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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Chaos at Press Conference of Benny Hinn Program

January 16, 2005, 5:18 pm


There was a total chaos in the press meet organised by the committe of `Pray for India and Festival of Blessing' (Benny Hinn's Program) in Bangalore Press Club Today at 12.00 noon.

The program organisers Gul Kriplani, Paul Thangaiah, former DGP Kolaso, Ruban, Satyavrat and Samuel spoke about the objectives of Benny Hinn's program to be organised in the city of 21st of this month. They briefed the jam packed media with a boring speech for over 45 minutes. Media reporters from various print and electronic Media were present.

After all this, question/answer session started:

First a Hindu Voice Representative questioned about the handbills which has been distributed throughout Bangalore city in which it has targeted Hindus as followers of idol worship, prostitution, black magic etc etc and advised to accept Jesus as the only God.

Tamasha begins: Gul Kriplani (Chairman) evades the question by saying that it is not tjeir pamphlet and they have nothing to do with that. He demanded a copy of the leaflet to be produced immediately by saying that whosoever is responsible action will be taken against him.

Suddenly a media person appeared in the scene and presented it to him and to all the media persons by saying "HERE IT IS".

Stunned Gul Kriplani said: "I have no idea about it, Mr. Colasa and Paul Thangaiah will answer you."

Paul Thangaiah and Colaso said: "This pamphlet is not for public distribution, but for Church circulation and should have been distributed only to christians".

Hearing this nonsense, media men were on their feet and protested his comments, saying: "You people have already circulated over 3,00,000 pamphlets in all the pockets of Bangalore and now you are saying it is only for church circulation, who are you trying to fool? That means you are preaching hate against the Hindu community in your churches", for which both Paul Thangaiah and Colaso had become voiceless and were looking helpless.

Some media men questioned: "Who is Benny Hinn and how much you know about him? Some Christian Orgs. and media have termed him as false healer and is only for money. If he can heal people of their ailments, why does he not heal Pope John Paul II who is suffering from Parkinson's Disease since last 15 Years.

Gul Kriplani replied: "He is the son of god and few selfish minded people have dragged him into controversies. Benny Hinn has forgiven all of them". But Kriplani could not give a satisfying answer of curing Pope John Paul of Parkinson's disease by saying: "He can cure not individuals but a group of people at a time." Hearing this answer even a street thug will laugh at him.

Later: ETV Kannada correspondent questioned: "On What grounds were you able to get permission to conduct the program at Jakkur Ground, which is an Airforce Land and with whose influence did you get that land and did you pay any money?"

There was no answer for quite some time and the funny thing was everyone expected the other to speak. Finally Kolaso said that the Government of Karnataka has given it to them on rental basis, but refused to disclose how much they had paid for 3 days program despite being repeatedly asked by all the Media persons. He said his Audior will disclose in two to three days.

The `Children of Jesus' could not even have a sigh of relief before some real mind blowing questions were put to them by the Media about Benny Hinn, Sonia, Pope, Bush etc etc.

They had become voiceless and very seriously looking for an opportuntity to run away from there as nothing was going their way. Before they could the Media men left the venue by shouting, "Cheats, false prophet" and openly accusing them for organising the program to convert all people to christanity.

This is first time we have seen such a bold reaction from the majority of the media men.

These `Children of Jesus' like Gul Kriplani, Paul Thangaiah and Kolasa whose faces had turned red made good their escape.


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