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Monday, March 21, 2005

An inside story of Modi’s visa revoke

March 20, 2005
by Moorthy Muthuswamy PhD


The US State Department’s last minute decision to revoke the visa given earlier to Mr. Narendra Modi has generated unprecedented levels of anger among most Indian Americans.

Modi is the first Indian leader in the modern time who has come across as articulate and capable, and who has stood up against Islamic fascism’s attempts to destroy India and extend Islam’s frontiers at the expense of non-Muslims.

I have long identified Narendra Modi as India’s future leader (Beyond Fatal Democracy, Slaves, Servants & Rulers) – India’s very own Sir Winston Churchill who can defeat South Asia’s modern-day Nazism – Islamic fascism! Unlike many aging leaders such as Vajpayee, Advani or Manmohan Singh, a much younger Modi, born in an independent India reflects a more confident and a resurgent nation.

It should be noted that Modi was never tried, let alone be convicted in aiding the retaliation that took place against the Gujarati Muslim community that has long been conducting various forms of jihad, including burning of over 50 Hindu pilgrims in Godhra. In fact, he provided a very able leadership during these times and beyond. He has since created excellent conditions for wealth creation in Gujarat (Gujarat has almost a 15% growth rate under him) and has managed to neutralize many Islamic cells determined to wage jihad in his state. Not only an able politician, administrator and a leader, Modi has thus proven himself to be a capable enforcer of religious freedom.

This paper puts together various details to outline how this deplorable decision by the State Department came about and builds a long-term approach to dealing with Islamic fascism that is at the root of this.

Muslims from India, the usual villains!

A picture is emerging about the coalitions that have been working to bar Modi from entering the United States. At the centre of this lies the prominent American groups representing the Muslims from India.

The groups are sponsored and aided by Pakistan and its expatriates within America and likely bankrolled by Saudi Arabia. They all see it as a must to discredit and dethrone Modi. They realize that only a visionary leader such as Modi can stop and reverse the ongoing jihad sponsored by them that is geared towards destroying India and extend Islam’s fascist frontiers.

While realizing that Muslim groups in America have lost considerable credibility after 9/11 attacks, they have worked to develop a false and fraudulent portrayal of Christians being systematically attacked and marginalized in Modi’s Gujarat in the minds of evangelical American Christians, with strong links to the corridors of American power. Few years ago, an Indian Muslim fundamentalist group with links to Pakistan, Deedar Anjuman, even bombed some Churches in India and tried to unsuccessfully blame Hindus.

The views presented on the Muslim group’s websites is one of almost exclusively putting the blame on majority Hindus, and simultaneously, almost completely wash away Indian Muslims’ culpability in any violent or criminal acts. This is totally contrary to the ground realities (How were Srilankan Hindus United?). This is done to create an absolute sense of anger at the Hindu population and its leaders. Furthermore, every effort is made to unfairly discredit Hindu leadership and organizations. In short, the websites and their office bearers are waging a form of jihad. While the office-bearers of the groups may not be directly involved in terrorism, there is little doubt that they may be creating conditions for Muslim terrorizing of non-Muslim populations.

This Muslim group’s president’s some remarks on the issue of Modi’s visa denial: "It is a great victory for pluralism, justice and rule of law. Celebrate we must and celebrate we will. We will continue our struggle till the victims of pogroms in India get justice and the supporters of Hindutva ideology are thoroughly defeated in the US and India.” Given that it is non-Muslims, and specifically Hindus who are at the dominant receiving end of Islamic fascism, this statement should be taken to mean that these groups will continue their jihad on “infidel” Hindus. A well-known American supporter of Afghan Taliban and the past president of the Muslim group has this to say: "What happened in Gujarat was very similar to Kosovo. There were large scale violations of human rights". These people have a history of exaggerating and cooking up figures to suit the jihad. They are deliberately giving a wrong comparison – as it is the Muslim majority Kashmir valley within India that should be compared to Kosovo for driving out Hindus.

Also, the non-Muslims in front of the campaign to deny visa to Modi -- Aswini Rao, Angana Chatterji, Sapna Gupta, Akhila Raman or George Abraham have simply overlooked the systematic deeds of Islamic fascism in South Asia -- how it is undermining religious freedom, besides imposing never-ending jihad on non-Muslim communities and thus making India impoverished. It is a sheer incompetence on their part to play willing pawns at the hands of Indian American Islamists.

