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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Christian Mafia Centre exposed by VHP

12/06/2008 01:08:03 HK

Kollam: Over the past few weeks, some strange happenings are surrounding the Christian divine centre at Karavaloor, arousing suspicion about the type of activities taking place in this "divine prayer centre".

The history of this divine centre and its head priest are interesting. Thomas Cherian, alias Samachhan, mis-appropriated government owned land and constructed his divine centre there using the copious foreign funds he receives. Needless to say, the targets for this divine centre are the numerous Hindu families in that area. Many have already been victims of the fraudulent tactics of Samachhan.

Worse still, it has recently been observed that numerous people visit this centre at late hours under suspicious circumstances. Despite all these, there has been no initiative from the government against the misappropriation of revenue land or the suspicious activities at the centre. To highlight these issues, the Vishwu Hindu Parishad recently organised a protest march in Karalavaloor.

The VHP action is well justified because the public have to be informed about the mystery of the divine centre and its head priest. Only public pressure will force some action from the government.

How can a person who claims to be humble pastor and server of society receive an audience from the Sri Lankan president, oil rich Arab sheikhs, senior politicians and other VIPs?

It is absolutely essential that some light is shed on the nature of activities of this high profile Christian missionary. It has been repeatedly pointed out that there is a dark side to this prayer centre. In that context, the efforts of the VHP is laudable.


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