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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Faith healing is fake, keep away from it: KMC

January 16, 2005, 5:07 pm

Sunday January 16 2005 10:50 IST

Karnataka Medical Council (KMC) has cautioned people to ‘‘stay away from all faith-healing programmes’’ like the one proposed in the city by American evangelist Benny Hinn.

‘‘This is all bogus. No ailment can be cured by miracle and he is only trying to fool gullible people,’’ KMC Chairman Dr.C.Chikkananjappa told this website’s newspaper.

‘‘These are cheap publicity stunts. It is not possible to cure any disease without proper diagnosis and treatment,’’ he said.

‘‘People must be careful. They should not go there and fall prey to such gimmicks,’’ the doctor warned. ‘‘The Anti-Quackery Bill, which is pending before the Government for last two decades, should be passed to deal with such people,’’ he added.

Dr.Chikkananjappa recalled how quacks like Alex Orbito from Philippines, Aslam Baba and others were cheating people.

In 2002, a psychic surgeon from Philipines, Alex L.Orbito had conducted several healing camps in the city. Several political leaders, including ministers, had attended Orbito’s bloodless surgery and had claimed they were feeling better. However, even as an arrest warrant was issued against Orbito, he managed to leave the country. After he disappeared, the Government declared him a fraud.

Doctors opine that only a law against quackery and stern action by the State Government can prevent such mass healing programmes, in which gullible people are cheated.


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