The letter written by Rep. Joseph Pitts to Secretary Rice (Did this letter stop Modi?) looks very similar to the ones drafted and circulated in the past by Indian American Muslim groups – full of exaggeration and baseless allegations. Pitts’ allegation that “Chief Minister Narendra Modi and his government in promoting attitudes of racial supremacy, racial hatred and the legacy of Nazism through his government's support of school textbooks in which Nazism is condoned ” is simply absurd. The sections he is referring to were introduced during the Congress (opposition) party’s time in power. Besides, Modi’s regime managed to remove this offending book, once discovered. Quite to the contrary, Modi has a track record of sympathizing with Israel and Jewish people. Pitts has not only discredited himself as an US Congressman but has also managed to trivialize Nazi extermination policies!

Indian Islam is no religion

What is notable is massive ethnic cleansing and genocide of non-Muslims in EVERY area of South Asia where Muslims are a majority – Pakistan, Bangladesh or Kashmir valley. Muslim populations and their leadership are yet to be held accountable for this genocide. However, the Muslim population within secular, Hindu majority India has only increased since 1947 Partition.

These facts tell the full and complete story of where Muslims and Islam stand vis-à-vis majority people of the region – Hindus. This unequivocally proves that Islam, as practiced in South Asia is a fascism designed to conquer the region through various modes of jihad. The kind of religious indoctrination that goes on in mosques all over South Asia, including India, only confirms the above observation.

Essentially what has happened is that communities of Indian Muslims have been brainwashed into conducting various forms of jihad (Muslim Reservation = Jihad). One such a community burnt a train coach full of Hindu children, women and men pilgrims in Godhra, Gujarat. This was not done in isolation. This has followed a pattern of deliberate Muslim violence directed at Hindu majority. A study conducted in India in the 1970s showed that more than 95% of riots involving Muslims were started by them. Since 1989, over 300,000 Hindus and Sikhs have been driven out of India’s only Muslim majority area of Kashmir valley -- the real genocide in modern India. This was planned and sponsored by Pakistan, and carried out by Indian Muslims.

With the state unable to protect them, the Hindu majority justifiably decided to retaliate against the Gujarati Muslim community responsible for the Godhra massacres.

New warfare requires new kind of response

As we discussed in the previous section the South Asian non-Muslims have been facing a new form of warfare whereby Muslim civilians have been massively indoctrinated into becoming foot soldiers of jihad.

Not only a substantial number of terrorists are coming from Indian Muslim communities, all the available evidence indicates that almost the entire community acts as a support base for terror operations. These Muslim populations have proven that they are NOT interested in progress and instead expect to live off on looting wealth through various means from the impoverished Hindu majority of India (The woes of Jammu and Ladakh, India, the Kashmiri colony). This is very similar to the Arab Muslims who too live off this time by looting earth in the form of oil but hardly create anything.

Where was international community when every law was being disobeyed and all kinds of freedom (including religious freedom) and rights were violated by the massive ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims from Muslim majority areas of South Asia? The reality is that the “civilized” laws are no longer applicable when it comes to Islamic fascism.

Conclusion: dealing with Indian Muslim populations is most definitely not a law and order problem – it is a military problem, one of dealing with enemy combatants. The Indian Muslim populations have shown that they are hardly different from smallpox; in fact they are cannibalistic in every way (How were Srilankan Hindus United?). These terrorists and their supporting communities use every possible means of waging war on non-Muslims.

This asymmetrical warfare imposed on the “infidel” India has already led to ever-increasing and enormous amounts spent on security, and Muslim appeasing subsidies, with little left for infrastructure development. With an unabated demographic expansion from Islamic Bangladesh and fast-growing Muslim population, this problem will get only worse -- if not addressed adequately now. Not only India can’t manufacture certain products due to a lack of capable infrastructure, it can hardly afford to train its people to produce them. Instabilities created by Indian Muslims either directly or indirectly are making many parts of India undesirable places to invest. There will be a security markup on all of its products, making them expensive. Under these circumstances how can a nation like India compete in global markets? If India opens its markets as part of the free trade agreement, its local industries will simply get wiped out!

It is a matter of time before India’s critical Information technology industries are bombed by jihadis supported by Indian Muslims and aided by Pakistanis. This was said so by a person very close to the chief jihadi of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf to the then Indian Ambassador Parthasarathy. This will be done to destroy India’s economic viability and hence its ability to defend itself. What is the regime in power supposed to do?

What are the rights of hundreds of millions of non-Muslim Indians whose future is being ruined by this jihad waged by Indian Muslims -- who shouldn’t have been living in India in the first place given the 1947 Partition of Indian in the name of Islam and subsequent non-Muslim ethnic cleansing from the newly formed Muslim majority areas? The signs are already there, frustrated Hindu poor in villages, whose economic future has been compromised by subsidies, terrorism, reservation and expenses extracted by Indian Muslims are increasingly turning to naxal ideologies.

