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Sunday, August 31, 2008


From: surinder attri
Date: Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 1:05 AM
By S.P. Attri (USA )


1. Why are the Christians of Orissa (and of elsewhere) so riled up?

Because they thirst for their converts, which Swami Lakshamananda took away from them, by re-converting them back to Hinduism. These scum-bags of the earth do not even have decency. They gaze upon conversion, as a one-way street, where only they have rights & Hindus have none, where only they make the rules, Hindus simply obey their rules, and congratulate them on their conversion success. Since Swami Lakshmananda did not follow this line, he was marked for elimination, and was driven out of existence, right in front of a horrified crowd of Hindus. The account of their story makes one's flesh creep.

2. This riffraff (Christian Missionaries) is facing challenges on two fronts. The first is doctrinal, based on their belief in an imaginary creature, which they label as the Devil. Because they focus on this creature, it brings out in them, a totally ridiculous conclusion, that the Heathen-Hindu is possessed by the Devil, and is headed for Hell, and must be saved from his awful fate. The second challenge is the increasing resistance & confrontation of the Hindu, which comes face to face with, the Christian aggressive non-sense, which the Christian scum-bags find difficult to deal with.

3. When confronted with this kind of resistance, the Christians take on the Persecution-Complex, and start complaining of victimization & oppression. When they are converting the Heathens (Pagans), they are Fat, Dumb, & Happy and take to bullying & hounding the Heathen-Hindus. But when they start losing their converts, they cry "Foul ". It is a creepy-attitude, but is s widely practiced stratagem, by these no-good convert-seekers. Some of these scum-bags use this technique, as a ploy to lure more converts to Christianity. But when this fraud does not work, and the stream of converts stops coming, it comes as a shock to them. The confidence, security, & stability of Christianity, depends upon the continuance of the project of conversion, and on the propagation of their absurd superstition.

4. Desperate measures taken by the Christian Missionaries, such as shutting down Christian schools, running to GOI or to UN, or seeking help of Vatican are not going to redeem or rescue their spurious doctrinal world. The rights of plundering & pillaging of the Heathen-World that they have enjoyed for centuries are not going to be at their disposal. They might as well accept this destiny. It is a product of their evil Karma. They have been on a crusade to destroy the Hindu religion & Hindu culture in India, and it is not going to be permitted. The assault of Christianity on the Hindu, is going to be confronted by the Hindu of New India, who is not going to allow the Christians to destroy his ancient culture. He is very aware of the assault of Christianity that happened to Greek civilization some 1500 years ago, that completely wiped out the ancient Greek culture. The Hindu is going to make sure, that does not happen to his Hinduism in India.

5. Christianity is losing in the West & is trying to make up its losses, with new converts in countries like India, who they consider as more vulnerable. Regardless of their past successes & acting aggressively (like a wounded predator, due to their losses in the West), the Hindu of India is waking up. He is going to lick Christianity in India. Whether the Missionaries like it or not, their time is up. No matter how many new ploys they use, their past success is not going to be repeated, any more than the return of Jesus, in the year of 2000. Jesus has no more chance of returning, than Harry Houdini (who also promised to his admirers that he is going to return) has. Christians would be smart to recognize the reality of life, in the new world of today, and stop pushing their non-sense & stop defending their absurd notions, in the name of Christ. Their stupidity & balderdash-baloney is not going to bestow success or too many new converts. Missionaries: Give up your devious ploys, & start earning your livelihood with honest means.

-- Surinder Paul Attri

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