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Monday, January 17, 2005

Church elders flay Benny Hinn's 'prophecies'

Monday January 17 2005 10:41 IST

BANGALORE: �Benny Hinn, despite his popularity on TV shows, is not accepted by many of his colleagues.... it will be wise to strongly discourage your parishioners from attending his show.�

This message was not from any Hindu or Muslim fanatic. It was the statement issued a year ago by the Archbishop of Mumbai, Cardinal Ivan Dias, urging his parishioners to keep away from the show.

Last year, Benny�s programme was organised at Mumbai by the same Gul Kripalani, when Archbishop Cardinal spoke of Hinn�s �false prophecies, his alleged vision of angels, contact with the dead, his emphasis on the Gospel and physical healing�.

It was not just the Mumbai Archbishop, who issued a warning against Benny Hinn.

A host of Christian missionaries both in India and aboard have time and again warned people about his �magical healing�.

In 2003 when Benny visited Hongkong, Christian teachers had warned the public to be skeptical of the visiting �preacher�s powers�.

The programme was organised at Hong Kong�s International Trade and Exhibition Centre and the matter was reported in South China Post.

During that time, John Le Mond, a professor of theology at Lutheran Theological Seminary at Sha Tin said: �I would say he is the worst kind of charlatan, the kind of person who gives religion a bad name....

He uses funds for his own personal use and travels by a private plane. I consider him a person without any personal moral integrity. I think it sad that some group in Hong Kong has chosen to bring the worst of American Christianity to Hong Kong.�


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