Those who insist on India responding to this asymmetrical warfare in “civilized” ways are simply morons who have no clue what they are talking about. That would be a recipe for an un-winnable war and India will soon disappear and not only that, the entire South Asia will be turned into a highly destabilized region and in the long run, a source of pan-Islamic terror. Is this what the “civilized” ones want?

As it has been seen in the past, every attempt to reform the Muslim community will be uncontrollably repulsed by mullahs who control them – making reform a non-option. Besides, a reformed version of Islam simply doesn’t exist in India (Islamic institutions in India - protracted movement for separate Muslim identity?). As part of a comprehensive response it is a must to destroy Islam’s power structure within India that is driving Indian Muslims into jihad. Second, it is a must to make the jihad-sponsoring Muslim communities too accountable. Clearly, allowing Indian Muslims to remain as Muslims is no solution.

Conclusion: Hence, religious freedom (and human rights) in the Indian context is nothing less than eradicating the fascist Islamic ideology, by completing the population transfer started by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and liberate Indian Muslims to the religion of their ancestors – Hinduism.

America’s blunder

There is no question in my mind that this American decision to revoke Modi’s visa was a tactical blunder and America has plainly taken Indian Americans and Indians for a ride.

America has a tendency to please some undeserving Islamists. An American leader has repeated the words “Islam is a religion of peace” many times over! As I have discussed extensively, this is not only absurd but it unwittingly undermines America’s war on terror (The Art of War on Terror).

This visa decision once again goes to prove a poor understanding of Muslim mindset at the highest levels of the American establishment. A recent poll showed highly favorable ratings of President Bush in India – among the only handful of countries where he is viewed favorably. This decision by his administration, I am afraid, will likely devalue his standing.

Even American Muslims stand out and identify with a most fascist version of Islam – while disowning America’s very own democratic, tolerant, and pluralistic values. An April 2001 survey ("A Safe Heaven", Newsweek, September 30, 2002) by the Council on American-Islamic Relations found 69 percent of Muslims in America saying it is "absolutely fundamental" or "very important" to have Salafi (similar to the fascist Wahhabi) teachings at their mosques (67 percent of respondents also expressed agreement with the statement that "America is an immoral, corrupt society"). To quote Newsweek: "The problem investigators face is that, with so many U.S.-based Muslims apparently in sympathy with fundamentalist views, it's often difficult to determine who is a knowing accomplice and who is an unwitting one.”

Hence it is surprising that the US State Department simply fell into the trap set by American Muslim groups. The reasons its spokesman gave for Modi’s visa rejection were neither convincing nor were they consistently applied when considering the fact that the leaders of states that perform religion discrimination and with a track record of genocide – Pakistanis -- have the “freedom” to visit America. In fact, Musharraf of Pakistan has indirectly justified genocide and violation of religious freedom by sending terrorists into India to conduct jihad. His jihadi intent can be ascertained by the fact that he talks only about freedom of Kashmiri Muslims in India, but says nothing about non-Muslims who have been driven out of Pakistani part of Kashmir or from the rest of Pakistan.

The final decision to revoke Modi’s visa by America could be seen by most Indian Americans and most of India as an inadvertent decision to align with evil empires and not with a civilization. Many may say, it is time for America to choose – whose side is it on?

A challenge in front of Hindu Americans

It is must for Hindus in America to reach out more to the Churches of various denominations and Jewish groups and educate them about the designs of the common genocidal enemy – Islam.

Most in America are hardly aware of the track record of Islam in South Asia – including how Islam has managed to drive away most non-Muslims and extend its frontiers well into South Asia. Unfortunately, years of false propaganda by pseudo-seculars and Muslims, who still dominate the propaganda scene, have created false notions about Hindus and undeservingly benign impression of Indian Muslims.

Clearly, both Christians from India and American Christian groups must be made to realize that it is not in their interests to weaken Hindu community in India. To do so will directly benefit Islamic forces and will lead to further extension of Islamic frontiers. Such a scenario is not in the interests of Christianity, western civilization or in the larger interests of civilization.

We need to articulate that the long-term success of war on terror relies on having decisive and able leaders such as Narendra Modi ruling India – a critical nation bordering Islamic fascism -- who have proven credentials to stop and eventually reverse Islamic fascism’s South Asian expansion.

It has also become clear that American Hindus must use portion of their wealth to promote the interests of their community and defeat jihad. As I have often emphasized, “you are only as strong or as weak as your community”. By doing so they are only ensuring a better future for their children (A Hindu Movement Born, Citizens’ role in India’s war on terror).


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