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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Security Forces Intercept Attack Threats From Christian Militant Outfits

Agartala, Oct. 3 2005
The Telegraph

Paramilitary forces have been put on high alert after both the BSF and the Tripura State Rifles intercepted wireless messages revealing plans of massive attacks by the two major militant outfits operating in the state.

According to sources, both the All Tripura Tiger Force and the National Liberation Front of Tripura are likely to launch attacks on civilians and security forces in order to reinforce their control over their respective territories.

On September 24, a group of NLFT rebels gunned down eight villagers in West Tripura district. Despite combing operations, the police and paramilitary forces are yet to track down any of the militants responsible for the attack.

Movement of the hit squads of both outfits has been reported from Wardlongbari, Wadhabrai, Tulabari, Chhankhola, Labanya para under Khowai subdivision and Diagyabari, Bhurathal, Simna and Hezamara areas under Sadar (north).

“This time the militants may attack security camps of TSR and Assam Rifles, specially the isolated TSR camps in Khowai subdivision,” a source said.

The special branch (intelligence wing) of state police has also received information that Tiger Force and NLFT hit squads of 25 rebels each have sneaked into Sadar (north) and Khowai subdivision.

Sources said the outfits are likely to step up their offensive in order to mobilise fresh recruits and funds. “Both the outfits have become desperate for action after the Left Front won the district council elections in March this year,” the source said.

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