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"Freedom to convert" is counterproductive as a generalized doctrine. It fails to come to terms with the complex interrelationships between self and society that make the concept of individual choice meaningful. Hence, religious conversion undermines, and in extremes would dissolve, that individual autonomy and human freedom.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Conversion Aggression

By S.P. Attri (USA)

1. Hinduism, as a religion of Non-Exclusivity and Pluralism, has always respected other religions and cultures and have always promoted peace and accommodation with them. But Hinduism rarely gets any gratitude or appreciation for its attitude of congeniality and hospitality, from those whom it offers friendship and accommodation. On the contrary, it gets raw abuse, dishonor, hatred, and vicious attacks from the Religions of Exclusivity (Islam and Christianity).

Nearly every single day, speeches similar to the one below are relentlessly vocalized by the Christian Missionaries, all over India:

"These Hindu Heathens have their idols and their superstitions, their idol- bearing temples and shrines, where they conduct their noisy and foolish rituals and ceremonies. They generate a lot of evil. They are totally ignorant that Jesus Christ came to overcome death. There is a great need to propagate the Christian Gospel amongst them."

As of now, very little has been done by the Hindu Community to react, respond, and fling down the gauntlet and the Christian abuse and provocation to the Hindu, continues on furiously, largely unchecked and unchallenged.

2. A related and reasonable question that may be asked is this: Why should the Christian Missionaries want to collect converts? The answer is simply this: Because it is in the nature of the religions of exclusivity (Islam and Christianity) to try to make every one like them in terms of religion. They have no use, whatsoever, for pluralism or respect for other religions; in fact what they have is pure contempt for other religions. Further, this exclusivity attachment and attitude comes straight from the horse's mouth i.e. from their scriptures. For instance, in the Bible Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15-16, and Luke 24:46-47 every Christian is commanded to make converts and it is the duty of every Christian to uphold these commands of the Bible.

Thus it can be seen that the Massive Missionary Agenda pours straight out of the edicts of Christian books. Islam is exactly the same way.

Further, because both Islam and Christianity are religions of exclusivity, both of them believe that theirs is the one and the only true faith and that all others are inferior, out of date, false, work of the Devil, and must be eliminated. Because of strong belief in these edicts, both Islam and Christianity came for only one purpose: To exterminate and eliminate all religions, other than their own, from this world. Islam and Christianity did not come to live peacefully with other religions of the world, they came to eliminate them. Otherwise, there would be no need to create such a massive conversion apparatus and outrageous demonisation of other religions that they do, every single day. The conclusion is very simple:

Both Islam and Christianity are Inherently Intolerant and both of them are GOSPELS OF HATE.

3. Because both Islam and Christianity are designed to convert all other people to their own faith, they are always trying to get other people to renounce what they have in terms of religion. Thus convert-seeking is the natural outcome of the predatory, intolerant, and exclusive religious dogma and ideology of both Islam and Christianity. Simply stated, conversion is the center piece of this intolerant ideology. There is not a bit of spirituality in either Islam or Christianity. If they did not seek converts, then they have no excuse for their existence. They would then simply close their shop and disappear. To expect a Christian ( or a Moslem) not to seek converts, is to ask him not to be a Christian ( or a Moslem).

A fleeting glance at the landscape of India lays open the lowdown that the Christian Missionaries denigrate and demonize the Hindus every single day. Hinduism is equated with Devil Worship and Hindus are described as Heathens, as works of the Devil, and as lost souls who are headed straight for Hell. Stirred by this demonization drill, the Christian Missionary gets the feeling that he has to move forward to save the Heathen Hindu souls from the clutches of the Devil and to drive the despicable demons out of them. Because the Christian Missionary sincerely and single-mindedly believes these loathing gospels of hate, coming out as divine commands from his religion, he utters this venom and vindictiveness against the Hindu with zeal and with a clean conscience.

4. Now-a-days, in most civilized countries, open and outright utterance of ignoble and unflattering slurs and put downs on the basis of race, religion, creed, or other affiliation is not tolerated because it has been legislated as illegal (terms like Niggers for Africans and Chinks for Chinese/Japanese are strictly forbidden, at least in the US). But in Pseudo-Secular India, Hindus can be freely insulted, abused, degraded and dragged into mud, by the Christian Missionaries with impunity, without any fear of lawsuit. They freely broadcast their Hate-Hindu, vile and vituperative propaganda into Indian villages and cities. Hate literature, brochures, and leaflets are openly passed to the Hindu population, on the roadways of major Indian cities. The Hindu has to tolerate these ugly and vulgar insults under the "freedom of religion" act of India and its provisions. The Hindu has no recourse to courts or to the judicial system and there is no law in India to protect the Hindu religion against degradation and demonization by the Christian Missionaries.

5. The Christian Missionaries claim that their concern is with the salvation of the Hindu. The Missionaries believe that if they do not intervene, the Hindu is headed for Hell for sure. In this mindset, the Missionaries generate a rich harvest of invectives against the Heathen Hindu. In addition, they distribute a massive volume of black and white pamphlets, bearing such titles as "Hindu Scriptures Show Shiva To Be Immoral and Deranged Vagrant" and "How Tantric Sex Worship To Maha Kali in the Hindu scriptures promotes Adultery, Incest, And Sex Orgies as Hindu Religious Practice."

