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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Why India?

It is not surprising that India has the most number of Missionaries. (Source: TIME)

You may wonder, out of all the countries in the world, why have Missionaries chosen to attack India? There are four simple reasons: India is a tolerant nation – In no country in the world is religious freedom available to people as it is in India. There are dozens of faiths which all co-exist. Israel has acclaimed India as the only country where Jews have not been persecuted. One of the lost tribes settled in India, and since then the Jews have built synagogues all over the country and are practicing their religion in total freedom.

When Parsis - victims of Islamic ethnic cleansing –fled Iran, then sought refuge in India, a Hindu King gave them shelter and ever since, they have been practicing, their religion in total freedom. There are hundreds of tribes who have their own unique religions and they are all free to do what they like. When China occupied Tibet in the 1960’s, India again took in hundreds of thousands of Tibetan Buddhists including the Dalai Lama, who to this day peaceful lives in India. In addition, India has for centuries peacefully hosted Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Jains.

However, Missionaries abuse India’s tolerant nature for conversion. Instead of peaceful co-existing with other religions as millions in India already do, instead they attempt to decimate all other religions through by conversion.

Hinduism is not a uniform religion – Unlike other religions, Hinduism is a religion with no founder, no leader, no commandments and no one God. Hinduism is more a way of life than a religion. Hindus accept all Gods as one, all religions as equal but different paths to God. Hindus are different from region to region, family to family. Therefore in this regard, Hindus are willing to hear the points of view from other religions. Missionaries abuse this tolerant and open-minded virtue of Hinduism for their devious purposes.

Access to India is easy – Technically by the Foreigners Registration Act, 1956, foreigners are permitted only to visit relatives and tour places and are forbidden from carrying missionary activities. However, in India, a vast nation with over a billion people, it is difficult to track Missionaries, especially in the rural environments where they usually operate.

In addition, Missionaries funded by Western churches and nations often bribe local officials to cover up their activities. For example, Revered Joseph Cooper of the United States carried out missionary activities for 11 years before he was expelled after raping a 12 year old Hindu girl. India is a poor nation – Missionaries operate in India under the guise of “charity” efforts when in fact they are simply “buying” converts through gifts and material items. In addition, by selecting a poor nation such as India, they can raise funding from unsuspecting people in other nations who believe they are donating to a genuine charity. By comparison, Missionaries can not work under the guise of “charity” and therefore have not been as effective in raising funds and converting in oil-rich Middle Eastern nations.

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