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Monday, March 21, 2005

Exposed: Bush’s freedom to Rape India

N Krishna
March 19, 2005

Why was Modi's visa revoked by the American embassy? Author tries to answer.

It is not secret that America is funding Christian militants in India, like the way they have done for Taliban. This is with the aim to create Christian nations in India by breaking it. American president Bush elected with the help of the Christian fanatics distributes funds from the White House. Millions of dollars flow to Christian missionaries and Christian NGOs in India. The seriousness of this situation can be gauged by the fact that Christians run most of the 4000 NGOs in India and most of them are involved in misinformation and conversion activities. Christian fundamentalism with its funding from the United States, is orchestrated with enormous guile, secrecy, corporate skill, and is disintegrating India. Bush’s America is worse than Saudi Arabian Islamic fundamentalists. Bush propagates fundamentalism himself, and is slowly building it into the American machinery. The missionary activity is tied in with dubious social work. The Christian bigotry and colossal conversion efforts is destroying our nation. N-E is already ready for disintegration. Missionary D.Ron Watts, located at Hosur in Karnataka along with his American wife Dorothy is the most successful Christian conversion terrorist in India. They are in India on Business visa and with US funding converted 500,000 Hindus in the last five years. They enjoy the political support of the congress party. They have brought in more than 200 foreigners on tourist visa for conversion work in India. Using their organizations known as Maranatha International and Global Mission they carry out the planned rape of India.

Pat Robertson who calls Hindus “demonic”, operates $66 million-a-year agency ‘Operation Blessing’ in four Indian states. The medical conversion drive is a part of Operation Blessing, recently treated more than 22,000 impoverished patients and simultaneously convert them to Christianity. They use hospitals like the Christian run Appolo hospitals for this. Christian Medical College Vellore and Christian Medical College Ludhiana, with over 350 institutional members like hospitals, health centers, community health program and 2 medical colleges are major centers for medical conversion. In year 2000, three thousand people converted to Christianity in exchange for clothes, food, medical care, and drilling of water wells from Operation Blessing. Bush`s White House funds all the Christian missionaries in India and for the Christian NGOs like CARE, World Vision etc conversion is their main work

Foreign missionaries are now increasing their efforts to convert Hindus as per missionary organization Baptist World Alliance (BWA). Christian missionaries are behind the terrorism in the North-East India. Southern Baptist Church in America is financed and created in 1989 the Christian equivalent of the Taliban, the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) for creating an independent Christian nation of Tripura.

The National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) is funded and armed by World Council of Churches. Nagaland has 40 missionary groups, 18 major Christian militant groups. Churches buy guns, such as AK47s and AK57s from Burma or Bangladesh. NSCN has ties with the ISI and has its offices in New York, Geneva and Hague which display boards with legend `Peoples Republic of Nagaland`. It has twice raised its demand for an independent nation in United Nations. The NSCN has its own government which collects money from the local people. One third of the salaries of the government servants are taken away as Nagaland Tax before disbursement. Most of the banks in Nagaland have closed down because of the huge sums extracted by this outfit. The letterheads and stamps of this unofficial government read `Nagaland for Christ`. Last week about 30 communal Christian MPs from across India met NSCN over dinner at a hotel in New Delhi to offer their support for `Nagaland for Christ` as per senior NSCN leader V.S. Atem. Never in the history of India had the Christian MPs across India done this criminal act. They came out now in the open because the Italian Christian Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi who is ruling India with the help of her dummy Manmohan Singh. In Nagaland drug addiction and liquor supplied by priests have become a major problem. HIV/AIDS has risen dramatically amongst the Nagas after Christianity was forced on them.

Earlier CIA had placed an American spy as English tutor for Sikkim prince who conveniently fell in love with and married the prince later. This was to make Sikkim an independent nation. It was detected by India in time.

With the support of Christian Missionaries, terrorist organizations like NLFT and NSCN are spreading terror in parts of North-East India to convert the whole of North-East states to Christianity at gunpoint. Gun point conversions are going on in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, and Meghalaya. NSCN has already succeeded in Nagaland to convert masses to Christianity and asking "Nagaland for Christ" and still fighting for a greater Nagaland called Nagalim. NLFT is in process of having a repeat of NSCN in Tripura.