For their victims, the Missionaries chose the poorest, the least educated, and the most dispossessed sections of the Hindu Society, the Dalits and theTribalists.They teach the converts to abuse and hate their own culture. If the convert does not criticize his own culture, then he is not a Christian and that makes him a lower class of human being. In this way, the convert learns to hate his own ancestors, his traditions, and his culture. For the success of this program, the Missionaries use the US Dollars to buy the souls and make the converts condemn their Hindu Religion. Many of these neo-converts have been arrested for attacking and destroying Hindu Idols and Shrines, and for urinating inside the temples.

6. The Christian Missionaries frequently "invade" the Hindu Cremation Sites, where they peddle their scriptures, anti-Hindu literature, and utter bitter words of denunciation and disgrace, while the cremation ceremony is in process. Since the Christian Missionaries are doing these dastardly acts when the Hindu people are in mourning, it shows their intention is to insult and provoke the Hindus. Christian Missionaries regard these efforts as a war for the possession of souls. It is worth noting that all these acts of Hindu Provocation, go unreported by the Biased International Media and by the Pseudo-Secular Indian Media.

7. The Christian Missionaries claim that they want to bring about social improvement and betterment. For this, they open hospitals, schools, and colleges. However, if social improvement is what they want to achieve, then why don't they leave behind their conversion apparatus and do only social uplifting. There is no need for them to bring their Christian Religion into the social improvement work. And there is no need to abuse, attack, or condemn the Non-Christian religions. The plain truth is the Christian Missionaries work with usage of lies, falsehood, and hypocrisy. The social improvement facade is only a camouflage or disguise for conversion work. The eradication of disease or poverty is only a facade to promote Christianity and gain converts amongst the people whom the Missionaries purport to help. Further, it is an established fact that converting people into an intolerant and barbaric religion like Christianity does not reduce their poverty or improve their social or other position.

Missionaries also claim that they eradicate the caste system by uplifting the poor Hindu people. This is not the case at all as converts continue to practice the caste system even after conversion. It should also not be forgotten that many Christian countries and Christian Cultures, have their own social classes and other injustices and inequalities. Using the Missionary Logic, these Christian Cultures would need to be converted to some other Non- Christian religion, to expunge these injustices and inequalities from amongst the Christian people. But like Islam, the Christian Missionaries violently oppose any attempt to convert these people away from Christianity. In other words, the Christian Missionaries want to have it both ways. What they are saying is that "What I have is mine to keep but what you have is negotiable." It is obvious that this Christian Missionary approach, based on Bandit Logic, cannot be accepted.

8. Christian Conversion of Hindus is a major threat to Hinduism. Hindus tend to be passive, disunited, and asleep to the dangers of conversion. They need to wake up to the reality of conversion business. They need to understand that all differences end at the water's edge. Therefore, all Hindus need to get united and stand up collectively and resolutely against Christian Conversion. Missionaries are pumping in millions of conversion dollars and are bringing in professionally trained conversion artists to exterminate Hinduism from India. The Missionaries claim to be secular and tolerant. In reality, they are nothing of the sort. They are extremely intolerant and they condemn Hinduism daily in the most vile terms and abuse Hindu gods and goddesses, announcing openly that those who do not accept Jesus Christ, will go to Hell.

The Missionaries claim that Christianity is a religion of peace and brotherhood. This is a flat out lie. Christianity is nothing of the sort. Christianity is extremely intolerant, it does not and it cannot honor those people who do not hold the same beliefs as they do.

9. The plain and simple truth is that people never give up their religion, any more than they give up their children or their parents...except when they are pressured with use of force or are offered attractive allurements. The Christian Slogan that "Faith in Jesus is the only to Salvation," besides being totally false, is also totally ineffective, in gaining converts. Trickery, treachery, bribery, and bayonetry, therefore, has to be used to obtain converts. The Christian Missionaries know this blatant truth and Christianity's brutal and barbaric record of twenty centuries in winning converts, is a testament to the savage methods of Christianity.

Because of this historical record of Christianity (and very similar record of Islam ), nearly all Islamic and Christian conversions in India and elsewhere are fraudulent and coercive impositions. They are all designed to augment and swell the Islamic and Christian numbers, to increase their control and influence in the world and to give them political power and edge. Because of this reality, it should be obvious to every body, that for both Islam and Christianity, it is necessary to destroy other religions (Non-Moslem and Non- Christian ) and their traditions inorder to promote and affirm their own religion (Islam and Christian).

10. As soon as Christians become a majority in a given area, they sow venom, hatred, and strife in that area and instigate their Christian followers to ask for self-determination and a Christian Homeland. This is the technique they are using in Nagaland, Mizoram, and in other areas in the Northeast India. It is virtually the same technique that Moslems use. Chechnya, Bosnia, and Kosvo are perfect examples of this Islamic technique outside of India. Of course, Pakistan and Bangladesh are Indian examples of this technique of Islamic Outrage.

Since we Hindus now know what the Christians (and the Moslems) are upto, it is time to take some serious steps. China has already banned Christian and Moslem conversions. India should do the same. Right at the start in 1947, India should have declared itself as a Hindu Country. Since it did not do that, it is time now to catch up and make up for the lost ground and administer the necessary medicine...i.e. Ban The Conversions.


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