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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mixed reactions to Hinn show - Catholics Join Protest

January 19, 2005, 4:24 pm

Vijay Times
20 January 2005

American evangelist Benny Hinn continued to draw reactions for and against his discourses with constitutional expert Raviverma Kumar supporting his scheduled rally while historian M Chidananda Murthy terming it as a secret mission to encourage mass conversions in the country.

Citing provisions laid down by the Constitution, Raviverma Kumar told reporters on Wednesday that Article 25 provided an individual a right for freedom of conscience, profession and religion. “Hinn is a preacher and has the right to propagate Christianity, irrespective of his nationality,” he observed.

However, brushing aside the claim that Hinn could cure the incurable diseases with supernatural powers, Kumar called it “a hoax and a blatant lie,” adding that however Hinn was free to conduct mass prayer.

Branding Hinn “a liar and a fraud”, noted historian M Chidananda Murthy said “his secret intention is to encourage mass conversion under the garb of praying for India.”

Reacting sharply to leaflets denouncing idol worship which were distributed by the organisers of the event, Murthy said, “It is like telling indirectly that accept Jesus as God.”

Meanwhile, the Karnataka Catholic Christara Kannada Sangha has demanded a ban on the event to be held from Jan 21 to 23. President of the Sangha, J R Perara called upon the Catholics not to attend the mass prayer. The Sangha would stage a 'go-back' protest against Hinn, he added.


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