionaries into the most sacred spaces of Hinduism. I wonder whether any Hindu infiltrator will penetrate and plant Om symbol on the Vatican. Please read the following: “If one looks closely at the wall mural, it will be shocking to note that the mischief has been done deliberately. In the space between Nara and Narayana, there is a gap where a cross made of cement has been planted.”

In spite of the heavy security and crowds how did it come? This should have been an insider work. “On the right side to the Darshan Jhoola, at the end of the wall there is small clinic or hospital with a red cross painted. But the gap between Nara Narayana has been occupied by an unpainted Christian cross made of cement, to appear like blessings. With whose blessings had this been done? It is not only shocking but also painful for every Vaishnava, says the writer and further requests that "every devotee of Lord Venkateswara must send his/her protest letter to the officials at TTD.” This is sacrilege and we insist that the copy of letter must go to the State Governor, the Central Government and all major News Papers, to investigate the culprit within the establishment.

Many such sacred places were invaded in the past because Hindus were politically and militarily weak. It is not surprising that when Hindus are having a respite, from prolonged attacks, thinking that the world has evolved from barbaric ages, such violation are taking place, proving once again that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

Lest one is prone to dismiss the accusing finger at the innocuous cross explained away as the red cross, one should be reminded that all over the Middle East Red Crescent is the symbol for medical care on all paramedical vans and ambulances and nowhere is the Red cross which is a Christian symbol is accepted. It is time for Hindus to evolve Hindus’ own symbol, the writer adds, “one should not think this as a mere symbol of Red Cross, but actually a cement cross has been placed between Nara and Narayana Upadesam of the holiest Tirumandhiram. I wish the cross be removed immediately and be hereby informed to all your readers through Panchajanyam”.

Good Job Panchajanyam in stimulating readers to be vigilant and the reader Raama Srinivasan in exposing the clandestine cross on Thirumala. Hindus should demand for a full investigation and for the removal of all Christians, from being deployed anywhere on the sacred hills and the Temple. The Hindu identity of the employees must be proven beyond doubt. There must have been an underground group in Thirumala working for long time as a House church or some tent group that must have planted the cross. They must be identified and punished immediately.

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