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Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Pentacost Clown's interpretation of Indian flag-Video (Malayalam)

11/11/2007 6:39:45 AM

As Per this Pentacost Clown the Indian Tri Colour Denotes to
  • Saffron-Belongs to those who propagates violence and Terror in the Nation-That means Hindus are a lot of Thugs and Hooligans.
  • Green – Belongs to Neo Richness of Muslims who control the Economy of the Country via Petro Dinars and Riyals
  • White-Refers to Christianity which is the symbol of peace
The Asoka Chakra in White denotes the Power to Rule-As per him the Jesus installed Asoka Chakra in White to highlight that –It’s the birth right of Christians to rule this Nation.

More Over ‘Asoka’ means without shokam or sorrow-For Hindus and Muslims in the country to get rid of misery and sorrow they should embrace Christianity!

This is a typical Pentacost preaching were they ridicules other Religion and here humiliating our National Flag by giving stupid interpretation!

Media which makes a hue and cry when a Pentacost clown is manhandled by Nationalistic people for such derogatory comments always keep mum about why they are manhandled, About their hatred Preaching against our own Nation and other Religions in the name of Prayer meetings.

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