NLFT attacks and desecrate Hindu and Buddhist temples, as well as stop Hindu religious festivals. NLFT terrorists’ in Tripura systematically carryout kidnappings, rape and murder of Hindus. The NLFT was banned in April 1997 but in 2000, this Christian terrorist group had ordered Hindus to stay away from Durga Puja or be killed. NLFT said it wanted all Hindus in Tripura to become Christians. They also stated that salvation for Tripura lies only in Christianity and would eliminate anyone who dared to come in the way of their plans to forcibly convert all of Tripura to Christianity. 20 ashrams, schools and orphanages of Hindus were closed down by these Christian terrorists. On August 6, 1999, four Hindus, named Shyamal Kanti Sen Gupta, Sudhamoy Dutta, Dinendranath Dey, Shubhankar Chakraborti, were kidnapped and beheaded like Muslim terrorists by the Christian terrorist organization NLFT. John Thwaites, a Christian priest in Bengal had links with the terrorist activities of Kamtapuri and was arrested in
2001. Baptist Church`s evangelical work in India is buying weapons for organized terrorism. In 1991 the 2.3 per cent Christians in Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya is now at 90 per cent, 87 per cent and 70.3 respectively.

The Baptist Church of Mizoram, has created 465 Baptist churches in Mizoram with the of support 436 foreign missionaries and with an annual budget of $875,000 has converted 75000 Hindus.

In Assam, Christian missionaries declare their intention through radios, literature, or in church services, to make Assam an independent Christian country.

In Tripura, for instance, there were no Christians at independence, the maharaja of the state was a Hindu and there were innumerable temples all over the State. But from 1950, Christian missionaries with Nehru’s blessings went into the deep forests of Tripura and started converting the Hindus. Now it is 90% Christians. Millions of dollars are being poured in by USA in North East for destabilizing India. Three priests were arrested in Tripura in April 2000 for aiding terrorists and possessing a large quantity of explosives including 60 gelatin sticks, 5kg of potassium, 2kg of sulphur and other ingredients for making bombs. In the year 2001, there were 826 terrorist attacks in Tripura in which 405 persons were killed and 481 cases of kidnapping by the rebels. Christian terrorists like All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF), National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) are all funded by Americans. These Christian terrorists have killed more than 10,000 Hindus in Tripura in the last 20 years.

In Meghalaya Christian missionaries converted two-thirds of Hindus to Christianity. The Church in the north-east is associated with smuggling across the borders, circulation of fake currency notes and arms purchasing. In December 1998, a Christian missionary Bedang Tamjen, was arrested for making fake currency notes.

Christians also target well known Hindus. A 30 old Juliana from Bangalore marrying an 80 year old Tamil actor Gemini Ganesan or a Selvaraj targeting Gemini Ganesan’s daughter Dr, Kamala is part of the Christian strategy. Even the arrival of an uneducated Italian barmaid who was presented in front of Rajiv Gandhi in UK is part of the world strategy by the Christians. In Andhra Pradesh the converted Christians constitute about one-sixth of the students in every class and they make unpleasant remarks about Hinduism, its festivals and traditions in the classes as directed by the missionaries. Christians are taking our country and the majority Hindus for a ride with the provisions of the minority educational institutions. Any Christian can get admission in these institutions and the state ends up pays for it.

Another fallout is the paedophile activities of the Christian missionaries in India. In USA recently the Christian church paid 100 million dollars as compensation to the child victims of the Christian priests. Last year a 62-year-old Christian priest Simon Palanthingal from Kerala linked to the St. Bedes and Don Bosco in Chennai was charged with four counts of sexual assault on a 9-year-old American boy and can get maximum 20 years in prison on each of the four counts he has been charged with and he is being held in US on a $1 million bail. In India with no enforcement of the rule of law, it is a free run for these pedophile Christian missionaries. Yet some time back in Jharkhand a court has sentenced a Tamil Christian priest Christudas, 48, principal of St. Joseph`s School at Guhiyajori to 3 years rigorous imprisonment for sodomising a 14 year old schoolboy.
In March 2005 the Christian priest Prasad Gonsalves was arrested in Radhanpura town in Gujarat for demanding sexual favours from a woman. The Christian priest also promised to give her a house if she converted to Christianity as per the Patan police superintendent A V Vasava. The explosion of conversion activities and the criminalities of the Christian church are resulting in the creation of new Christian sects with US funding. They called City of Faith, Exodus, Joshua, New Life, Master Ministry, Covenant, Hiel Gospel, City of Faith and High Land Trinity and they abhor rituals, episcopal hierarchy and all kinds of mediators, including saints. They discard the church authority and the teachings in the Bible.

This is the religious freedom the American president Bush wants in India. It is the absolute freedom to rape and destroy our culture as his forefathers from Western countries did in North America with its native Red Indians centuries back. What is happening in India is the modern day Christian aggression of USA on indigenous cultures of the world.

To understand the true nature of Christians around the world, we should take a better look at Kerala. In the 4th century AD Christianity became the dominant religion and than the established religion in the Roman Empire. The Sassanian rulers of Iran wisely foresaw that the Syrian Christians within their borders would develop into a fifth column of their powerful neighbors. Their solution was to persecute the Syrian Christians. Some of these Christians fled Iran as groups. In AD 345, around 400 odd persons from 72 families comprising men, women and children, reached Cragananore (Kodungalloore) Kerala, under the leadership of a merchant, one Thomas Cananeus. The Hindu Kings gave them refuge. What these treacherous Christians did in return was to invite Vasco de Gama to invade India. This information recently came to light from Portugese documents. Sanjay Subrahmaniam in Lisbon went through the Portugese Documents `Career and Legend of Vasco Da Gama` and found that these Kerala Christians known as Syrian
Christians were indeed a fifth column spies and brought Vasco Da Gama to Kerala shores that began the colonization of India. They had offered to the Portugese, French and British their support to defeat and evict the local kings, Zamorins, who gave them the refuge. Vasco da Gama had bombarded Calicut, in Kerala when the Zamorin ruler of that place refused to be dictated by him. He had plundered the Kerala ships bringing rice to the city and cut off the ears, noses and hands of the crews. The Zamorin had sent to him an envoy after securing Portuguese safe-conduct. Vasco da Gama had cut off the nose, ears and hands of the envoy and strung them around his neck together with a palm-leaf on which a message was conveyed to the Indian king that he could cook and eat a curry made from his envoy`s limbs."

This is the true nature of Christians who are living in India, a fifth column foreigners, a Trojan horse community that wants to destroy India from within since the fourth century. The same fact also came to light from the Dutch History of Trvancore, and also in the French records. That the Syrian Christian Refugees of Kerala wanted the Europeans help them to finish the Hindu Kings that gave them refuge is now the most shocking information Keralite cannot digest.

Such is the trechery of the Christians of Kerala. The only permanent solution to the Christian problem is to send them all back to Syria. They are now exposed and in Kerala there are demands from within that the `Syrians Go Back to Syria`. The Kerala Christians prospered and the `Kerala Christian Virus’ Spread to Kutch and even to the North East. Syrian Christians who came as refugees have now captured Kerala. They own all major establishments, own up 85 percent of educational institutions, 80 percent of media, most of the banks, financial institutions. Kerala now ruled by a Christian-Muslim coalition, has no Hindu political party worth the name in the state. Hindus are branded communal by the predominantly Christian media. The Chief Minister, Chief secretary, Police Chief, majority IAS officers, why even the sportsmen are all Syrian Christian. The Hindus, once rulers of Kerala, slave it out as workers. Impoverished Hindus commit suicides in thousands.

Syrian Christians also manufactured a lie that they were converted to Christianity by St. Thomas in 52 AD to cover their true background. As per BBC St.Thomas never came to India and Christianity started in 4th century AD only in India. But the Christians in India manufactured evidences and even told that he was in Mylapore. Since the Christians in India knows their criminal background it was important to manufacture evidence that they were in India long back.

Christianity is a barbaric religion and to what extent the Christians go to effect conversion of Hindus was seen when Portuguese occupied parts of India. From 1540 onwards, Portuguese Christians destroyed Hindu temples and erected Christian Churches and chapels built with temple stones, like the Santome church in Chennai after destroying the Kapileswara temple.

Portuguese Christians banned Hindu rites including marriage rites. They conducted mass conversions. From 1560 to 1812 the barbaric Portuguese Christians tortured and killed Hindus in what is known as the inquisition. Hindu men, women, and children were brutally interrogated, flogged, and slowly dismembered in front of their relatives. Eyelids were sliced off and extremities were amputated carefully, a person could remain conscious even though the only thing that remained was his torso and a head and their screams could be heard in the streets, in the stillness of the night.


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